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How To Say “Let’s Go” in Italian

how to say let's go in Italian

In Italian, there are several ways to say the phrase “let’s go”, depending on the context. This Italian language lesson will cover the various ways to say “let’s go” in Italian, examples of how it is used, and a brief explanation of the grammar.

Let’s Go as “Andiamo”

The most common way to say “let’s go” in Italian is “Andiamo”. This phrase literally translates to “let’s go” and can be used in many different contexts. For example:

  • “Andiamo!” (Let’s go!)
  • “Andiamo a casa.” (Let’s go home)
  • “Andiamo al ristorante.” (Let’s go to the restaurant)

Let’s Go as “Partiamo”

Another way to say “let’s go” in Italian is “Partiamo”. This phrase translates to “let’s leave” and can be used to refer to a physical departure, such as leaving a place. For example:

  • “Partiamo!” (Let’s go!)
  • “Partiamo subito.” (Let’s go right away.)
  • “Partiamo per la nostra vacanza.” (Let’s leave for our vacation.)

Let’s Go as “Muoviamoci”

The final way to say “let’s go” in Italian is “Muoviamoci”. This phrase translates to “let’s move” and can be used when referring to a physical activity, such as going for a walk or a jog. For example:

  • “Muoviamoci!” (Let’s go!)
  • “Muoviamoci adesso” (Let’s go now)
  • “Muoviamoci e facciamo una passeggiata” (Let’s move and go for a walk)

The Grammar Behind the Phrase “Let’s Go” in Italian

All three phrases use the first person plural form of the verb “andare” (to go) or “partire” (to leave), which is “andiamo”, “partiamo”, or “muoviamoci”, respectively. The verb is then followed by an exclamation point to express excitement or enthusiasm.

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With this language lesson, you now know the various ways to say “let’s go” in Italian and how to use them in different contexts. You are now ready to start speaking Italian like a native!

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