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Sweet Doing Nothing (Intermediate)

Today we are going to do… nothing. Uh? No walking, no movies, no activities. That’s “il dolce far niente”, an Italian phrase which means “sweet doing nothing”. So, learn the meaning of “il dolce far niente”, stop what you’re doing, let the world pass you by, and enjoy the moment.

In a world that is always go, go, go, it can be hard to find time to just stop and relax. Everyone around us is telling us that we need to be productive, and that taking time for ourselves is a luxury that we can’t afford. But what if we could afford it? What if we could find the time to just do nothing?

The Art of the “Sweet Doing Nothing”

The Italian phrase “il dolce far niente” means “the sweetness of doing nothing.” It is the idea of taking the time to just stop and enjoy the moment. Maybe you’re sitting in a café watching the people go by, or lying in the park listening to the birds. Whatever it is, you are not doing anything other than enjoying the moment.

In our busy lives, we often forget to just stop and appreciate the world around us. We often don’t take the time to just enjoy life because are so focused on getting things done. But if we learn the true meaning of “il dolce far niente” and find even a few minutes each day to do nothing, we might be surprised at how much sweeter life can be.

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