6. What A Conversation!

LearnItalianPod You’ve made it through the first five lessons! It’s time to impress everybody with a long dialogue. Let’s see if you can remember everything you have learned so far. Are you ready for the challenge?


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10 thoughts on “6. What A Conversation!”

  1. I would enjoy some narrations in italian. Some short stories which are spoken at a medium speed. Maybe 10 minutes in duration. I think sometimes I rely on the english a little to much.

    Grazie per tutto

  2. Thanks Jane and Massimo….for these lessons.!! As a working person, classes r not an option for me…..So i was pleased , delighted to find ur podcast…which i can listen at my speed and learn. As you see i am still in lesson no 6…..

    One question….

    In this podcast..Jane says “Piacere. Io sono Jane”… and in other podcast the dialogue is “Piacere di conoscerti”
    What is the difference between the two?

  3. Mille grazie! I love Learn Italian Pod so much! I especially appreciate the professionalism and pleasure with which you speak and teach. Please, would you maybe consider some advanced lessons one day as well?



  4. Complimenti!! Sono molto contenta di ascoltare delle podcast ogni settimana in nuova zelanda.
    Vorrei tanto un livello piu difficile, forse “advanced intermediate”
    Che cosa pensate? C’e’una buon’idea?

  5. hi
    i just got to know about this amazing website.its the best to learn italian and thanks for the free lessons.

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