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Best Italian News Sites: Italian Newspapers and Media

Ciao a tutti! If you’re on the hunt for the best Italian news sites to jazz up your language prowess and get a solid grip on the news about Italy, guess what? You’ve just hit the jackpot. 

With a heart full of passion for all things Italian, I’ve sifted through Italy’s vast news landscape to bring you the best newspapers and news resources.

News Sites in Italian: Boosting Language Skills and Cultural Insight

Reading the news in Italian is a great way to master the language and immerse yourself in the country’s culture.

They offer real-world language practice beyond Italian grammar books, providing the latest news and capturing the essence of the nation’s dynamic society, politics, and lifestyle.

Top Italian News Sites to Explore

Italian news sites to explore

Whether starting your Italian journey or deepening your cultural insights, the news platforms listed below are valuable resources, offering a unique blend of language learning and cultural exploration.

ANSA (Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata)

ANSA is Italy’s premier news agency, renowned for its comprehensive coverage spanning local, national, and international news. It is trusted by millions and is a pivotal information source for the latest updates and in-depth analyses. [Website]

ANSA English

The English version of ANSA offers a gateway for non-Italian speakers to stay informed on Italian affairs, making it an invaluable tool for cross-referencing and understanding the nation’s impact on global events. [Website]

EuroNews Italy

As part of the more comprehensive EuroNews network, EuroNews Italy delivers a wide variety of news coverage in Italian, focusing on culture, science, and sport alongside significant European and world events. [Website: ITA / ENG]


RaiNews24 is recognized for its around-the-clock news coverage, offering live updates on events unfolding in Italy and across the globe, catering to an audience seeking timely and reliable news. [Website]

Rai Radio

Rai Radio presents a unique opportunity to immerse in the Italian language through news broadcasts and podcasts, allowing listeners to stay updated while practicing language comprehension and auditory skills. [Website]


Known for its diverse news coverage, SKY TG24 caters to various interests, including politics, sports, business, and entertainment, making it a comprehensive source for Italian news enthusiasts. [Website]


Internazionale brings a unique flavor to the Italian news scene by offering articles translated from newspapers and magazines worldwide, providing readers with diverse perspectives on global issues through the Italian lens. [Website]

Italian Newspapers: Key Players Shaping News and Culture in Italy

online Italian newspapers

Let’s explore the rich world of Italian newspapers, some of which offer news in English, each providing a unique perspective on Italy’s news, culture, and politics.

Here’s a brief overview of some of the major online newspaper platforms in the Italian news landscape:

Corriere della Sera

As one of Italy’s oldest and most respected newspapers, Corriere della Sera offers a comprehensive look at national and international news, emphasizing quality journalism and in-depth analysis. [Website: ITA / ENG]

La Repubblica

Known for its progressive stance and focus on social issues, La Repubblica is a leading daily covering Italian politics, culture, and current events, appealing to a wide readership. [Website]

La Stampa

Based in Turin, La Stampa covers a broad spectrum of topics, from Italy news to global affairs, and is celebrated for its investigative journalism and insightful commentary on Italian life. [Website]

Il Sole 24 Ore

Il Sole 24 Ore is Italy’s foremost financial newspaper, providing incisive and authoritative coverage of the Italian and international economy, finance, and business sectors. [Website]

Il Mattino

Hailing from Naples, Il Mattino gives voice to the southern perspective, offering news and views focusing on the issues and events that resonate within the Campania region and beyond. [Website]

Il Manifesto

With a left-wing orientation, Il Manifesto offers critical analysis and commentary on political, social, and cultural issues, standing out for its advocacy journalism and commitment to social justice. [Website]

Il Messaggero

This Rome-based newspaper is known for its coverage of the capital city’s news, Italian politics, and international developments, serving as a key source of information for residents and the nation. [Website: ITA / ENG]

Il Gazzettino

Il Gazzettino is the go-to newspaper for readers in the Veneto region, providing local news, national headlines, and updates on various subjects, from politics to sports. [Website]

Each of these newspapers brings its own voice to the Italian media landscape, offering readers a range of perspectives and in-depth coverage of the issues that matter.

Italian News Sources FAQ

a computer keyboard with the word 'News' on one key.

According to Statista’s data from December 2022, the most frequented Italian news websites are Corriere della Sera and La Repubblica, leading the pack with millions of daily users. 

Other top sites include Libero, TGCOM24, and La Gazzetta dello Sport, each drawing a significant audience with their coverage of current events, sports, and more. For a complete list and user statistics, refer to Statista’s comprehensive chart detailing the top news websites in Italy.

How can I make learning Italian fun with Italian newspapers and news? 

To inject fun into learning Italian with news sites, consider these engaging methods:

  • Create a News Vocab Diary: Jot down new words and phrases you encounter and try to use them in sentences.
  • News Summary Challenge: After reading an article, summarize it in Italian, either in writing or out loud.
  • Discuss with Friends: If you have friends studying Italian, discuss news stories together in Italian to practice speaking and comprehension.
  • Play the Reporter: Pretend you’re a news reporter and record yourself narrating news stories in Italian. This enhances both pronunciation and fluency. Learning Italian with games is just fun!

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How to learn Italian with news sites?

Practical strategies for integrating news into your Italian learning routine include:

  • Start with Simplified News: Look for news from Italy or segments for language learners with more straightforward vocabulary and grammar.
  • Use Bilingual Resources: Read an article in Italian and then find its equivalent in English (or vice versa) to understand the context and improve vocabulary.
  • Set Daily Goals: Dedicate a specific time each day to read or listen to Italian news, gradually increasing complexity as you progress.
  • Engage with Multimedia: Don’t just read; listen to radio broadcasts and watch news videos to improve listening skills and pronunciation.

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