Vespa tours from Florence

Best Vespa Tours from Florence: Discover Tuscany’s Beauty

Are you looking to take a Vespa tour in Florence? You’ve come to the right place. Join me as we journey into the heart of Tuscany, where rolling hills adorned with vineyards and olive groves lie under the vibrant Italian sun.

Amidst this postcard-perfect setting, we uncover the magic of exploring Tuscany in the most authentic Italian way possible: by riding a Vespa!

#1 top Pick
Florence Vespa Tour: Tuscan Hills and Italian Cuisine

Florence Vespa Tour: Tuscan Hills and Italian Cuisine

This Vespa tour in Florence stands out as a top pick due to its intimate, guided journey through iconic Tuscan sights, capped with a classic Tuscan food tasting.


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Discovering Tuscany: Embrace the Vespa Experience

Picture this. Starting in the cultural heart of Florence, your journey takes you away from the urban hustle and bustle towards the serene Tuscan countryside. Trade the city’s energetic pulse for the tranquil allure of Chianti Colli Fiorentini, the embodiment of Tuscany’s famed “La Dolce Vita.”

The Charm of Vespa Tours: Freedom and Exploration

Departing from your meeting point, Vespa tours unlock a world of flexible exploration, reaching captivating locations often beyond the reach of public transportation, such as the quaint charm of Chianti, Mugello, and Tuscany’s medieval villages.

Whether you opt for a guided tour or rent your own Vespa, this experience means discovering Tuscany at your own pace.

Best Tuscany Vespa Tours from Florence

Explore the scenic beauty of Tuscany on these top-rated Vespa tours departing from Florence.

1. Florence Vespa Tour: Tuscan Hills and Italian Cuisine

RATING: 5.0 out of 5 Stars (2,160 Reviews)
TOUR LENGTH: 6 hours

Why choose this tour? Venture into the heart of Tuscany aboard a Vespa, originating from the vibrant city of Florence. Under the expert guidance of a local, you’ll traverse picturesque hills, marking your passage with sights such as the famous Piazzale Michelangelo and the historic Church of San Miniato al Monte.

Your excursion culminates in a quintessential Tuscan food tasting at a charming country estate. This intimate experience is capped at 15 participants, ensuring a personalized journey.

The Florence Vespa Tour: Tuscan Hills and Italian Cuisine includes:

  • Access to an automatic Vespa and helmet for ease of use
  • Accompaniment by a fun, knowledgeable tour leader
  • Two-way radio communication to maintain contact with the local guide
  • A sampling of distinctive local cuisine and wine at a rustic country estate
  • Authentic Tuscan lunch featuring bruschetta, pasta, and a board of local cheese and salami
  • Inclusions of third-party insurance and fuel for a worry-free ride

What past guests have said:

Planned with a day in advance because everything is closed on Monday in Florence and it was the highlight of the trip! Great staff, great views, included homemade pasta, it was amazing! -Alexia (see more reviews)

2. Tuscany Vespa Tour

Tuscany Vespa Tour

RATING: 5.0 out of 5 Stars (468 Reviews)

Immerse yourself in the allure of the Tuscan landscape by navigating it on a Vespa! Initiate your journey with a brief minivan ride from Florence and an instructive riding lesson. Spend the rest of your day winding along the silent country roads on your personal Vespa.

As you pass historic vineyards, grand villas, and lush olive groves, your guide will enlighten you with intriguing facts about the area’s history and culture. The journey stops at an organic farm and local winery in the esteemed Chianti Rufina region, where a typical Tuscan lunch and wine tasting awaits.

The Tuscany Vespa Tour includes:

  • The company of an experienced tour guide/host
  • Convenient transport by air-conditioned minivan
  • Enjoy the thrill of zipping around curvy country roads on your personal Vespa
  • Drive through the scenic country roads and partake in wine tastings
  • A traditional Tuscan lunch is incorporated into your package
  • A Vespa driving lesson with your guide for a safe ride

What past guests have said:

Loved seeing the beautiful Florence countryside hangin on to my hubs!! Best wine & olive oil with delicious lunch after Vespa ride. Great weather and tour guides were great! -Katherine (see more reviews)

3. Tuscany Vespa Tour Through the Chianti Hills

Tuscany Vespa Tour Through the Chianti Hills

RATING: 5.0 out of 5 Stars (141Reviews)
📢 LIVE TOUR GUIDE: English, Italian

Embark on a thrilling journey through the renowned Chianti wine region, cruising in genuine Italian fashion aboard a vintage Vespa scooter. Embrace the warmth and breeze of the ride as you weave through the rolling hills of Tuscany and vineyards, tasting fine wine and premium extra virgin olive oil and savoring a traditional Tuscan lunch.

The Tuscany Vespa Tours: One-Day Vespa Tour Through the Chianti Hills includes:

  • Vespa/scooter and helmet
  • Briefing on scooter handling and safety guidelines
  • Engaging, entertaining, and professional tour guides
  • Discover the Chianti countryside on a nimble and fun Italian scooter
  • Round-trip transportation from Florence to the starting point in the beautiful Tuscan countryside
  • Dine at a Tuscan villa: a light lunch complemented by wine and extra virgin olive oil tasting

What past guests have said:

We had an amazing time! Our tour guides were fabulous! Lunch was amazing! Such a fun day! I highly recommend this tour. It’s a must if you are in Florence. – Sonja (see more reviews)

4. Small-Group Tuscany By Vespa

Small-Group Tuscany By Vespa

RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Stars (659 Reviews)

Embrace an unparalleled perspective of Tuscany on this exclusive Vespa private tour, starting from Florence. Led by an expert guide, you’ll leave the bustling city and venture onto your scooter, once you’ve reached the serene country roads of Chianti.

Pause for a customary Tuscan food tasting at a farmhouse, where you’ll get to sample local olive oils and the famous Chianti wines during a visit to a celebrated winery. Your Vespa excursion concludes with a return to your starting point in Florence.

The Small-Group Tuscany By Vespa includes:

  • An intimate small group tour
  • An exhilarating and unique way to explore Tuscany and Italy
  • Selection of single or double scooter
  • Comfortable minivan transfers to and from Florence
  • Helmets for your safety
  • A traditional Tuscan meal
  • Tasting of wine and olive oil

What past guests have said:

Such a fun fun day and a great way to explore the Tuscany region. Lorenzo and Haitti were great guides and worked great together. They made me feel safe and we loved exploring on fun Vespas. -Tracy (see more reviews)

5. Tuscany Vespa Wine Tour

Tuscany countryside

RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Stars (126 Reviews)
📢 LIVE TOUR GUIDE: English, Italian, French, Arabic

Experience the best of Tuscany’s renowned landmarks during this comprehensive day-long Vespa tour. Enjoy a guided walk through the idyllic village of San Gimignano, with ample leisure time for independent exploration.

The journey includes a three-course meal complemented by tasting nine distinctive local wines at Tenuta Torciano.

The Tuscany Vespa Wine Tour includes:

  • A day-long Vespa journey across Tuscany
  • A three-course lunch and wine tasting
  • Navigate between sites on the iconic Italian Vespa scooters
  • Blend a tour of a medieval village with a visit to an organic winery and farm
  • Enjoy a balance of guided tours and free time to discover at your leisure
  • The comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle
  • All fees and taxes included

What past guests have said:

This tour was the highlight of our trip to Florence. We had a large group of various ages and our guides did a great job ensuring everyone was comfortable and confident on the vespas before we headed out. The views were stunning at every turn, including the winery. We stopped for a traditional Italian meal and wine tasting on an agriturismo and it was outstanding. – Bobby (see more reviews)

Beyond Florence: Vespa Tours Across Tuscany

A Vespa tour isn’t just limited to Florence. For those intrigued to delve deeper into the Tuscany region, rest assured there are more options to consider! Great Vespa tours are also available from the medieval town of San Gimignano as well as the beautiful town of Siena. Below are two good options.

Like the Florence Vespa tour, these adventures guarantee a local experience, whisking through the magnificent Tuscan countryside on a Vespa, absorbing panoramic views, and enjoying delicious Tuscan food and wine.

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Florence Vespa Tours: Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Need to Be Able to Participate in a Vespa Tour from Florence?

To embark on a Vespa tour, you’ll need:

  • A valid driving license (an international driving permit if you’re from a non-EU country).
  • You do not need a motorcycle license.
  • A helmet is mandatory in Italy (rental companies generally provide these)
  • Minimum age: The driver must be at least 18 years of age. Check at the time of booking.
  • Remember, to avoid fines, stay mindful of Florence’s ZTL (traffic-limited zone) and take note of where you park your Vespa.

What Can I Expect from a Tuscany Vespa Tour?

Embarking on a Vespa tour in Tuscany promises a unique blend of culture, cuisine, and exhilaration. Here are some general expectations for this adventure:

  • Mastering the Vespa: No matter your experience level, a private Vespa tour typically starts with a thorough tutorial and a driving test to ensure the safe operation of the Vespas and get you road-ready.
  • Urban Thrill to Rural Tranquility: Marvel at the stark contrast between Florence’s dynamic cityscape and the serene beauty of the Tuscan countryside – all experienced in a single ride.
  • Cultural Immersion: Opportunities abound for appreciating Tuscany’s rich history and culture, with stops at significant landmarks and sites.
  • The Excitement of Open Roads: On the day of the tour, be prepared for an exhilarating journey as you traverse Tuscany’s challenging, less-traveled backroads, far removed from city traffic.
  • The Flavors of Tuscany: After the thrill of the ride, reward yourself by savoring some of Tuscany’s finest culinary offerings, ideally complemented by a glass of Chianti.

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What should I do if the weather is rainy during a Vespa tour in Florence?

Given that numerous Vespa tours continue even in wet conditions, it’s advisable to have a lightweight rain jacket at your disposal for such eventualities. Check with your tour provider. Be prepared for “rain stops” in case of bad weather.

What if I’m not confident about riding a Vespa myself?

If handling a Vespa seems daunting, don’t worry. There’s an option to join the tour as a passenger, allowing you to enjoy the excursion without the task of driving.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a Vespa tour allows you to experience Tuscany as a local, weaving through narrow country roads, tasting traditional Tuscan delicacies, and immersing yourself in the region’s rich culture.

Your Vespa adventure will undoubtedly be an unforgettable addition to your Italian holiday. So, gear up, strap on your helmet, and get ready for an authentic journey into the heart of Tuscany, a region as charming and unique as the experiences it offers. Enjoy the ride!

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