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Don’t Miss These Top 10 Attractions If You’re Spending a Day in Bologna Italy

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Bologna is a city that got most of its initial fame due to the university. A city that has historic buildings, a fascinating medieval center, and lavish walkways and squares. When you visit Bologna, you’ll enjoy exceptional food and admire its beautiful structures.

Those that dismiss Bologna in favor of some of the more traditional cities to visit in Italy may want to reconsider.  Read this article to discover what to see in Bologna, Italy.

10Piazza Santo Stefano

It provides a quite peculiar bunch of four interlocking Romanesque churches. The oldest church, the SS. Vitale e Agricola, is made up of Roman columns and temples. This is an fascinating piazza to walk around and almost seems like a maze of small chapels.

9Basilica di San Domenico

Construction on the San Domenico began in 1221, but the façade remains unfinished even today. If you go inside, you will notice the Baroque style. It also has early works by Michelangelo and beautiful mosaic woodwork.

8Pinacoteca Nazionale

The National Picture Gallery used to be a Jesuit college. It has some of the most beautiful works of art of Bolognese painters from the 14th through the 18th century. Especially the 17th century is represented well at the gallery. There are many works by Vasari, Guido Reni, Perugino, Guercino, and Carracci,

7The Two Leaning Towers of Bologna

These two towers are located in the Piazza di Porta Ravegnana. Though they were originally built for defensive purposes, they have since become the emblem of the city and a landmark that draws tourists. The two towers are a must see in Bologna, Italy, especially at nighttime. 

6Palazzo Bevilacqua

This palace is built in the Early Renaissance style of the Florentine palaces between 1474 and 1482. A beautiful courtyard and a relaxing place to take a quick stroll should you want to do so. 

5Archeological Museum

The Museo Civico Archeologico has some of the most beautiful Egyptian works in Italy after Venice and Turin.  With a collection of Etruscan and prehistoric material from the surrounding area, there is a great deal to see.

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4Morandi Museum

This museum is located in the Palazzo d’Accursio, on the upper floor to be exact. It features works by Bolognese painter G. Morandi, his family donated most of the works to the museum. In addition, the museum has a reconstruction of Morandi’s studio. This way you can see what one of the master painters lived like.

3San Petronio

Dedicated to the patron saint; the San Petronio is the largest church in Bologna. The interior is heralded as some of the most beautiful Gothic architecture in all of Italy. Though it was never completed as per its original plan, it does have a considerable number of wall paintings inside. San Petronio is truly a must-see in Bologna, Italy.

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2San Francesco

Just a little west of the town center is the San Francesco, a church built in the Gothic style between 1236 and 1263. Modeled after French design, it had the tower added between 1397 and 1402. The large Gothic altar, made entirely out of marble was added in 1388. 

1Piazza Maggiore and Piazza del Nettuno

If you want to see what true Bologna life is like, this is the perfect place to be. Both tourists and locals come here to interact with one another.  The Piazza features one of the most beautiful fountains of the 16th century, the Neptune Fountain by Giambologna.

(Images: Wikimedia Commons)

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