6. I’ve Got A Cold! (Intermediate)

LearnItalianPod Cold season hits its peak in February and everybody in the house is getting the flu! Let’s learn how to describe symptoms like “raffreddore” (cold), “tosse” (cough), and “febbre” (fever), while resting, taking medicines, and drinking some hot tea. Feeling better already?

Intermediate Level – Lesson Nr. 6


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9 thoughts on “6. I’ve Got A Cold! (Intermediate)”

  1. The right podcast at the right time! I’m in bed with winter flu, and practicing Italian, about getting the flu! I just love your podcasts. Thanks!

  2. Hello
    I take your course and i love it… but i have a qustion. Is there a place where i can find what you say written down…like that it will be easier to learn

  3. Chris, you can consider becoming a subscriber and get dialogue transcripts and supplementary vocabulary in pdf format. That will definitely help you in improving your skills faster and in a more efficient way.

    Learn more about it by clicking here.

  4. Ciao!
    I’ve listened to 6 lessons so far and I like them thank you very much. I have just one wish – could you please speak a little bit faster for an intermediate level? I know that Italians normallt speak very fast.

  5. Ciao Maria! You’ll notice while going thru all of the intermediate level lessons that the “talking speed” increases.

    Also – the latest intermediate level episodes are about 90% Italian with very little English.

  6. Grazie mille! 🙂
    I’m learning Italian myself and though I have some italian friends on the internet, your podcast is almost the single way for me to hear real italian speech.

  7. Come mai? How come is “how come”? I understood that mai was never in Italian… is this frequent use in Italian?

  8. Julio, the literal translation of “come mai?” would be “how never?” — but that doesn’t make sense in English. The real meaning of the expression is “how come?” – think of it as an idiomatic expression.

  9.  In the episode “Wake Up A Smell The Coffee” you say that “facciamo” means ” we have” I thought it meant “We make” or “we do”? Doesn’t “abbiamo” mean “we have?” Can you clarify? Thanks

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