10. Che Bella Figura! (5 Minutes A Day)

LearnItalianPod Episode #10 of LearnItalianPod “5 Minutes A Day” lesson series is now live! This one is entitled “Che Bella Figura!”. Italian author Beppe Severgnini in his interesting book “La Bella Figura – A Field Guide To The Italian Mind” says that only in Italian does there exist an expression like “fare bella figura”. It corresponds to the English “to look good, to make a good impression”, but it literally means “to make a good figure” and it’s more of an aesthetic judgment (and it also says a lot about how Italians think and act). — Practice this lesson, and discover how you can make a “bella figura” and impress your Italian friends!

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5 Minutes A Day – Episode #10


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One thought on “10. Che Bella Figura! (5 Minutes A Day)”

  1. I’ve enjoyed this one. My friend Piero from Italy used to say “che brutta figura” all the times. Italians really do use that expression a lot.

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