17. How To Take A Taxi (HTI)

LearnItalianPod Chances are that at some point during your trip to Italy you will take a taxi. Taking a taxi cab in Italy can become quite an adventure – in fact, you may experience first-hand why Italians have such a bad reputation as drivers… but, despite of the commonplace that all Italian drivers are bad, you’ll find that the majority of Italian taxi drivers are cautious drivers, so no worries! Today we’ll find out how to take a taxi cab, and how to get to the destination on time, and most important, safe and sound!

How To Italian – Episode Nr.17


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6 thoughts on “17. How To Take A Taxi (HTI)”

  1. Excellent, excellent episode! This will definitely come handy on my first trip to Italy – I’m so excited! One question: on the dialogue, why Jane says “ce la facciamo” and not “ce la fa”?

  2. Suggestion: How about a grammar review beginner and intermediate with examples of use.

  3. What is the meaning of “pure” in the two sentences?
    Thanks for all you do…Mi piace parlare Italiano!

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