19. Travel Survival #2: Transportation (5 Minutes A Day)

LearnItalianPod Learn Italian with LearnItalianPod.com – Episode #19 of LearnItalianPod “5 Minutes A Day” lesson series is now live! This one is entitled “Travel Survival #2: Transportation”. According to all the positive feedback received, it looks like you really enjoyed our first “travel survival” episode last week, and that made us really happy… again, thanks to each and everyone of you!

Today, let’s again get into “travel survival mode” and let’s practice a lot of useful, ready-to-use Italian words, sentences, and expressions that you can use in many different occasions when needing transportation while in Italy: autobus (bus), treno (train), taxi (taxi)… you name it, we are covering it on this episode. Enjoy!

[How Would You Say It: The Name of The Months – LearnItalianPod VIP Members Extra Bonus!] Login to the Learning Center to find, as a special extra bonus, a super useful audio file with PDF transcript entitled “How Would You Say It: The Name of The Months“, a terrific way to test and improve your knowledge of Italian by translating words and sentences on the fly.

5 Minutes A Day – Episode #19


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  1.  You’re using the word ricevuta for receipt. On my trip to Italy I heard a lot the word scontrino used to say receipt. Can the two words be used interchangeably?

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