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10 Flirtatious Pick Up Lines in Italian You Need to Know

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What Are the 10 Most Popular Pick Up Lines in Italian?

This list of the 10 most popular pick up lines in Italian will give you the perfect opportunity to break the ice and learn more about the culture. Italy is known for its romantic culture and language, and many people worldwide are interested in learning how to express their love or admiration in Italian.

While some pick up lines may be cheesy or risqué, they are a great way to show someone your appreciation or to flirt. Here are the 10 most popular pickup lines in Italian, with Italian and English translations plus an explanation of how Italians use them.

1Sei così bella che mi hai rubato il cuore – You are so beautiful that you stole my heart.

Italians use this pickup line to emphasize their admiration for the woman’s beauty.

2C’è qualcosa di speciale in te – There’s something special about you.

This pick up line usually suggests that the woman is different from the others.

3Sei una visione – You’re a vision.

Italians use this phrase to express their awe at the woman’s beauty.

4Mi hai colpito – You struck me.

This pickup line often suggests that the woman has made an impression on the man.

5Mi hai stregato – You’ve bewitched me.

This is a romantic pick-up line that suggests that the woman has a magical effect on the man.

6Sei una stella caduta dal cielo – You’re a star fallen from the sky.

This is a poetic pickup line used to suggest that the woman is out of this world.

7Ho una domanda per te – I have a question for you.

This is a clever pick up line used to suggest that the woman has something interesting to ask.

8Ti prego di uscire con me – Please go out with me.

This is a straightforward pick up line used to ask a woman for a date.

9Ho perso il mio numero, me lo dai il tuo? – I lost my number; can I have yours?

This playful pick-up line is used to ask the woman for her contact information.

10Sei l’unica cosa bella che ho visto oggi – You’re the only beautiful thing I’ve seen today.

This is a humorous pick up line used to suggest that the woman stands out from the crowd.

Our Friend Giuseppe’s Story

Our friend Giuseppe sent us one of the most unusual emails we have ever received. He says: “My good friend Tom and I are going to be leaving for Italy in a couple of weeks for the trip of a lifetime. – We’re both single and, of course, we’d love to be able to meet women when in Italy, and who knows, maybe have a little romance.”

Then he adds: “We both speak some Italian… but what we need now are some pickup lines in Italian that we can use to meet and start flirting with Italian women. Can you help us?”

Giuseppe, this is truly a tough one. We’re not even sure pickup lines work anymore (do they?), but if you insist on using them, here they are, 10 pick up lines in Italian that work (well, according to the Internet — enough said).

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