35. Everything Is On Sale!

LearnItalianPod She walks in via Condotti, Rome, she sees a shop window she loves, the shop assistant is a friend (so she’ll get a discount), and last but not least, everything is on sale: the shopaholic’s heaven must look like this! In today’s episode, we are going to learn how to shop with style.


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4 thoughts on “35. Everything Is On Sale!”

  1. Ciao Massiomo e Giovanna/Jane 🙂
    Io sono molto contenta con learnitalianpod.com. Io sono danaise e parle un po italiano ongi giorno
    There seems to be a problem with this episode…. during the dialoge you give “il verbo fare”, but it is not avaliable in the pdf trancript, and when listening to the supplementary vocabulary the presentations does not fit with the written words in the last sentenses…the mix-up problem starts with the sentens “tu spendi molti soldi”

  2. Caio
    Thank you…. I can see that “il verbo fare” come vithin the next lessons (nr. 36) pdf transcript

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