45. At The Village Fair

LearnItalianPod Fall is almost here, leaves turn red and yellow… the village fair begins! Every year it brings “caldarroste” (roasted chestnuts), “torrone” (nougat), and “mandorlato” (almond candies), delicious treaties that makes autumn warm and enjoyable. Let’s take a ride on a merry-go-round while celebrating the end of summer!


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6 thoughts on “45. At The Village Fair”

  1. Cremona, Italy, is considered the torrone (nougat) capital of the world.

    Every year in October, Cremona celebrates the Torrone Festival – an entire festival dedicated to nougat, which Cremona claims originated in the town.

    A Visconti family wedding in 1441 called for a new dessert, and the family chefs came up with “torrone” (nougat).

  2. I appreciate your podcasts. It would be very helpful if your lessons were posted in print on your website so I could follow along more easily.
    thank you

  3. Hi,
    I’m frensh and i’m going to offer to my wife a trip to Firrenze next holidays (in one month). I didn’t no one word in italian 2 weeks ago ; i’ve been podcasting all your lessons and i’m listenning to them all day long with my MP3. I’m hiding from my wife because the journey is a secret. I’ve been improving a lot and say a BIG THANK YOU to massimo et jane. If i could give an advise : would it be possible you speak a little bit more italian for instance when you introduce yourself ?! so we can hear more italian for one single podcast…
    Grazzie anyway. A bientôt

  4. Your podcasts are just great!! A client contact mentioned it to me – wish I’d known about it earlier. I’m off to Italy for a holiday tomorrow, & have downloaded some of your pdcasts to practice on the plane/beforehand. And when I come back, I plan to sign up, and keep going.

    Thank you so much for making these available free – it’s really, really helpful & very generous of you.

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