12. The Italian Gossip (Intermediate)

LearnItalianPod Some say gossip is just a trivial pastime; some other think it is essential to psychological and even physical well-being. No matter what you believe, do not say you’ve never done it… we will not believe you! Let’s learn some useful expressions about love, marriage, money… it’s gossip time, signore e signori!

Intermediate Level – Lesson Nr. 12


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6 thoughts on “12. The Italian Gossip (Intermediate)”

  1. The most challenging so far. The dialogue was quite a bit faster than for previous lessons but I think its probrably important to practice. Keep up the good work (although I found the american girls accent a bit weird!)
    Just one question. In most of your podcasts you say ‘che cosa….’ but people I have spoken to and things I have read only say ‘cosa’ For example ‘cosa facciamo adesso’ ‘cosa fai’ ‘cosa mangia’. Im confused!

  2. Chris, “che” or “cosa” as regional way of saying stand for “che cosa” which is the correct Italian.

    Here’s the grammar explanation (in Italian): “cosa”, preceduto da “che”, aggettivo interrogativo, costituisce un’unica forma pronominale interrogativa di valore neutro e usata nelle interrogative dirette e indirette: “che cosa fai?” “what are you doing?”

    However, “che”, “cosa” and “che cosa” all mean “what”, and they are all interchangeable.

  3. Anna, “si dice che…” is the equivalent of the English “someone says that…” or “some says that…”.

    The particle “si” is the impersonal subject of the sentence.

    You could say as well “qualcuno dice che…” (someone says that…) or “la gente dice che…” (people say that…).

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