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Unlock The Key To Saying Please In Italian: Here’s How

how to say please in Italian

How to Say Please in Italian?

The most common way to say please in Italian is “per favore” (pronounced “pair fah-voh-ray”). This expression can be used in a variety of situations, from asking for a favor to making polite requests. For example:

  • Puoi passarmi il sale, per favore? (Can you pass me the salt, please?)
  • Per favore, riempi questo modulo. (Please fill out this form.)

Other Ways to Say Please in Italian

Other ways to say please in Italian include:

  • “per cortesia” (pair kor-teh-zee-ah), which means “for courtesy”;
  • “cortesemente” (kor-teh-zeh-ment-lay), which translates to “courteously”; and
  • “gentilmente” (jen-teel-ment-lay), which means “kindly”.

Here are some examples of how to use these expressions:

  • Per cortesia, può mostrarmi la strada? (For courtesy, can you show me the way?)
  • Cortesemente, posso avere un caffè? (Courteously, can I have a coffee?)
  • Gentilmente, potresti aiutarmi a trasportare questi bagagli? (Kindly, could you help me carry these bags?)

The Italian Expression “Per Piacere”

The expression “per piacere” (pair pee-ah-chay-ray) is another way to say please in Italian. However, this expression is more commonly used to express a request for something that would be pleasurable or desirable, rather than a polite request. For example:

  • Per piacere, vorrei una tazza di tè. (Please, I would like a cup of tea.)
  • Per piacere, possiamo andare al cinema? (Please, can we go to the movies?)

Being polite is highly valued in Italy and politeness is often expressed through the use of please. Italians often use please as a way to show respect and be courteous.

It is common to hear expressions such as “per favore” and “per cortesia” in everyday conversations, even when making simple requests. Therefore, using please in Italian is an important part of being polite and showing respect.

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