43. Ma Va A Quel Paese!

LearnItalianPod Everybody gets angry once in a while, and Italians are no exception! Today we are going to learn some colorful and popular expressions Italians use when they are “arrabbiati” (angry). Just be careful on where and when you are going to use those expressions – they can get you in trouble! (Please note: this episode DOES NOT contain bad words).


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3 thoughts on “43. Ma Va A Quel Paese!”

  1. Very nice and funny episode! I once had the chance to see two Italians arguing about something, and it all looked like comedy to me! Bravo Jane and Massimo!

  2.  dear Jane and Massimo!

    ciao! comaa stei? lol (: we just love your little show you guys got going on there-and were only 14 and 12 ! we want to know if you will do an episode on park animals like squirrels and birds and rabbits and such because we just love your show!!!!!!!!! bravo! i giovanna am italian and erin just wants to impress some boy who speaks italian. it would mean the world to us-all the cannollis and the spicy lasagna in the world! Areevdelchi!

    —giovanna (14) and erin (12) LOVE THE NAME, MASSIMO!

  3.  If you would like to know how widespread the saying is, Google Alberto Sordi E va, e va. You will find a U-tube video of him singing that song. Then, for the FUN OF IT, look to the right of that Google page and find un ragazzo si chiama Luigi Fronte. Watch him perform that same song on the show “Ti lascio una canzone.” Watch the audience and you will understand just how popular that saying is in Italy.

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