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25 Best Podcasts to Learn Italian in 2023 (Any Level)

25 best podcast shows to learn Italian

This blog post presents the 25 best podcasts to learn Italian in 2023 for any level. Let’s dive into the numerous advantages of learning Italian (or any new language) through podcasts and how they can enhance your language journey.

Benefits of Learning Italian with Podcasts

Discover how the best Italian podcasts offer a great way to master the Italian language while immersing yourself in Italy’s rich culture.

Experience Cultural Immersion at Your Fingertips

One of the significant benefits of learning Italian through podcasts, often led by experienced Italian teachers, is the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture. These podcasts frequently explore aspects of Italian symbols and life, including history, cuisine, art, and more, allowing you to connect deeply with the language.

Free Podcasts: Accessible Learning for All

An advantage of learning Italian through podcasts is numerous free resources. This makes language learning accessible to everyone, regardless of budget constraints, and allows you to explore various podcasts and teaching styles to find the best fit for your learning needs.

Learn Italian Anytime, Anywhere

Podcasts offer unparalleled flexibility in terms of when and where you can learn. Whether commuting to work, walking, or even doing chores around the house, podcasts enable you to practice your listening skills and quickly enrich your Italian vocabulary.

Get a Feel for Authentic Spoken Italian

Podcasts are an excellent way for Italian language learners to familiarize themselves with the spoken language’s natural rhythm, accents, and nuances. By listening to native speakers, you will better understand the language and improve your pronunciation and conversational abilities.

Master the Language Through Repetition and Effective Practice

Repeated exposure to words and sentences in Italian podcasts reinforces your learning, helping you retain new vocabulary and grammar rules more effectively. Podcasts often provide context for language usage, making remembering new phrases and expressions easier in the long run.

What Are the 25 Best Podcasts to Learn Italian in 2023?

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or an advanced learner, this comprehensive list features a variety of engaging and effective podcasts to help you master the Italian language. With these outstanding podcasts, immerse yourself in Italy’s rich culture, fine-tune your listening skills, and elevate your language journey.

1. Podcast Italiano

Podcast Italiano

Entirely in Italian, this podcast caters to intermediate learners, but episodes can be chosen based on your skill level. The website offers transcripts and teaches colloquialisms in the “Usi Colloquiali” section. Host Davide combines personal anecdotes with helpful vocabulary for an engaging experience.

As an online teacher and polyglot with a background in translation and interpretation, Davide offers a high-quality YouTube channel and podcast for Italian learners of all levels. Free transcripts, vocabulary notes, and English translations are available for each episode as a series of unscripted conversations for enhanced comprehension. Download audio for all episodes on the Podcast Italiano website.

Levels: All Levels | Link to Show: Spotify

2. News in Slow Italian

News in Slow Italian

Targeted at intermediate learners, Slow Italian News discusses global news, grammar, and expressions with slowed-down audio. Each episode immerses listeners in Italian-speaking contexts, demonstrating grammar and vocabulary in real-life situations. Engaging hosts bring the language to life, encouraging learners to dive in.

Clear audio is easy to follow, and the website provides transcripts, grammar, expressions, pronunciation, and quizzes for each episode. Although primarily a paid resource, some free intermediate content is available on Spotify. The website features news at an appropriate pace, with grammar points and expressions highlighted in transcripts. Upper-level beginners can try the “Get Up to Speed” course to prepare for the intermediate program.

Level: All Levels | Link to Show: Spotify

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3. Coffee Break Italian

Coffee Break Italian

The Coffee Break Languages series—available in French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, and Italian—provides language lessons lasting approximately 30 minutes. Each Italian conversation includes an English discussion and analysis, making it ideal for learners who prefer more context. Respond to prompts aloud to get the most out of the series, and start at episode one if you are new to Italian. Premium versions offer additional lesson notes and video pronunciation practice, but listening to podcasts on major streaming platforms is sufficient.

Level: Beginner | Link to Show: Spotify

4. ItalianPod101


ItalianPod101 covers basic to advanced levels, offering exciting and immersive episodes. Engaging hosts present dialogues clearly and concisely, addressing various grammatical features and cultural topics. Users can access spaced repetition flashcards, PDF lesson notes, and a community forum by signing up for premium content on the website.

Though requiring a paid membership, ItalianPod101 offers benefits such as thousands of bite-sized podcast-style dialogues for beginners to advanced learners and lesson notes, quizzes, flashcards, and the English translation for all the lessons. Navigating the site’s various lesson paths and episodes can be confusing, but finding the right lesson path will likely be rewarding.

Level: All Levels | Link to Show: Website

5. Oggi Parliamo

Oggi Parliamo

Join Andrea, a qualified Italian instructor, and native Italian speaker who offers a unique Italian experience four days a week. On Mondays, delve into the arts, including opera, literature, music, history, and more. Focus on grammar on Tuesdays, catch up with current events on Wednesdays, and explore common expressions on Thursdays. By supporting Andrea on Patreon, you can access complete transcripts.

Level: Beginner, Intermediate | Link to Show: Spotify

6. Radio Arlecchino

Radio Arlecchino

Produced by the University of Texas at Austin, Radio Arlecchino is a great podcast that features 22 captivating dialogues emphasizing grammar aspects such as subjunctive tense, past tense, imperative form, and pronouns. Though there are no additional episodes, the complimentary PDF transcripts with cultural and grammar notes make this limited series an invaluable resource to revisit throughout your learning journey.

Level: Beginner, Intermediate | Link to Show: Website

7. Language Transfer

Language Transfer Podcast

Language Transfer introduces audio courses for various languages, including Italian. Rather than extensive language immersion, the focus is on understanding Italian language mechanics. Learners will grasp major grammar points, develop vocabulary, and improve pronunciation. Instructor Mihalis interacts with beginner students, correcting their mistakes and encouraging learners to respond to prompts as if they were students. Language Transfer is an excellent resource for those seeking to understand the nuances of Italian.

Level: Beginner | Link to Show: Sound Cloud

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8. Just Italian

Podcast to learn Italian: Just Italian

Michele and Martina host an appealing podcast for intermediate Italian learners, covering Italian fashion, celebrities, culture, and more. As you listen, you’ll effortlessly pick up new vocabulary and grammar. Intriguing subjects, top-notch production, and Italian music make for an enjoyable listening experience. New episodes are released several times a month. To access exclusive content, such as the series on current Italian events and trivia, Italian short stories and legends, and educational transcripts for every episode, join their reasonably-priced Patreon.

Level: Intermediate | Link to Show: Spotify

9. Simple Italian

Simple Italian Podcast

In Simple Italian, Simone brings genuine Italian immersion to your doorstep. Learn from his experiences, gain new outlooks from interviews with other Italian speakers, and receive well-researched information on subjects like sleep or lesser-known cities’ histories. You can access transcripts with English vocabulary notes of this interesting podcast by purchasing a membership on his website.

Level: Beginner, Intermediate | Link to Show: Spotify

10. Italiano Bello

Italiano Bello (podcast to learn Italian)

Italiano Bello feels more like eavesdropping on someone’s thoughts than a structured podcast, providing small glimpses into daily life in Italy. Discover Italian culture, language, and literature while receiving language learning tips. The 10-minute episodes offer excellent practice for intermediate learners to enhance their listening comprehension skills.

Level: Intermediate | Link to Show: Spotify

11. Italiano Automatico

Italiano Automatico

Italiano Automatico is a fun and engaging podcast for learning words, phrases, and other peculiarities commonly used in Italy. With this podcast, you’ll quickly develop natural speaking abilities and improve your listening comprehension and understanding of colloquial language. A listener praised Alberto, saying, “He knows how to captivate listeners with fascinating topics and speaks clearly.”

Level: Intermediate | Link to Show: Spotify

12. Italian Stories in Italian

Italian Stories in Italian

This recent podcast emphasizes learning Italian through natural language instead of in-depth grammar lessons. The 10- to 20-minute episodes feature a slower pace of Italian while discussing fascinating subjects such as Dante Alighieri, multiple intelligences, carnivals, and festivals. Each episode includes a complimentary transcript and vocabulary notes.

Level: Intermediate | Link to Show: Spotify

13. Learn Italian with Lucrezia

Learn Italian with Lucrezia

Lucrezia might be familiar with her YouTube channel, but her podcast offers a hands-free learning experience. The channel concentrates on intriguing information about the Italian language, customs, and festivals rather than grammar. Additionally, there are interviews with inspiring Italian learners and polyglots for motivation. Watch for images and articles in the podcast episode descriptions provided by Lucrezia.

Level: Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate | Link to Show: Spotify

14. Podcast 100% Italiano by Italy Made Easy

Podcast 100% Italiano

Italy Made Easy’s mission is to help you learn, practice, speak, and master the Italian language. They offer numerous valuable resources, courses, and slow Italian content to support your fluency journey. Italy Made Easy’s creator, Manu, provides one of the top-rated Italian courses. You can access plenty of free content through his podcast. His energetic and captivating personality ensures a fun and easy learning experience.

Level: Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate | Link to Show: Spotify

15. Quattro Stagioni

podcast to learn the Italian language: Quattro Stagioni

Laura’s dynamic voice makes it easy to picture her facial expressions without visuals. Her podcast, Quattro Stagioni, has three different series: The main Quattro Stagioni series explores Italian culture and aspects of Laura’s daily life. For food enthusiasts, In Cucina delves into Italian cuisine, while In Viaggio takes you on a journey around Italy. Each bite-sized episode offers Italian immersion with Laura as your guide. A paid subscription grants access to episode transcripts for easier comprehension.

Level: All Levels | Link to Show: Spotify

16. Pensieri & Parole

Pensieri & Parole (Italian podcast)

Linda’s thoughtfulness and storytelling prowess set this podcast apart. She covers various topics, from cultural, literary, and linguistic concepts to seemingly simple yet significant subjects like salt and hand gestures. If you enjoy these episodes, you can purchase study packages for them on the Piccolo Mondo Italiano website.

Level: Upper Intermediate | Link to Show: Spotify

17. Ila Zed

Italian podcast Ila Zed

Italian teacher Ilaria offers numerous podcast episodes if you appreciate structured information in an audio format. Covering grammar and culture, she also motivates listeners with discussions on learning Italian. Acquire advice on reading articles, watching films, or developing a daily routine while engaging with the language. Ilaria provides free episode transcripts on her website.

Level: Intermediate, Upper Intermediate | Link to Show: Spotify

18. The Teacher Stefano Show

The Teacher Stefano Show

With over five years of experience teaching Italian, Stefano now creates courses, YouTube videos, and podcast episodes to help students advance toward fluency. He hosts various guests on his show—friends, students, and even his mother—to discuss topics like cooking, remote learning, and obtaining Italian citizenship. These episodes allow you to familiarize yourself with different Italian accents or listen to solo episodes to learn about Italian culture and holidays.

Level: Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate | Link to Show: Spotify

19. L’Italiano Vero

L'Italiano Vero

Drawing inspiration from All Ears English, Massimo and his team produce this podcast to make learning Italian enjoyable and straightforward. Engaging, authentic dialogues cover diverse topics such as TV quiz shows, the hosts’ daily lives, or influential advertisements that create popular catchphrases. Several interactive transcripts are freely available on their website.

Level: All Levels | Link to Show: Spotify

20. RAI Radio

Rai Play Sound

RAI Radio offers a wealth of content for advanced Italian learners, covering sports, music, news, and more, allowing for Italian language and culture immersion. There are also several stations for children, so the whole family can enjoy learning Italian together. Advanced students of Italian will love this channel, as it will allow for a full immersion into the Italian language the way it is spoken in Italy daily.

Level: Advanced | Link to Show: Website

21. Daily Cogito

Daily Cogito

Rick Dufer is a talented writer, performer, and philosopher. Regardless of your Italian proficiency, his energetic presence will captivate you. Listen to his podcast and enhance your Italian through discussions on philosophy, critical thinking, literature, and pop culture. He frequently interviews influencers and professionals from various fields.

Level: Advanced | Link to Show: Spotify

22. Scientificast

Scientificast (podcast to learn Italian)

Scientificast boasts over 250 episodes covering physics, biology, and medicine. The discussion topics are scientific and worth listening to, as they come from knowledgeable experts in various fields. The podcast won the Best Italian Podcast at the 2016 Macchianera Italian Awards.

Level: Advanced | Link to Show: Spotify

23. Morgana

Morgana Podcast

Morgana is an exceptional Italian podcast that helps you learn Italian vocabulary, including terms not found in textbooks. It focuses on powerful, peculiar, and counter-cultural women worldwide and throughout history. Episodes have featured personalities like Margaret Atwood, the women from Game of Thrones, Angelina Jolie, and Stephen King’s Carrie. Not only is the podcast devoted to influential women, but it’s also an excellent resource for expanding your Italian slang. Cultural references provide valuable context for understanding the content.

Level: Advanced | Link to Show: Spotify

24. Senza Rossetto

Senza Rossetto

This feminist podcast allocates each season to examining women from various historical periods through a literary lens. The first season delves into the obstacles women encountered in the past, the second season highlights the biases and stereotypes women face today, and the third season explores future possibilities for achieving gender equality. Advanced learners can listen to the two hosts and authors as they discuss an array of subtopics, potentially inspiring additions to their reading list.

Level: Advanced | Link to Show: Spotify

25. 2024

2024 (Radio 24)

For tech enthusiasts, 2024 is an excellent podcast choice. Developed by Italian journalist Enrico Pagliarni, it primarily delves into emerging technologies, such as VR, Google updates, fintech, and more. As the podcast targets a broad Italian audience, the spoken language is fast-paced, so remember to listen carefully. This is an advanced Italian podcast.

Level: Advanced | Link to Show: Spotify

Discover Your Ideal Podcast for Learning Italian

In conclusion, learning Italian through podcasts is a highly engaging and convenient method to enhance your language skills. By immersing yourself in Italian culture, enjoying the flexibility of learning on the go, getting a feel for authentic spoken Italian, and mastering the language through repetition and practice, you can genuinely elevate your Italian learning experience.

So, why wait? Explore our curated list of the 25 Best Podcasts to Learn Italian in 2023 and begin mastering the beautiful Italian language today. Buon ascolto!

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