Italian sayings about friendship

10 Italian Sayings About Friendship: Quotes & Expressions

Let’s celebrate true friendship by learning ten must-know Italian sayings about friendship. This will significantly improve your vocabulary and comprehension of Italian. We’ll give you the translation and description for each saying.

It is a well-known fact that Italians are naturally very friendly, warm people who love to socialize and find happiness in spending time with their friends.

What Are the Top 10 Italian Sayings and Quotes About Friendship?

1. L’amico vero si vede nel momento del bisogno.

Translation: “A true friend is revealed in times of need.” Meaning: This saying highlights the importance of friends who are there for you in difficult times.

2. Gli amici sono come le stelle, non sempre visibili ma sempre presenti.

Translation: “Friends are like stars, not always visible but always present.” Meaning: This saying emphasizes the enduring nature of friendship, even when friends may not be physically present.

3. Chi trova un amico, trova un tesoro.

This is one of the most famous Italian sayings about friendship. Translation: “Who finds a friend finds a treasure.” Meaning: This saying underscores the value of having a good friend in one’s life.

4. L’amico è quello che ti prende per mano quando tutto il resto del mondo ti ha voltato le spalle.

Translation: “A friend is the one who takes your hand when the rest of the world has turned its back on you.” Meaning: This saying emphasizes the importance of having friends who are supportive and loyal.

5. Gli amici sono la famiglia che scegliamo noi stessi.

Translation: “Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.” Meaning: This saying reflects the idea that friends can become like family and play a similar role in our lives.

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6. Gli amici sono il sale della vita.

Translation: “Friends are the salt of life.” Meaning: This saying suggests that friends add flavor and enjoyment to life.

7. L’amico è colui che sa tutto di te e nonostante questo continua ad esserti amico.

Translation: “A friend is the one who knows everything about you and yet continues to be your friend.” Meaning: This saying emphasizes that true friends accept and understand us despite our flaws and weaknesses.

8. Gli amici sono quelli che condividono con te i momenti più belli e quelli più brutti.

Translation: “Friends are the ones who share the best and worst moments with you.”  Meaning: This saying highlights the idea that friends are there for us through the good and bad times.

9. L’amicizia è come un fiore, ha bisogno di cure e attenzioni per crescere.

Translation: “Friendship is like a flower; it needs care and attention to grow.” Meaning: This Italian saying about friendship suggests that friendships require effort and maintenance to thrive.

10. Gli amici sono come le perle, non si trovano facilmente e sono molto preziose.

Translation: “Friends are like pearls; they are not easily found and are very valuable.”
Meaning: This saying emphasizes the rarity and value of good friends.

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