36. I Have To Run…

LearnItalianPod He promised he was going to help her to prepare the cake for the party. “But not today”, he says, “because I have to run..”. Let’s learn how to conjugate and use another very common verb: “dovere” (to have to – must).


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2 thoughts on “36. I Have To Run…”

  1. Very nice episode, thank you! We really enjoy your podcasts – my girlfriend is Italian – we practice together and it’s a lot of fun. Grazie mille!!!

  2. Dear Mr / Mrs,
    Let me introduce my self, my name is Mohamed, I’m working as a senior offshore/ Subsea project Engineer in Italian company, actually learn Italian pod is giving me a great unbelievable help in learning Italian language and talking to my Italian colleagues in my company.
    Please keep up the good work and looking forward for that website for more success and progress.
    Please also send my best regards to Jean and Massimo, really I like them so much.

    All the best
    Kind Regards

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