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Beginner Level
Throughout this 50-lesson "Beginner Level" series you will learn how to greet people, introduce and talk about yourself, ask questions, dealing with restaurants and hotels, how to ask the time, formal and informal modes, present tense verbs, articles, pronouns, adverbs, and adjectives. You will hear Italian spoken in a variety of "real-life" situations.

50. Renting A Fiat 500

  Level: Beginner

Today you are going to learn everything (well, almost…) you need to know in order to rent a car in Italy, if you ever feel adventurous enough to drive, while there… You do know that Italians have a terrible reputation as car drivers, right? And what if you do not feel like driving? Well, you can always take a train… Enjoy!

49. Skiing In Cortina

  Level: Beginner

Learn Italian with Podcasts! Today we are going to hear about Massimo’s plan to spend next weekend skiing and having fun in one of the most famous Italian winter destinations, Cortina d’Ampezzo. Let’s review and practice words that you can use to describe places, like “bel panorama” (beautiful view), or “piste fantastiche” (fantastic ski runs). Enjoy!

48. Before & After

  Level: Beginner

Learn Italian with LearnItalianPod! Today we are going to learn how to use the words “prima” (before), and “dopo” (after), and in doing so we’ll find out what our two friends are going to do right before leaving Italy after a two weeks vacation. There’s a lot to do: prepare the luggage, buy postcards, confirm the flight, and eat one last delicious Italian ice cream. Enjoy!

47. My Arms Fall Down

  Level: Beginner

Let’s learn one of the most used typical Italian expressions – that’s “far cadere le braccia” (literally: make arms fall down) while finding out how Massimo is doing with his new girlfriend, Sara. Things are definitely not looking good: he says everytime she opens her mouth, his arms fall down… uhm, no, not a good sign! We’ll also review and practice “come va con…” (how is it going with…), a very common way of asking people about things they are doing. Enjoy!

46. A Lullaby For You

  Level: Beginner

Learn Italian Language with Podcasts! Let’s go back to when we were little kids and our “mamma” and “papa'” would sing us a “ninna nanna” (lullaby) before we went to sleep: who doesn’t remember the sensation of falling asleep by the sound of a familiar voice? Today, Massimo is the little kid and Jane is the singing mommy… Don’t fall asleep yet! Let’s learn how to use the imperative form of verbs, used for giving commands, and other useful words and expressions.

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