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Calling All Beginner Italian Speakers – Test Your Vocabulary with This Fun Quiz

basic Italian vocabulary quiz

Welcome to “Basic Italian Vocabulary: A Trivia Quiz”! This quiz is perfect for English speakers looking to learn the basics of the Italian language. The quiz is designed to be beginner-level and aims to entertain while teaching you the essentials of Italian vocabulary. 

Learning Italian can be a fun and rewarding experience. The Italian language has a long and rich history, with a diverse array of dialects and regional variations. Experiencing the culture of Italy can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime.

Italian Vocabulary: An Essential Part of Learning the Language

Italian vocabulary is an essential part of learning the language. Knowing the basics of Italian words and phrases can help you quickly understand and communicate in the language. This quiz is the perfect place to get started.

The quiz focuses on the basics of Italian vocabularies, such as everyday words and phrases and some more complex terms. It is designed to help you familiarize yourself with the language, as well as allow you to test your knowledge.

Designed to be fun and educational, this quiz can help you to learn Italian in a relaxed setting. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced speaker, this quiz will help you improve your Italian skills.

This basic Italian vocabulary quiz contains 7 multiple-choice questions, each with 4 options. The questions are designed to be challenging but not too difficult. The questions cover a range of typical Italian words and phrases, so you can test your knowledge and learn new words simultaneously. Let’s get started!

What is the Italian word for "goodbye"?

Italian translation for "Goodbye"
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The word "arrivederci" is a more formal way to say "goodbye" in Italian, typically used to express polite parting wishes. It is a contraction of the phrase "ci vediamo", which mean "until we see each other again".

What is the Italian translation for "I don't understand"?

Italian translation for "I don't understand"
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The sentence "non capisco" is a helpful Italian phrase to know when being addressed. It directly translates to "I don't understand" and is grammatically correct when used in the present tense.


What is the Italian translation for "how are you"?

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The sentence "come stai" is a direct translation of "How are you" in Italian, using the formal form of the verb "Stare" to ask about the well-being of the person being addressed.

What is the Italian translation for "I love you"?

Italian translation for "I love you"
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The sentence "Ti amo" is a powerful expression of love and commitment in Italian, and it is translated directly to "I love you". It expresses a very strong emotion and has a greater level of commitment than "Ti voglio bene" which translates to "I like you a lot" or "I care for you".


What is the Italian translation for "not yet"?

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The sentence "non ancora" is a negative adverb in Italian which translates to "not yet" in English. It expresses negation of something happening or existing in the present moment.

What is the Italian translation for "I'm sorry"?

Italian translation for "I'm sorry"
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"Mi dispiace" is an expression of regret. The literal translation of this sentence is "it displeases me", which expresses sympathy and understanding.


What is the Italian word for "please"?

Italian translation for "Please"
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The word "please," translated to Italian as "per favore," is an imperative statement used to express politeness and request an action to be taken.

Italian Trivia: Translate the Word or Sentence

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