35 Best Travel Guide Books for Italy to Read

Hey there, fellow traveler! This expertly curated selection of the best Italy travel books will help you navigate the country’s breathtaking landscapes, rich history, and delicious cuisine.

Even in this digital age, there’s something magical about turning the pages of an Italy guidebook. It’s more than just collecting facts and figures – it’s about savoring the anticipation, picturing yourself in the most beautiful places, and preparing for the Italian journey of a lifetime.

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Top Picks: Best Travel Books for Your Italian Adventure

Lonely Planet Italy

Rick Steves Italy

A thorough, immersive guide for Italian travel, recommended for its blend of iconic sights and hidden gems.


best book off the beaten path
Lonely Planet Italy

The Rough Guide to Italy

Discover abundant off-the-beaten-path recommendations. The perfect guide for travelers who want to delve deeper into Italy’s hidden corners.


best book for historical insights
Lonely Planet Italy

DK Eyewitness Italy

Rich in historical context and stunning visuals.

It enables travelers to appreciate Italy’s rich history and culture on a deeper level.


Keep reading to uncover the rich tapestry of Italy’s unique regions, sample its delectable cuisine, and bask in its timeless architecture, all from the comfort of your home.

The list of Italian travel guidebooks below is structured into two main sections:

Each book will be reviewed based on a brief description, pros and cons, and the type of audience it’s most suitable for. Let’s start exploring!

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All-Encompassing Best Travel Guidebooks

1. Rick Steves Italy Travel Guide

Rick Steves Italy

Rick Steves Italy is an invaluable travel companion for anyone venturing into Italy’s breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cities. Rick’s guide is packed with comprehensive, up-to-date information for planning an unforgettable multi-week trip to Italy.

It introduces readers to top sights and hidden gems, from iconic architectural wonders like the Colosseum and Michelangelo’s David to cozy corner trattorias serving delicious Italian cuisine.


  • Offers strategic advice on maximizing time and budget.
  • Provides candid insights to beat crowds, skip lines, and avoid tourist traps.
  • Suggests the best places to eat, sleep, and experience “il dolce far niente.”
  • Contains self-guided walking tours of lively neighborhoods and museums.
  • Equips travelers with vital trip-planning tools.
  • Includes detailed maps, including a fold-out map for on-the-go exploration.
  • Lightweight design with over 1,000 pages, making it portable without compromising content.


  • A considerable amount of information could be overwhelming for some readers.
  • The “bible-thin” pages might be fragile and prone to tearing.

Suitable for:

Rick Steves Italy is ideal for seasoned travelers and those new to Italy, particularly those looking to immerse themselves in local culture. It’s also perfect for anyone planning a long trip and needing an in-depth guide to the country’s many offerings.

The book’s inclusion of COVID-related travel info makes it especially relevant in the current travel landscape.

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2. DK Eyewitness Italy (Travel Guide)

The DK Eyewitness Italy (Travel Guide) is a comprehensive and immersive tool that transports you to the beauty of Italy – from its breathtaking natural landscapes and UNESCO World Heritage Sites to the variety of its gastronomic traditions.

It uncovers the depth and diversity of Italy, presenting not just the acclaimed sights but also the hidden gems in this splendid country. With a beautiful blend of expert insights, practical advice, vivid photographs, and hand-drawn illustrations, this guide is an all-inclusive ticket to a memorable Italian journey.


  • Offers a fully illustrated guide on top experiences and hidden gems.
  • Includes accessible itineraries to optimize your daily exploration.
  • Provides honest and expert advice on safety, timings, preparations, and cost savings.
  • Features color-coded chapters covering every part of Italy.
  • Gives practical tips on the best dining, shopping, and accommodation places.
  • Contains detailed maps and walking routes for easy navigation.


  • Overwhelming information could be daunting for some readers.
  • The large scope of coverage may not suit travelers focusing on a specific region.

Suitable for:

The DK Eyewitness Italy (Travel Guide) is an ideal pick for both seasoned and first-time visitors to Italy seeking a comprehensive overview of the country’s landmarks and hidden gems.

The guide’s practical advice and detailed itineraries make it a valuable resource for individuals looking for a well-planned, immersive experience. Also, art enthusiasts, nature lovers, and food connoisseurs will find this guide particularly enriching.

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3. Lonely Planet’s Italy (Travel Guide)

Italy is such an amazing place, and as one of the most in-depth guides available, Lonely Planet’s Italy offers an extensive exploration of Italy’s rich tapestry.

From traversing the beautiful ruins of Pompeii and enjoying a Tuscan wine tour to uncovering the picturesque Italian Riviera’s hidden gems, this book is your reliable travel buddy. It’s packed with the best and lesser-known experiences, making your Italian adventure unforgettable.


  • Provides tailored itineraries catering to personal interests and needs.
  • Delivers enriching local insights into history, culture, landscapes, and politics.
  • Presents a visually inspiring collection of the top amazing experiences.
  • Highlights regional dishes and drinks for an ultimate gastronomic journey.
  • It gives insider tips to save time and money and avoid tourist traps.
  • Offers planning tools for solo, LGBTQIA, family, and accessible travel.
  • Features colorful maps and images throughout the guide.
  • Includes essential language phrases and helpful travel tips.


  • The extensive coverage might be too much for travelers focusing on a specific region.
  • The size and weight may make it less portable.

Suitable for:

Lonely Planet’s Italy is perfect for any traveler, whether a seasoned adventurer or a first-time visitor. Its well-rounded and inclusive approach also makes it suitable for solo, LGBTQIA, and family travelers and those seeking accessible travel advice.

If you’re a food lover or a history buff, this guide is advantageous, given its focus on regional cuisines and historical insights.

4. Glam Italia! How To Travel Italy: Secrets To Glamorous Travel

Penned by Italian travel guide and blogger Corinna Cooke, Glam Italia! How To Travel Italy is a comprehensive guide aimed at helping you design a personalized, memorable, and affordable vacation in Italy.

The book is packed with insider tips, from appreciating Italy’s art, cuisine, and landscapes, to navigating its fashion scene.

The author’s step-by-step methods for trip planning, regional cuisine, wine lists, the best time to visit (peak season and off-season), and cost-effective flight booking tips are thoughtfully designed to enhance your Italian journey. Whether planning to travel lavishly or on a budget, this guide offers priceless advice to enjoy Italy like a local.


  • Provides detailed, step-by-step methods for planning your trip.
  • Includes comprehensive lists of regional cuisines and wines.
  • Offers practical advice on flight booking to save money.
  • Gives precautionary tips for safe and healthy travel.
  • Emphasizes local advice for a genuine Italian experience.


  • As the book was published in 2018, some information might be outdated.
  • While enjoyable, the cultural immersion aspects may not suit readers seeking strictly logistical advice.

Suitable for:

Glam Italia! How To Travel Italy is perfect for anyone who dreams of an Italian vacation, whether they’re first-time travelers or experienced explorers.

The book’s emphasis on experiencing Italy as a local and its cost-saving tips make it a fitting choice for those traveling on a budget and individuals seeking an authentic, immersive cultural experience.

5. Frommer’s Italy (Complete Guide)

The completely revamped Frommer’s Italy, a trusted name in travel, serves as a thorough and opinionated guide for your Italian escapade. It provides well-researched, valuable information for walking through the ancient ruins of Pompeii, cruising the Venice canals, admiring Renaissance masterpieces in Florence, or exploring less-traveled places like Puglia.

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The guide makes you appreciate the la dolce vita in Rome and uncovers timeless marvels like Tuscan vineyards and the cliff-edge towns of the Amalfi Coast.


  • Includes full-color photographs and handy maps, with a removable fold-out map for ease of use.
  • It contains meticulously crafted itineraries to optimize your trip planning.
  • Provides intriguing cultural insights into Italy’s history, cuisine, and traditions.
  • Honest reviews with a star rating system for a quick understanding of what’s worth your time and money.
  • Offers up-to-date practical information such as transportation details, useful websites, and healthcare options.
  • Comes with budget-planning tools, including precise pricing and money-saving tips for travelers on a wide range of budgets.


  • Being an opinionated guide, it might only align with some readers’ tastes or preferences.
  • Comprehensive and detailed, it might be overwhelming for travelers seeking a brief, casual overview.

Suitable for:

Frommer’s Italy (Complete Guide) is ideal for travelers seeking a comprehensive, culturally rich guide to Italy. Whether you’re an avid history buff, a food enthusiast, or a leisure traveler looking to soak up Italy’s landscapes and cities, this guide provides comprehensive coverage.

Thanks to its wide range of money-saving tips and diverse itinerary options, it’s perfect for budget-conscious travelers and those seeking luxury.

6. Fodor’s Essential Italy (Full-color Travel Guide)

Fodor’s Essential Italy is a detailed travel guide crafted with love and expertise by local travel connoisseurs. This comprehensive guide aims to transform your journey, whether visiting the historic Colosseum, shopping in Milan’s designer boutiques, or hiking through the picturesque Cinque Terre.

Packed with over 78 detailed maps, a free pull-out map, and vibrant photographs, this guide ensures your Italian adventure is as smooth and fulfilling as possible.

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  • Features an illustrated guide to the best experiences Italy has to offer.
  • Includes multiple well-organized itineraries to maximize your time effectively.
  • Offers over 78 detailed maps and a complimentary pull-out map to assist in confident navigation.
  • It contains stunning color photos throughout to inspire your travels.
  • Presents reliable recommendations from locals on attractions, dining, accommodation, nightlife, shopping, and more.
  • Provides photo-rich features on topics like “The Best Ancient Sites in Rome,” “Italy’s Best Beaches,” and more.
  • Gives practical trip-planning tools and tips, including the best times to visit and how to save time and money.
  • Offers historical and cultural insights into the local people, arts, architecture, and more.
  • Special features on landmarks like “The Sistine Chapel” and “Cruising the Grand Canal.”
  • Includes Italian language primers to help you with essential phrases and useful words.


  • This guide might be too detailed and extensive for someone seeking a brief overview.
  • Those who prefer minimalist design find the guide visually overwhelming.

Suitable for:

Fodor’s Essential Italy is a perfect companion for travelers seeking a detailed, locally-informed guide to Italy. It is ideal for history buffs, adventure seekers, food enthusiasts, and cultural explorers. It’s especially beneficial for first-time visitors to Italy, assisting them with language, navigation, and insider recommendations.

7. Italy in Your Pocket!

Italy in Your Pocket! is a compact guide that promises to uncover the myriad of Italy’s rich history and vibrant culture. This pocket guide will ensure you won’t miss the charming villages, stunning mountains, bustling cities, or serene countryside.

More than just a tool to navigate Italy’s well-known tourist spots, this guide aims to immerse you in the authentic Italian lifestyle.

Authored by someone who has considered Italy their second home for over two decades, this book is your ticket to uncovering the essence of Italy that locals hold dear.

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  • Highlights the beautiful contrast between Italy’s rural and urban life.
  • Guides on how to avoid tourist crowds and experience the real Italy.
  • Reveals off-the-beaten-path outdoor activities, accommodations, and attractions.
  • Offers insight into traditional Italian events, customs, and yearly gatherings.
  • Provides helpful tips on safety, interacting with locals, and integration into Italian society.


  • It may not provide enough detail for travelers looking for a comprehensive guide.
  • Readers already familiar with Italy may not find a lot of new information.

Suitable for:

Italy in Your Pocket! is an ideal companion for travelers looking to experience Italy beyond the typical tourist perspective. It is perfect for adventure-seekers, cultural explorers, and individuals desiring to mingle with the locals and blend seamlessly into Italian life.

Those who appreciate the convenience and seek a compact, easy-to-carry guide will find this book especially useful.

8. The Rough Guide to Italy

The Rough Guide to Italy is a comprehensive and practical guide to discovering authentic Italy, including hidden gems and renowned hotspots.

Replete with an easy-to-follow, color-coded layout, this guide helps you effortlessly plan your trip from pre-departure to your journey’s end.

It covers regions from Rome and Lazio to Sicily and Sardinia, offering structured lists of all sights and lesser-known treasures. This guide was updated post-COVID-19 and comes with a free eBook for easy accessibility.


  • Extensive regional coverage and clear structure within each chapter for easy navigation.
  • Recommendations are suitable for all types of travelers, whether seeking adventures in Sicily or family activities in Tuscany.
  • Provides practical travel tips, including pre-departure information, tips for traveling with children, sports and outdoor activities, festivals, culture, etiquette, and more.
  • Time-saving itineraries and detailed routes showcase the richness and diversity of Italy.
  • Offers insights into getting around like a local, with tips on beating crowds, saving time and money, and finding the best local spots.
  • Full-color photography and color-coded mapping for visual appeal and easy orientation.


  • It may overwhelm first-time travelers due to its comprehensive nature.
  • Some travelers might prefer a more focused guide tailored to specific cities or regions.

Suitable for:

The Rough Guide to Italy is ideal for first-time and seasoned travelers seeking a comprehensive understanding of Italy’s diverse regions.

Its detailed and wide-ranging content makes it an excellent resource for those with varied interests, such as food and drink, festivals, outdoor activities, and cultural exploration. Furthermore, this guide benefits travelers who appreciate planning their trip in detail with time-saving itineraries and expert recommendations.

9. Michelin Green Guide Wine Trails of Italy: Travel Guide

The Michelin Green Guide Wine Trails of Italy offers a fascinating tour through Italy’s wine regions. This guide covers 125 driving tours that take you to Italy’s renowned wineries, charming towns, villages, and captivating countryside.

It introduces you to the art of Italian wine-making, tasting, and serving. It encourages you to delve into Italy’s rich history, culture, and, unquestionably, its delectable wines.

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  • Provides 125 driving tours offering a comprehensive exploration of Italy’s wine regions.
  • The book offers insights into Italian wine: its creation, tasting, and the art of serving it.
  • Uses a star-rating system for points of interest, facilitating decision-making.
  • Features well-researched recommendations for accommodation and dining options.
  • Encourages discovery of Italy’s history, culture, and, of course, its wines.


  • It might not appeal to readers who are not interested in wine.
  • It could be overwhelming for those seeking a less comprehensive guide.

Suitable for:

The Michelin Green Guide Wine Trails of Italy is perfect for wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts, individuals interested in Italian culture and history, and anyone looking for an immersive, off-the-beaten-path exploration of Italy’s wineries and vineyards.

This guide will also appeal to those who enjoy self-guided driving tours and exploring new cuisines and dining experiences.

10. ITALY Made Easy for Seniors: An Alternative to the Escorted Tour

Authored by Bob Kaufman, the president of National Travel Vacations for 30 years, ITALY Made Easy for Seniors dispels the misconceptions that hinder seniors from experiencing Italy’s charm.

This handy guide includes comprehensive itineraries, covering not just Rome, Florence, and Venice but also hidden gems like Sicily, Puglia, Cinque Terre, and The Lakes.

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With tips specifically designed for seniors, like avoiding hilly areas for accommodation, the book also proves to be an insightful companion for first-time visitors and repeat travelers.


  • Covers all major cities beyond Rome, Florence, and Venice.
  • Provides practical tips specifically designed for seniors.
  • Informs readers about convenient accommodation options.
  • Includes “short and sweet” historical facts, eliminating the need to carry heavy history books.


  • It doesn’t include many color pictures, which might be expected in a travel guide.
  • It might not be as relevant to younger travelers or those seeking more adventurous itineraries.

Suitable for:

Italy Made Easy for Seniors is ideal for senior citizens looking to explore Italy, particularly those making their first, second, or third trip. It’s also beneficial for anyone looking for a cost-effective and well-planned travel guide to Italy, even if they’re not seniors.

This book is a must-have for anyone yearning to delve into the enchanting Italian culture without worrying about breaking the bank or getting lost in complex planning.

11. Italy: The Best Places to See by Rail (An Alternative to the Escorted Tour)

Bob Kaufman’s Italy The Best Places to See by Rail is the ultimate guide for those who yearn for a freestyle yet well-planned journey through Italy without the confines of an escorted tour.

Leveraging his 30 years of experience running National Travel Vacations, Inc., Kaufman presents a refreshing alternative to traditional tours with his cost-effective way to travel by train in Italy.

This book empowers travelers to chart their unique path with five main itineraries covering Rome, Florence, Venice, the Lakes District, and Sicily, along with the Bernina Express over the Alps option.

The book also includes specific details for day trips from various cities and a dedicated chapter on hotel options near train stations for convenience. It is a comprehensive planning tool with relevant website references to secure rail and attraction tickets, helping save time and resources.


  • Offers a flexible, budget-friendly alternative to costly and strict escorted tours.
  • Presents easy-to-follow, comprehensive itineraries for exploring Italy.
  • It provides an accessible format with larger and bolder text, making it easier for seniors to read.
  • Includes essential details such as hotel choices near train stations, tourist attraction ticket purchasing, and recommended restaurants.
  • Packed with valuable insights derived from almost thirty trips to Italy by the author.


  • It might not be suitable for those who prefer the structure and convenience of escorted tours.
  • Requires more individual planning and decision-making compared to pre-arranged tours.

Suitable for:

Italy The Best Places to See by Rail is ideal for younger travelers who prefer setting their pace, waking up, eating when they want, and spending as much time as they wish on each site.

It benefits those hesitant about driving in a foreign country or feeling confined by escorted tours. With its handy tips and detailed itineraries, this book ensures a rewarding Italian vacation without breaking the bank.

Dive into Italy: Area-Specific Travel Guides

1. Rick Steves Rome Travel Guide

Rick Steves Rome Travel Guide offers a timely, comprehensive resource for travelers navigating the Eternal City. As a trusted source, Rick Steves shares strategic advice on making the most of Rome—from exploring ancient ruins and the Vatican City to experiencing local culture.

The guide includes top sights and hidden gems, valuable tips to dodge tourist traps, best places to eat, sleep, and live “il dolce far niente” (the sweet doing nothing).

It offers self-guided walking tours of vibrant neighborhoods and renowned sights, such as Piazza Navona, detailed maps, a helpful packing list, an Italian phrase book, and historical insights. Also included are resources for COVID-related travel information, ensuring a seamless journey.

2. Rick Steves Florence & Tuscany Travel Guide

Rick Steves Florence & Tuscany Travel Guide is your quintessential handbook for immersing yourself in the cultural heart of Italy. This fully updated guide steers you through Florence and Tuscany, sharing top sights from the Uffizi Gallery to the Duomo and hidden gems like a centuries-old perfumery.

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You’ll learn to integrate with the local culture, from strolling morning markets to sipping robust wines with locals. Rick’s strategic advice will help you optimize your time and money, navigate crowds, and find the best places to dine, sleep, and relax.

The book also includes self-guided walking tours, detailed maps, and driving tours through Tuscany’s wine country.

3. Rick Steves Venice Travel Guide

Your trusted guide, Rick Steves, invites you to glide through the canals and wander down cobblestone alleys in his latest book, Rick Steves Venice Travel Guide.

You’ll learn to maximize your time and budget effectively by offering a fully updated and extensive guide for spending a week or more in Venice.

The guide covers top sights and hidden treasures from St. Mark’s Basilica to the charming city of Padua, along with strategic advice to beat the crowds and avoid tourist traps.

Discover how to connect with local culture, the best places to eat and sleep, and even enjoy self-guided walking tours.

The book features detailed neighborhood maps and a fold-out city map, with complete and current information on the city’s districts and side trips.

4. The Rough Guide to Italian Lakes

Discover the enthralling beauty of the Italian Lakes with Rough Guide’s comprehensive guidebook. This guidebook offers the most relevant and current suggestions for what to see, what to skip, and those hidden treasures that await you.

Traverse Lombard’s vineyards, get adventurous on Lake Garda or marvel at the 600-year-old Duomo in Milan.

Inside, you’ll find color maps and pictures, highlights, itineraries, and insider tips to navigate the Italian lakes like a local, bypassing crowded areas and saving time and money.

Expect enriching cultural insights and extensive coverage of regions including Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Lake Garda, Milan, Verona, and more.

5. Fodor’s The Amalfi Coast, Capri & Naples (Full-color Travel Guide)

Unleash the charm of Southern Italy with Fodor’s insightful guide to The Amalfi Coast, Capri & Naples. Whether you’re planning to drive along the Amalfi Coast, explore Pompeii’s ruins, or savor authentic pizza in Naples, this guide has got you covered.

It’s brimming with maps, local expert recommendations, beautiful color photos, and valuable trip-planning tools.

The guide features multiple itineraries for effective time management, over 15 detailed maps for confident navigation, and honest suggestions on the best sights, eateries, hotels, outdoor activities, nightlife, shopping, and more.

Delve deeper into the local culture with historical insights and special features on the Amalfi Drive, Capri by boat, and the ancient city of Pompeii.

6. Puglia Travel Guide: Are You Ready to Visit Southern Italy?

If you’re yearning for an extraordinary exploration of Southern Italy, Puglia Travel Guide: Are You Ready to Visit Southern Italy? has got you covered.

This guide, penned by a native Apulian and passionate traveler, Francesco, serves as your comprehensive companion for discovering the hidden marvels of Puglia.

The book outlines the top five unmissable historic sites and over 50 spectacular beaches, from tourist hotspots to untouched natural locales, and introduces you to unique local cuisines.

Packed with more than 200 vibrant full-color photos, this guide makes planning your unforgettable Puglian adventure a breeze.

For those exploring Southern Italy, another honorable book mention goes to Lonely Planet Southern Italy, an excellent guidebook that unveils the vibrant and diverse region of Southern Italy.

Immerse Yourself Deeper in Italy: Beyond Travel Guides

If you wish to dive even deeper into the heart of Italy beyond the fantastic sights and delightful cuisines, we recommend looking at our curated list of prominent Italian best books.

These esteemed works offer profound insights into Italy’s intricate culture and society, weaving tales of love, family, politics, and the very fabric of human nature. This enriching list is in our “17 Best Italian Books: Explore Italy’s Rich Culture” article.

Reading these masterpieces will enhance your understanding and appreciation of Italy before and during your journey. The books mentioned in the article are:

  1. Elena Ferrante – L’amica geniale (My Brilliant Friend)
  2. Andrea Camilleri – La forma dell’acqua (The Shape of Water)
  3. Italo Calvino – Il sentiero dei nidi di ragno (The Path to the Nest of Spiders)
  4. Carlo Levi – Cristo si è fermato a Eboli (Christ Stopped at Eboli)
  5. Alessandro Baricco – Seta (Silk)
  6. Paolo Giordano – La solitudine dei numeri primi (The Solitude of Prime Numbers)
  7. Umberto Eco – Il nome della rosa (The Name of the Rose)
  8. Elsa Morante – La storia (History)
  9. Primo Levi – Se questo è un uomo (If This Is a Man)
  10. Roberto Saviano – Gomorra (Gomorrah)
  11. Niccolò Ammaniti – Io non ho paura (I’m Not Scared)
  12. Italo Svevo – La coscienza di Zeno (Zeno’s Conscience)
  13. Dante Alighieri – La Divina Commedia (The Divine Comedy)
  14. Giovanni Verga – I Malavoglia (The House by the Medlar Tree)
  15. Giovanni Boccaccio – Il Decameron (The Decameron)
  16. Luigi Pirandello – Il fu Mattia Pascal (The Late Mattia Pascal)
  17. Alessandro Manzoni – I Promessi Sposi (The Betrothed)
  18. Beppe Severgnini – La Bella Figura: A Field Guide to the Italian Mind

Best Travel Guide Books for Italy: Final Thoughts

We’ve come a long way on our literary journey across Italy! We’ve delved into general guides about the country as a whole and honed in on the specifics of its mesmerizing regions. Remember, each travel guide provides a different perspective and unique insights – just like Italy, each book has its personality and charm.

I hope this guide to the best Italy travel books proves helpful in preparing for your Italian adventure, whether you’re planning to bring one of these great books along on your trip or just reading in advance to immerse yourself in the beauty and culture of this beautiful country.

After all, these books are about more than just sightseeing – they’re about living and experiencing ‘La Dolce Vita,’ the sweet life, the Italian way. – Until our next Italian journey, Arrivederci!

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