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30 Top Italian Shows on Netflix for Learning Italian

Immersing yourself in Italian shows on Netflix is a great way to enhance your Italian language skills, improve your language learning, and learn new words.

By interacting with genuine dialogue, you’ll grasp the nuances of everyday Italian conversations and get a captivating peek into Italy’s rich culture. Get ready to start this entertaining linguistic adventure.

Don’t have time to read the whole article? Start with our top three picks.

Top Picks: Best Italian Shows on Netflix

Top Pick for Drama: La Vita Bugiarda degli Adulti

Immerse yourself in this captivating TV series “La Vita Bugiarda degli Adulti,” a newer adaptation of Elena Ferrante’s novel that delves into the transformative journey of a young girl in 1990s Naples, exploring love, family, and self-discovery in contrasting worlds.

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Top Pick for Romance: Summertime

“Summertime” stands out as a top pick, blending a captivating love story set on the stunning Adriatic Coast with the opportunity for language learners to enhance their informal Italian language skills, gain insights into young Italians’ romantic interactions, and immerse themselves in picturesque Italian landscapes.

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Top Pick for Crime: Suburra

Watch this riveting portrayal of the intertwined web of corruption involving politicians, the church, the mafia, and real estate developers, set against the backdrop of Ostia’s seedy underbelly, making it a captivating and thought-provoking Italian drama on Netflix.

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Now that you’ve discovered our top three picks, get ready to explore an extensive list of 30 captivating Italian Netflix shows that will immerse you in Italy’s language, culture, and diverse stories.

From gripping dramas to hilarious comedies, each show offers a unique opportunity to enhance your language skills and deepen your understanding of Italian society. Get ready for an exciting journey through the rich world of Italian television.

30 Essential Italian Shows on Netflix for Language and Culture

1. La Vita Bugiarda degli Adulti

Experience “La vita bugiarda degli adulti,” a TV series directed by Edoardo De Angelis and adapted from Elena Ferrante‘s novel. Set in 1990s Naples, the story follows Giovanna Trada, a girl from an affluent family who navigates the transition into adolescence and rebels against societal expectations.

Drawn to her mysterious aunt Vittoria, Giovanna embarks on a transformative journey of self-discovery, navigating love, friendships, and family conflicts. Balancing the contrasting worlds of Naples, she confronts the complexities of the city’s bourgeoisie and the rawness of its underbelly.

  • Genre: Drama
  • Suitable for: Fans of Elena Ferrante’s novel and intermediate to advanced Italian learners seeking a captivating portrayal of a young girl’s journey from childhood to adolescence in 1990s Naples.

2. Summertime

“Summertime” is an Italian TV series weaving a modern-day love story between two young individuals from dissimilar backgrounds who stumble upon love on the breathtaking Adriatic Coast.

The series draws inspiration from the celebrated Federico Moccia’s novel “Three Meters Above the Sky.”

“Summertime” is perfect for those looking to polish their informal Italian language skills and grasp how young Italians interact and engage romantically. Furthermore, you will be introduced to picturesque Italian landscapes and understand local dining customs.

  • Genre: Romance
  • Suitable for: Drama and romantic comedy lovers and beginners to intermediate Italian learners due to its simple language and entertaining narrative.

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3. Suburra

“Suburra” is a riveting Italian drama available on Netflix. Set in the seaside town of Ostia, the series takes inspiration from a political scandal involving a contentious land development plan near Rome.

The narrative dives deep into the intertwined relations between corrupt politicians, the church, the mafia, and real estate developers, all operating on the thin line between law and lawlessness. With power being the prime motivation for all, not everyone succeeds.

“Suburra,” the Italian Netflix show’s inaugural language series, offers a gripping viewing experience, with its complex plot twists provoking deep thought.

It starts with a land deal in Ostia involving a host of characters from Vatican officials to members of Rome’s Municipal Commission, rival gangsters, and Mafia bosses, all implicated in the transaction. This show offers a revealing look into the intricate fabric of Italy.

  • Genre: Drama, Crime
  • Suitable for: Crime-drama aficionados and advanced Italian learners due to complex dialogue.

4. Generazione 56K

The 2021 Italian series, “Generazione 56K,” revolves around Matilda and Daniele. Their lives intersected during their youth when internet connectivity was confined to workplaces or depended on slow modems, a nod to the show’s title.

After a chance of online interaction in their thirties, the show’s main characters re-establish their connection, navigating the drastically evolved world of contemporary dating and career paths molded by the internet.

  • Genre: Drama, Comedy
  • Suitable for: Those interested in nostalgic narratives and beginners to intermediate learners of Italian.

5. Viola come il mare

Shot amidst the picturesque scenery of Sicily, “Viola come il mare” is a 2022 Italian series spotlighting Viola’s life. After a long stint in the Paris fashion scene, she returns to her hometown, Palermo, determined to unearth the identity of her unknown father.

She ventures into a fresh career as a crime journalist for a digital news outlet, where she meets the skeptical yet skilled chief police inspector Francesco Demir. As they collaborate on murder investigations, with Viola documenting the stories and Francesco solving them, the series merges drama and romance beautifully.

  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Suitable for: Romance and crime-drama enthusiasts and intermediate Italian learners.

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6. Guida astrologica per cuori infranti

Based on the best-selling book by Silvia Zucca (a must-read for advanced Italian learners), “Guida Astrologica per Cuori Infranti” spins a story of camaraderie, love, professional life, unusual encounters, and tragicomic occurrences through Alice Bassi’s perspective.

Alice, a voluntarily single young woman in her early thirties, works as a production assistant for a modest TV network. She yearns for enduring love and job contentment as she grapples with scanty career growth.

  • Genre: Drama, Comedy
  • Suitable for: Those drawn towards astrological-themed narratives and advanced learners of Italian, given its intricate language use.

7. Mare Fuori

“Mare Fuori” is arguably one of the most popular Italian TV series on Netflix. Notably, most of the dialogue is in the Neapolitan dialect, challenging even for native Italians who often opt for Italian subtitles, a common practice in Italy.

Although unsuited for mastering standard Italian, its exceptional storytelling and production quality make it a worthwhile watch.

The series portrays the lives of teens housed in Naples’ Juvenile Detention Center, struggling to reconcile with their situation while longing for their forfeited freedom and selfhood within this rigid environment.

The institution, located by the sea, symbolizes hope, yet seemingly unattainable for them. The show explores themes of morality, teenage life amidst hardships, and the pursuit of self-identity.

  • Genre: Drama
  • Suitable for: Advanced learners of Italian

8. Incastrati

Embark on a laughter ride with the 2022 Italian TV series “Incastrati” or “Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery,” starring the renowned Italian comedy duo Ficarra e Picone.

This comedy series unfolds the misadventures of Valentino and Salvatore, two hapless TV technicians who accidentally stumble upon a crime scene. To divert suspicion, they tidy up the crime scene, using their crime TV show knowledge, which sets off a series of hilariously disastrous events in their lives.

  • Genre: Comedy, Crime
  • Suitable for: Comedy lovers and intermediate Italian learners.

9. Un medico in famiglia

Delve into “Un medico in famiglia,” a classic Italian TV show from the 90s that has etched its place in Italian television history. The series follows the Martini family’s journey, comprising a widower doctor, his three children, and his father.

They move to Poggio Fiorito, where the doctor becomes a part of a cutting-edge healthcare center. With significant viewership and critical acclaim, the series has achieved cult status and is celebrated as one of the best Italian TV shows.

  • Genre: Drama, Comedy
  • Suitable for: Those interested in family-themed narratives and beginners to intermediate learners of Italian.

10. Vendetta: Truth, Lies, and The Mafia

This six-part documentary series pays tribute to the courageous individuals who confronted mafia criminality in Italy during the 90s. The surge in mafia-related killings and illicit activities gave birth to an anti-mafia uprising in the 90s led by Italian journalists and legal bodies.

Tune into this Italian TV documentary series to reveal the true story of Sicilian crime and the deeply rooted mafia influence within Italian institutions. Catch glimpses of archival Italian talk shows, news bulletins, courtroom hearings, and interviews with the judges and journalists involved.

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Suitable for: Documentary enthusiasts and advanced learners of Italian due to its intricate exploration of historical real events.

11. Medici: The Magnificent

Revered as one of the finest Italian TV productions in recent times, The Medici is a collaborative endeavor between Italy and the UK.

The series explores the Medici family’s dominion in Italy during the Renaissance, eventually succumbing to wars, Vatican State political conspiracy, and struggles to retain economic and political dominance.

Also available in English, this series offers a fascinating insight into the life of the Renaissance’s most distinguished family.

  • Genre: Drama, History
  • Suitable for: History enthusiasts.

12. Boris

“Boris,” an Italian series from 2007 to 2010 and now available on Netflix, gives an insider’s perspective on the production of an Italian TV show.

The narrative reveals the shocking truths of the television industry to a new intern, showcasing the frequent sacrifices in quality for financial gain and success. This series has amassed considerable popularity in Italy.

  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Suitable for: Comedy lovers and intermediate Italian learners.

13. Fedeltà

“Fedeltà” is a Netflix Italian series inspired loosely by Marco Missiroli’s renowned novel, also available in English. It navigates themes of passion and betrayal, and their implications, through the lives of a couple living in Milan.

  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Suitable for: Drama lovers and advanced Italian learners due to the intricate narrative and language use.

14. Sotto il sole di Riccione

Debuting on Netflix in 2020, “Sotto il sole di Riccione” takes viewers to the Riviera Romagnola, synonymous with fun-filled, relaxing holidays. A group of youths spending their summer on the beaches of Riccione forms a bond, aiding each other through their dreams and summer romances.

  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Suitable for: Comedy and drama lovers and intermediate Italian learners due to its entertaining narrative and language use.

15. Il commissario Montalbano

Based on the celebrated crime novels of Andrea Camilleri, this beloved TV series introduces viewers to Salvo Montalbano, a police chief in the fictional Sicilian town of Vigata.

Each episode of this series, rated as one of the best Italian television series, witnesses him battling mafia activities, murders, kidnappings, and diverse organized crime issues in Sicily. Although episodic, each installment is crafted like a standalone TV movie, bound by an ongoing narrative thread.

  • Genre: Crime, Drama
  • Suitable for: Crime drama fans and advanced Italian learners due to its complex narratives and language use.

16. Baby

“Baby” is an Italian teenage drama from Netflix, situated in Parioli, one of Rome’s poshest and most trendy districts. The plot revolves around a group of students from a prestigious high school who find themselves entangled in prostitution. The narrative is inspired by real events that took place in Rome years ago.

  • Genre: Drama
  • Suitable for: Drama lovers and intermediate to advanced Italian learners due to its complex narrative and language use.

17. Luna Nera

“Luna Nera,” or “Dark Moon,” is a 2020 Italian fantasy series from Netflix, a pioneer in its genre on the platform. Set in the 17th century, the storyline trails a 17-year-old girl who unravels her family’s heritage of witchcraft. To spice up the tale, her boyfriend’s father is a witch hunter, making it clear who his prime target is.

  • Genre: Fantasy, Drama
  • Suitable for: Fantasy lovers and intermediate Italian learners due to its relatively easy language and engaging narrative.

18. Luna Park

“Luna Park” is an Italian Netflix show drama series that takes place in 1960s Rome, chronicling the life of a young, spirited woman raised in her family’s circus enterprise.

The series captures the charm of classic Italian melodramas, skillfully intertwining themes like long-lost twins and fortune-telling in an enthralling and theatrical manner.

If you enjoy daytime dramas and light-hearted, engaging TV, this lively show, with its enchanting soundtrack and unpredictable storyline, won’t disappoint you. “Luna Park” is a practical resource for studying the Italian language related to family relationships and understanding the lifestyle of various societal classes in 20th-century Italy.

  • Genre: Drama
  • Suitable for: Drama lovers and beginners to intermediate Italian learners due to its simple language and narrative.

19. Zero

“Zero” spins the story of Omar, a young Italian of Senegalese descent, who has grown up in a housing estate on the peripheries of Milan. Determined to protect their homes from impending property developers, Omar, and his friends gear up for a battle.

However, the plot thickens as Omar’s intense shyness, verging on invisibility, surprisingly morphs into an actual superpower where he becomes physically invisible when overwhelmed by emotions. The question is, can he use this extraordinary power to his advantage?

  • Genre: Drama, Fantasy
  • Suitable for: Drama and fantasy enthusiasts and intermediate Italian learners due to its engaging narrative and contemporary language use.

20 È stata la mano di Dio

“È stata la mano di Dio” is a deeply personal tale by acclaimed filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino. Presented at the 78th Venice International Film Festival, the film garnered the Silver Lion award.

The story orbits around Fabietto, a teenager from the 80s who is profoundly attached to his family, embodying the passions and vulnerabilities typical of his age.

However, his smooth-sailing life is disrupted when his parents suddenly pass away, leaving Fabietto wrestling with the solitude of a young individual yet to find his footing in the world, along with the sudden burden of tragic and abrupt freedom.

  • Genre: Drama
  • Suitable for: Drama lovers and intermediate to advanced Italian learners due to its intense narrative and contemporary language use.

21. Carlo e Malik

Italian Netflix show "Carlo & Malik"

A 2018 crime drama, “Carlo e Malik,” is a collaboration between RAI (Italian public television) and Netflix.

It follows a veteran Rome detective, bearing prejudices against the expansive immigrant population in Rome, paired with a detective from Ivory Coast.

Together, they probe into a series of murder cases intertwined with the immigrant culture in the capital, addressing the contemporary and contentious issue of immigration in Italy.

  • Genre: Crime, Drama
  • Suitable for: Crime drama fans and intermediate Italian learners.

22. Cuori

Italian Netflix shows: Cuori
Pilar Fogliati (Delia Brunello) in Cuori. Photo Credit: RAI

Dive into the enchanting world of “Cuori,” a 2022 Italian series set in the heart of the 1960s, unfolding the stories of three heart surgeons at a hospital in Turin, Northern Italy.

The drama intensifies with the entry of Delia, an accomplished heart surgeon who crosses paths with her past lover, Alberto, who happens to be a dear friend of her husband Cesare and the head of the cardiology department.

The plot seamlessly incorporates drama, emotion, and comedy.

  • Genre: Drama
  • Suitable for: Drama lovers and intermediates in Italian.

23. Liberi Sognatori

“Liberi Sognatori” is a poignant series that recounts the life stories and tragic ends of brave Italians who dared to stand against their country’s organized crime.

Key figures include Libero Grassi, a Sicilian clothing manufacturer who refused to pay Mafia’s extortion demands, journalist Totò Francese, and Renata Fonte, a politician committed to preserving the Porto Selvaggio natural park.

  • Genre: Biography, Drama
  • Suitable for: Biography, drama lovers, and intermediate to advanced Italian learners due to its historical and complex narrative.

24. Blanca

Italian TV series “Blanca” – Photo credit:

The 2021 Italian Rai series “Blanca” charts the journey of Blanca, a young police trainee proficient in audio file decoding, stationed at a police department in Genoa, Northern Italy.

After losing her sight in a tragic fire that also claimed the life of her elder sister, Beatrice, at the age of twelve, Blanca develops a strong sense of justice that propels her towards a law enforcement career.

This Italian Netflix show’s lack of a specific dialect or accent makes it an ideal tool for honing your Italian listening skills.

  • Genre: Crime, Drama
  • Suitable for: Crime drama fans and beginner to intermediate Italian learners.

25. Leonardo

“Leonardo” is a historical drama series that breathes life into the exceptional journey of Leonardo da Vinci, spotlighting his personal struggles and revolutionary scientific breakthroughs. The series covers his time in Renaissance Italy, living and working conditions, and challenges in multiple spheres.

  • Genre: Biography, History
  • Suitable for: History enthusiasts and intermediate to advanced Italian learners due to its historical context and complex language use.

26. Benvenuti Al Sud

Benvenuti al Sud

Anxiety grips a Northern Italian postman when he is reassigned to a charming town near Naples, worrying about his safety. His dream was to settle in Milan, but instead, he finds himself grappling with the cultural differences of the South.

“Benvenuti Al Sud” explores the contrasting facets of Italy’s northern and southern regions and society’s perceptions of these disparate zones.

If you appreciated “Un Medico In Famiglia,” you will likely enjoy this Italian comedic film. The focus on human interactions, enriched by the stunning Italian landscapes, adds to its charm.

  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Suitable for: Comedy and drama lovers and intermediate Italian learners due to its entertaining narrative and cultural language use.

27. Il Processo (The Trial)

“Il Processo” showcases the architectural splendor of Mantua in this gripping Italian series on Netflix. The plot unfolds with the murder of Angelina, a 17-year-old girl whose body is discovered floating in a city canal.

The lead detective, Elena, is entangled in a precarious situation as her ties to the case could endanger her career. Yet, she chooses to proceed with the investigation.

As the prime suspect happens to be the daughter of the city’s wealthy businessman, the case quickly becomes a public spectacle. The narrative leaves viewers guessing with its twists and turns.

Crime enthusiasts won’t be left unsatisfied, and the series is best appreciated in Italian with English subtitles.

  • Genre: Crime, Drama
  • Suitable for: Crime drama fans and advanced students due to its complex narrative and language use.

28. Il nome della Rosa

Adapted from Umberto Eco’s renowned Italian literary masterpiece, “The Name of the Rose,” this TV series trails a monk and his novice followers as they investigate a series of puzzling deaths.

However, their inquiries invite the wrath of a powerful inquisitor. The narrative is set against the backdrop of a Middle Ages abbey.

  • Genre: Historical Drama, Mystery
  • Suitable for: Fans of historical dramas and mysteries and advanced Italian learners due to its intricate narrative and historical language use.

29. Gomorra

Italian show to watch: Gomorra
Gomorra – Photo credit:

Derived from the acclaimed novel by Roberto Saviano, this multi-season Italian series immerses viewers in the world of the Camorra, a notorious mafia organization based in Naples.

The series emphasizes the illicit endeavors of drug traffickers and individuals associated with criminal syndicates linked to business and political circles. The narrative mainly revolves around the influential Savastano family, led by Pietro, a towering figure in the region.

  • Genre: Crime, Drama
  • Suitable for: Crime drama fans and intermediate to advanced Italian learners due to its complex narrative and language use.

30. Chiedimi se sono felice

“Chiedimi se sono felice” follows the story of three friends, unsatisfied with their jobs, who share a common dream: to stage their own theatre performance. Their aspiration triggers a series of humorous yet touching incidents, leading to a rift amongst the trio that lasts three years.

This 2000 comedy delves into friendship, romance, betrayal, ego, and reconciliation themes. It strikes a balance between humor, moving moments, romantic elements, and drama, demonstrating how love can swiftly endanger a friendship.

  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Suitable for: Fans of comedic dramas and intermediate Italian learners due to its engaging narrative and modern language use.

Italian Netflix Shows: Question & Answers

master Italian with TV shows

How can I improve my Italian by watching Italian series on Netflix?

Engaging with Italian TV shows is one of the best ways to enhance your Italian language proficiency. It immerses you in everyday conversational Italian, helping you grasp the language’s rhythm, sounds, and vocabulary. Simultaneously, it provides a window into Italian society and culture.

Depending on your proficiency level, different strategies can maximize your learning:

  • Beginners can start by watching Italian Netflix shows with English subtitles, aiding in familiarization with the language’s sounds and speed.
  • A gradual introduction to the language can be achieved by watching a show in your native language with Italian subtitles, aiding in word recognition and usage.
  • Pre-watching a show in your language before watching it in Italian can benefit beginner to intermediate learners, as it aids contextual understanding.
  • For intermediate or advanced learners, watching an Italian show with Italian subtitles helps connect spoken words to written text.
  • As an advanced learner, watching shows in Italian without subtitles can be challenging but helpful for honing listening skills and pronunciation.
  • Consider both original Italian shows and your favorite shows dubbed in Italian for a broader selection and to add an educational twist to your leisure time.

Can I become fluent just by watching Italian TV shows?

While watching Italian shows is highly recommended for its natural dialogue, slang, accents, and phrases, it should complement other study forms like flashcards, conversation, podcasts, Italian news sites, and reading for a holistic learning experience.

Should I use English or Italian subtitles?

While Italian subtitles are eventually recommended, English subtitles are fine for beginners.

Does it matter which Italian TV shows I watch?

Remember that Italy’s rich dialectal variation might make some shows challenging for beginners. It’s better to choose shows with familiar accents at the start.

Are these Italian shows only available on Netflix?

Some shows may be available on other streaming services like Amazon Prime or others, so checking for availability there is also recommended.

How can I access Italian Television Content on Netflix from the United States, United Kingdom, or other locations?

One of the best things you can do to access Italian film and TV content unavailable in your local region is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A VPN allows you to connect to Netflix’s Italian selection by masking your IP address, making it appear like you’re in Italy.

Just subscribe to a VPN service, and you can then access your Netflix account to start watching Italian content. Find a suitable option within your desired budget by conducting a Google search.

Final Thoughts

Exploring Italian shows on Netflix is an entertaining way to pass the time and a valuable opportunity to enhance your Italian language skills and gain a deeper appreciation for Italian culture.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, these shows provide a window into authentic Italian conversations and storytelling. So grab some popcorn, settle in, and let the captivating world of Italian television take you on a linguistic and cultural adventure. Buon divertimento!

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