2. How To Say What You Do (HTI)

LearnItalianPod Welcome to “How To Italian” episode nr. 2! In today’s episode we are going to learn how to ask someone you just met what he or she does in life, all in a polite but friendly kind of way. In case you missed last week’s episode, “How To Italian” are 5 to 7 minutes audio programs that will show you “how to” successfully learn and master a very specific topic of the Italian Language. And, if you are a LearnItalianPod VIP subscriber, you’ll just love the way you’ll be able to practice these “How To Italian” lessons when logging in to the Learning Center, as they are the closest thing to a real-time conversation with an Italian! Enjoy!

How To Italian – Episode Nr. 2


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3 thoughts on “2. How To Say What You Do (HTI)”

  1. Very useful episode. Grazie! Una domanda, per piacere: what is the literal translation of the expression in the dialogue “certe tirate”?

  2. Rosemarie – “certe” means “some” and “tirate” comes from the verb “tirare” (to pull) and it’s used as noun. The literal translation of the expression “certe tirate” would be “some pulling”.

  3. What a great idea, this is very useful, please, please, please do more of these ones! You guys are helping me become more and more comfortable with a forgien language. Thanks again

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