Italy April calendar: events, holidays, festivals

Italy in April: Holidays, Events, and Festivals 2024

If you’re searching for an all-inclusive list of events, holidays, and festivals in April in Italy, look no further.

Inspired by my deep-rooted Italian heritage, I’ve assembled an April 2024 roster, capturing the essence and spirit inherent in our treasured customs.

Join me as we explore Italy’s diverse April events, holidays, and festivals. Witness the jubilant embrace of spring that permeates the month, painting a lively chapter in the 2024 Italian calendar year.

April 2024 Events and Festivals in Italy: A Month of Liberation, Legacy, and Local Celebrations

Dive in as we highlight Italy’s top-tier and distinguished events and festivals this April. – Or, browse our day-by-day April calendar for a thorough breakdown of all April activities.

April 22: Earth Day in Italy 

Diving into the heart of eco-conscious living at Villaggio della Terra.

Every year, Italy fervently joins the global community in celebrating Earth Day, emphasizing environmental protection, sustainability, and conscious living.

The events resonating with Earth Day often encapsulate the Italian spirit of unity, care, and respect for the environment.

Anticipated Celebrations in 2024

Drawing inspiration from 2023’s successful events, we expect Italy to commemorate Earth Day 2024 with vibrant activities. One of the highlights will likely be the return of Villaggio per la Terra (Village for the Earth) in Rome. 

Last year, organized by Earth Day Italy, this Village for the Earth showcased a sustainable lifestyle in all its glory. From April 21 to 25 at Pincio and the Galappatoio in Villa Borghese, the event was a cultural explosion of art installations, live music, children’s workshops, street art, and insightful discussions. 

With past themes like Invest in Our Planet, we anticipate another profound theme that will resonate with many.

A Closer Look at Villaggio della Terra

Embracing sustainability at its finest with Villaggio della Terra.

Villaggio per la Terra has set a benchmark in sustainable celebrations by representing a village that beautifully captures the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. 

The previous year saw 300 organizations collaborating to orchestrate over 600 events, all in alignment with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We’re excited to see what 2024 brings to this spectacular event!

Spotlight on Italy’s Green Cities

Apart from the national events, many Italian cities stand out for their eco-friendly initiatives, especially on Earth Day:

  • Trento: Lauded as Italy’s most eco-friendly city, Trento is at the forefront of environmental sustainability.
  • Milan: Known for its modernist approach, Milan has greened its spaces, like the Biblioteca degli Alberi (Library of Trees), which turned a business district square into a lush park.
  • Grosseto: Championing sustainable tourism, this gem in Tuscany exemplifies eco-friendly practices. Situated in the province of Grosseto, Castiglione della Pescaia is often hailed as Italy’s most environmentally-conscious beach.
  • Vicenza: With events like community trash pick-ups, Vicenza promotes environmental awareness and community involvement.

Each city reflects Italy’s ongoing commitment to the environment, making Earth Day an annual event with a consistent ethos.

April 25: Festa della Liberazione (Liberation Day)

Italy takes a heartfelt pause on this day to remember its liberation from Nazi Germany and the fascist regime during World War II. This is one of the most significant events in Italy in April.

April 25: Festa della Liberazione (Liberation Day)

How Italy Honors the Day

In Rome: It’s customary for the Italian president to visit the Mausoleo delle Fosse Ardeatine (Ardeatine Caves mausoleum). This spot is not just another landmark; 335 Italians tragically lost their lives to Nazi atrocities in 1944.

Special Events Across Towns: Expect lively gatherings, whether it’s a tiny village or a bustling city. Some go traditional with marching bands, while others host political rallies or concerts. Many communities spice things up with fairs or food festivals. It’s a great way to blend history with local culture.

Honoring the Heroes: A quieter but equally important tradition is visiting the gravesites of the partisans. These brave souls laid down their lives for Italy’s freedom, and paying them a visit is the nation’s way of saying, “We remember.”

History Comes Alive

Frecce Tricolori over Rome: A dance of pride in the skies.

If you’re a history buff, this is your day. Many key World War II sites and museums open their doors to the public, often without charging an entry fee.

  • Montecassino Abbey: A significant World War II battleground, it’s been beautifully restored after almost being lost to bombings.
  • Museo Storico della Liberazione: This museum offers an intimate look into the Italian resistance movement in Rome.
  • Free Museum Entry: Yes, you read that right! Museums and archaeological sites like the Colosseum, Pompeii, and the Uffizi usually welcome visitors for free.

April 25: Festa di San Marco (Feast of St. Mark)

St. Mark’s Square bathed in sunset’s golden embrace.

Every April 25, Venice lights up in honor of its patron saint, St. Mark, through the Festa di San Marco. This tradition, deep-rooted since the 11th century, blends religious reverence with age-old Venetian customs.

Highlighting The Day:

Spiritual Observance: A solemn mass at St. Mark’s Basilica is central to the celebrations. The ambiance is intensified with processions that either pave the way for the mass or conclude it, tracing Venice’s cobblestoned streets.

Festa del Bocolo – A Tale of Love: The Festa del Bocolo, or Rosebud Festival, is a romantic highlight. Delving into Venetian lore, men present their beloved with a rosebud. This gesture stems from a heart-rending tale of Tancredi, a troubadour, and Maria, a noblewoman, whose love story met a tragic end.

Love blooms in Venice: Festa del Bocolo magic.

Regata dei Traghetti: What’s Venice without its iconic waterways? At the Grand Canal’s entrance, a thrilling regatta sails between Sant’ Elena Island and Punta della Dogana. To watch the boats glide by, get yourself a good spot along the shoreline, especially around Saint Mark’s Square.

It’s worth noting that this Venetian day of celebration aligns with Italy’s Liberation Day, adding layers of historical significance to the date.

April 28: Sardinia Day

Each April 28, the island of Sardinia resonates with pride and festivity during the celebration of Sardinia Day or “Sa Die de Sa Sardigna.”

The flag of Sardinia.

This regional holiday is a heartfelt remembrance of 1793, when the resilient Sardinians reclaimed their land from Piedmontese rule.

Dubbed the “National Day of the Sardinian people” since its establishment in 1993, this day signifies historical triumphs and embodies the island’s vibrant culture.

Here’s How Sardinians Celebrate:

Day Off: In the holiday spirit, schools shut their doors in Sardinia, allowing everyone to partake in the day’s events.

A Tapestry of Events: The island is abuzz with activities. There’s something for everyone, from historical re-enactments echoing past victories to concerts that fill the air with melodies and folklore shows narrating Sardinian tales.

Join in, feel the spirit, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Sardinian life on this special day!

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April 2024 Calendar: Italy’s Holidays, Anniversaries, Events, and Special Days

Benvenuto, Aprile.

April 1

  • Easter Monday: Following Easter Sunday, Italy revels in “Pasquetta,” a day of picnics and gatherings.
  • April Fool’s Day (Pesce d’Aprile): Italy’s playful version of pranking day where “Pesce d’Aprile” (April’s Fish) jokes and Italians sense of humor reign supreme.
  • Rediscovery of Pompeii by Archaeologists (1748), a window into ancient civilization.

April 2

  • Celebrating the Birth of Giacomo Casanova (1725), a legendary lover and adventurer.
  • International Children’s Book Day: Honoring the magic of stories, many inspired by Italy’s rich literary traditions.

April 3

  • World Party Day: As Italians are no strangers to “la dolce vita,” this day harmonizes with their love for joyous celebrations.
  • Inaugural Publication of La Gazzetta dello Sport (1896), Italy’s premier sports news outlet.

April 4

  • International Carrot Day: A nod to Italy’s flavorful carrot-infused dishes that grace many a table.
  • Celebrating the Birth of Emperor Caracalla (188), known for his tyrannical reign.

April 6

  • Remembering the Death of Raphael (1520), a maestro of the Renaissance era.
  • L’Aquila Earthquake Remembrance (2009), honoring a community’s resilience.
  • International Pillow Fight Day: Italy joins in this feathery fun, echoing its zest for life and lighthearted moments.

April 7

  • World Health Day: Aligning with Italy’s commitment to the well-being of its citizens and its renowned Mediterranean diet.
  • Milano Marathon: Lace up for Milan’s premier marathon, a highlight among Italy’s elite running competitions.
  • Beer Day (Celebrated in the US): While wine is iconic in Italy, Italian beer brands also hold a special place for those who appreciate a quality brew.

April 8

  • Bologna Children’s Book Fair: Italy’s epicenter for book trends, connecting with illustrators, authors, and the publishing world. A notable event in Italy during the month of April.
  • Remembering the Death of Caracalla (217), an end to tyranny.
  • Crowning of Petrarch as Poet Laureate in Rome (1341), a milestone in literary history.
  • Remembering the Death of Lorenzo de’ Medici (1492), a pillar of the Florentine Renaissance.
  • Remembering the Death of Composer Gaetano Donizetti (1848), a melodious loss.

April 10

  • World Homeopathy Day: Italy, with its rich history in medicine, observes the day with a holistic touch.

April 11

  • The First Printed Edition of Dante Alighieri‘s Divine Comedy (1472), a groundbreaking literary event.
  • Remembering the Death of Primo Levi (1987), a solemn remembrance of a thoughtful writer.
  • Siblings Day (Celebrated in the US): Resonates with Italy’s family-centric culture, valuing close familial bonds.
  • Pet Day (Celebrated in the US): Reflecting the Italian love for their “amici a quattro zampe” (four-legged friends).

April 12

  • Celebrating the Birth of Architect Antonio da Sangallo (1484), the mastermind behind Saint Peter’s Basilica.
  • Galileo’s Heresy Accusation (1633), a collision of science and religion.

April 13

  • Celebrating the Birth of Catherine de’ Medici (1519), a woman of influence and power.
  • Celebrating the Birth of Italian Inventor Antonio Meucci (1808), a beacon of innovation.
  • International Plant Appreciation Day: Reflects Italy’s reverence for nature, lush gardens, and the rise of Italian vegan cookbooks celebrating plant-based cuisine.

April 14

  • Remembering the Death of Gianni Rodari (1983), the cherished children’s book author.
  • Vinitaly in Verona: A paramount exhibition spotlighting the best wines for Italian food, drawing a significant international audience to savor Italy’s finest vintages.
  • International Moment of Laughter Day: Embracing Italy’s jovial spirit, love for funny Italian jokes, and the lighter side of life.

April 15

  • Celebrating Leonardo da Vinci’s Birthday (1452), a Renaissance genius.
  • Remembering the Death of Architect Filippo Brunelleschi (1446), the creator of Florence’s iconic dome.
  • Remembering the Death of Comedian Totò (1967), a laughter legend.
  • World Art Day: Celebrating the profound artistic legacy of Italy, from the Renaissance masterpieces to contemporary art marvels.

April 17

  • Demolition of Rome’s Jewish Ghetto Wall (1848), a step towards equality.

April 18

  • International Day for Monuments and Sites: Celebrating Italy’s rich history, reflected in its countless UNESCO heritage sites and monuments.

April 19

  • Remembering the Death of Painter Paolo Veronese (1588), a master of the Renaissance.
  • Remembering the Death of Canaletto (1768), Venice’s picturesque chronicler.
  • Garlic Day (Celebrated in the US): A nod to the beloved ingredient found in many classic Italian dishes.

April 20

  • Establishment of La Sapienza University in Rome (1303), a beacon of education and knowledge.
  • Husband Appreciation Day (Celebrated in the US): In Italy, where family is paramount, Italian men, as devoted husbands, hold a cherished place at the heart of the home.

April 21

  • Foundation of Rome by Romulus (753 B.C.), the beginning of an empire.

April 22

  • Earth Day: Resonating with Italy’s commitment to preserving its picturesque landscapes and eco-friendly initiatives.

April 23

  • World Book Day: Celebrating Italy’s literary legacy, from Dante to Calvino, and the best Italian books that have shaped it.
  • Lover’s Day (Celebrated in the US): Echoing the romantic allure of Italian cities like Venice and Verona, known for their legendary love stories.

April 24

  • Unveiling of Saint Padre Pio’s Body for Veneration in Puglia (2008), a day of spiritual reflection.
  • World Immunization Week: Reflecting Italy’s ongoing commitment to global health and well-being.

April 25

  • Festa della Liberazione (Liberation Day): April’s most important holiday in Italy, commemorating Italy’s liberation from fascist occupation, a pivotal moment in Italian history.
  • Festa di San Marco (Feast of St. Mark), celebrated in Venice Only: A Venetian celebration in honor of the city’s patron saint, St. Mark.
  • Remembering the Death of Polymath Leon Battista Alberti (1472), a Renaissance luminary.
  • Remembering the Death of Poet Torquato Tasso (1595), a literary visionary.
  • Celebrating the Birth of Italian Inventor Guglielmo Marconi (1874), a pioneer of wireless communication.
  • Zucchini Bread Day (Celebrated in the US): Embracing the zucchini, a staple highlighted in many Italian food facts, celebrated for its versatile role in iconic dishes.

April 26

  • Celebrating the Birth of Emperor Marcus Aurelius (121), a philosopher king.
  • Remembering the Assassination of Giuliano de’ Medici (1478), a dark day in Florence’s history.

April 27

April 28

  • Sardinia Day: Honoring Italy’s Sardinian island’s rich traditions and unique culture.
  • Celebrating the Birth of Ferruccio Lamborghini (1916), the visionary behind one of the best Italian car brands renowned for luxury automobiles.
  • Inauguration of Cinecittà (1937), the birthplace of Italian cinema masterpieces.

April 29

  • Feast Day of Saint Catherine of Siena, honoring a saint of great influence.
  • Luciano Pavarotti’s Stage Debut at Reggio Emilia Opera House (1961), the dawn of a legendary career.
  • International Dance Day: From the tarantella, echoing the rhythms of Italian accordion brands, to ballet, Italy’s dance traditions leave a lasting imprint on global artistry.
  • National Shrimp Scampi Day (Celebrated in the US): A tribute to this delicious dish, highlighting Italian fish and seafood names in a symphony of flavors and culinary traditions.

April 30

  • Remembering the Death of Filmmaker Sergio Leone (1989), a maestro of the silver screen.
  • International Jazz Day: While jazz has its roots in America, Italy has embraced it with festivals and renowned Italian jazz musicians.

While we diligently verify event dates, confirming with local organizers before planning your visit is always best.

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