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10 Best Italian Scooter Brands: Italy’s Favorites

If you’re searching for the best Italian scooter brands, you’ve just hit the jackpot. Welcome!

As a native Italian who grew up in the heart of the country, I have extensive experience scootering Italy’s charming streets. My firsthand encounters with various scooter brands and exhaustive research provide me with unique insights into the Italian scene.

While the worldwide recognition and appeal of scooters trace back to the post-World War II era when Vespa and Lambretta were first introduced, Italian scooters are much more than just a mode of transport. They embody an experience, a lifestyle, that’s genuinely Italian:

  • Thrill: There’s nothing like exploring winding Italian roads on a scooter.
  • Freedom: A scooter allows you to discover Italy’s nooks and corners at your pace.
  • Elegance: Italian scooters are a testament to the nation’s renowned design aesthetics.
  • Quality: The craftsmanship ensures these scooters look good and deliver robust performance.
  • Maneuverability: Navigating the busy Italian streets becomes a breeze with these agile machines.

Now, this list is curated based on the historical significance, popularity, and cultural importance of motorcycle manufacturers within Italy.

I’ll walk you through each scooter brand’s history, impact, and unique features, peppered with quick facts. So, buckle up and join me on this exciting ride through the best Italian scooter brands!

Top 10 Italian Scooter Brands: A Showcase of Excellence

Italian scooter brands offer a vast spectrum of top-drawer choices, each boasting unique features and advantages. When it comes to picking the best, it all boils down to your personal preferences and needs.

So, let’s not delay any longer and dive into the realm of the finest Italian scooter brands.

1. Vespa

best Italian scooter brands: the iconic Vespa
Vespa Primavera 150 – Source:

Vespa scooters, the iconic Italian luxury brand of scooters, first appeared in 1946 and swiftly ascended to become a cherished symbol of Italy. 

The genesis of Vespa scooters can be traced back to the Piaggio family in Pontedera, Italy. Enrico Piaggio, son of founder Rinaldo Piaggio, made the strategic move to venture into the production of Vespa scooters. 

Renowned for its urban mobility solutions, Vespa has earned global accolades for creating classy, high-quality scooters.

Retaining their timeless allure, Vespa models, widely cherished in the United States, remain an emblem of Italian style. With a plethora of designs and colors, they serve as not just means of transport but also two-wheeled style symbols.

The Vespa Primavera 150 stands out as one of their most celebrated models. This 150 cc scooter, a product of meticulous engineering by an Italian motorcycle manufacturer, combines electronic and mechanical components for enhanced fuel efficiency and power. Notably, its automatic transmission aids in noise reduction, contributing to a quieter ride.

Along with their iconic scooters, Vespa, by many considered the starting point of the modern scooter, also offers an array of accessories. From helmets and top cases to windshields, their add-ons can amp up Vespa’s functionality and looks.

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2. Lambretta

vintage Lambretta scooter (best Italian scooter brands)
Piero Tasso, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Sometime in the late 1940s, Italy graced the world with the Lambretta famous brand of scooters, and it wasn’t long before the brand became a familiar name in households. This company was the brainchild of Innocenti, an Italian conglomerate renowned for its prowess in steel production.

Characterized by their smooth design and reliable performance, Lambretta scooters quickly gained popularity across Europe, particularly making waves in the United Kingdom. They’ve secured their spot as one of the continent’s most adored Italian scooter brands.

Starting from their roots with the Lambretta Model A, these vintage scooters have earned a name for their refined and modern design. They offer a stylish alternative to the usual scooter brands, boasting various colors and materials.

Despite past challenges, Lambretta managed to survive. The brand’s production lines were initially sold to the Indian government by Innocenti, leading to the formation of Scooters India Limited (SIL). This move kept the Lambretta name alive until 1998. 

Today, Lambretta is under the stewardship of the Swiss-based Innocenti S.A., which owns the international trademark and licenses the brand worldwide.

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3. Piaggio

Piaggio Liberty 150
Piaggio Liberty 150 Source:

Rewind to 1884 when an Italian visionary, Rinaldo Piaggio, laid the cornerstone for the Piaggio & Co. brand.

Their Vespa, which launched its first model in 1946, has since been etched into history as a symbol of Italian aesthetics and design innovation, thereby making Piaggio the most recognized Italian scooter manufacturer.

Piaggio’s portfolio includes some of Italy most iconic brands like Vespa, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Gilera, and Derbi, under which they roll out their revered scooters and motorcycles. 

With global fame to its name, Piaggio has consistently excelled in quality, durability, and overall performance.

The extensive range of Piaggio scooters, from sleek city-friendly models to sturdy long-distance variants, caters to all riding needs. Whether you’re seeking a compact ride for city errands or a spacious one for long-haul adventures, Piaggio is likely to have a solution to your needs.

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4. Benelli

one of the best Italian scooter brands: Benelli Caffenero 150
Benelli Caffenero 150 – Source:

In 1911, the Benelli motorcycle factory came to life in Pesaro, Italy.

The introduction of scooters to their product lineup is a relatively recent addition. Benelli has rolled out a series of well-suited full line of scooters for city life. 

Their chic designs, powerful engines, and practical features make them ideal companions for urban commuting and city cruising.

A crowd-favorite from the Benelli stable is the Caffenero 150. This two-wheeled vehicle is a joy to ride, equipped with a cozy seat, ample under-seat storage, and a liquid-cooled 150cc engine. Adding to its charm is a high-tech LCD instrument display and anti-lock brakes (ABS) for enhanced safety.

As a brand, Benelli genuine scooters are well-recognized and appreciated among riders, banking on their knack for creating modern and functional machines.

5. Italjet

Italjet Dragster – Source:

In 1959, Italy saw the birth of Italjet, courtesy of Leopoldo Tartarini, laying the foundation for a brand that would become a respected name in the scooter scene.

While its initial foray was into motorcycles and mopeds, the company has also made its mark in the scooter industry. Among their offerings is the legendary Italjet Dragster, a sight to behold and one of the most exciting scooters ever produced.

While Italjet scooters may not enjoy the widespread fame of biggies like Vespa or Lambretta, they’ve found a special place in the hearts of riders who value what Italjet brings to the table.

Their commitment to stringent quality control and testing protocols, ensuring every scooter meets high performance and safety standards, is commendable. 

Backed by a team of competent engineers, technicians, and cutting-edge equipment and facilities, Italjet scooters are a testament to meticulous craftsmanship.

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6. Gilera

Gilera Runner (best Italian scooter brands)
Gilera Runner – Source:

In 1909, Giuseppe Gilera gave birth to the Gilera brand of Italian motorcycles and scooters.

Their journey into motorcycle production started in 1919, and they quickly gained a reputation for crafting top-quality race machines.

The year 1969 saw Piaggio acquiring the Gilera motorcycle and scooter company. Since then, the firm has upheld its reputation for rolling out innovative and superior-quality vehicles.

A popular model from Gilera’s stable is the Runner, which has earned several accolades for its design and engineering, owing to its agile handling and brisk performance.

Gilera has continued to manufacture motorcycles and scooters throughout the 20th century and operates today as a part of the Piaggio Group.

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7. Aprilia

Aprilia SR GT 125 – Source:

In 1945, Cavaliere Alberto Beggio established Aprilia, a prominent Italian manufacturer of motorcycles and scooters. 

The global motorcycles and scooter industry heavyweight Piaggio Group acquired Aprilia in 2004.

Aprilia has stayed committed to manufacturing high-quality motorcycles and scooters, emphasizing performance and innovation.

One of Aprilia’s popular scooters, the SR 50, has been in production since the 1990s. Their SR GT series combines Enduro elements and innovation for an exciting, safe ride in any setting. It is celebrated for its quick acceleration and agile handling, making it a dream to ride in urban settings.

Aprilia scooters, undoubtedly among the top Italian brands, are recognized for their reliability, durability, and ease of use.

8. Garelli

Garelli Ciclone – Source:

Established in 1919, Garelli is a prestigious Italian firm specializing in manufacturing motorcycles and scooters. The brand has built its name on producing top-quality scooters, mopeds, and motorcycles.

Since 1989, the Italian corporation Agrati Group, which owns famous motorcycle and scooter companies like Moto Morini and Capriolo, acquired Garelli and maintained exclusive ownership of the Garelli brand. 

Garelli, since its inception in 1919, has created motorcycles and scooters that boast a timeless design. Their scooters carry a nostalgic appeal with their chrome accents and traditional color schemes.

The Italian motorcycle maker unveiled the electric scooter Garelli Ciclone as a tribute to the company’s century-long journey.

The brand’s long-standing legacy of crafting motorcycles and bikes is mirrored in the meticulous construction of its scooters.

9. Askoll

Askoll electric scooter
Askoll eS3 – Source:

Askoll, a leading name in electric motor technology since 1978, turned its expertise towards sustainable mobility in 2015, introducing a range of fully electric vehicles.

The brand proudly exemplifies Italian innovation and craftsmanship, manufacturing all its vehicles, including the most advanced components like batteries, electronic control units, and motors, right in Italy. 

Even the design and automation required for vehicle production reflect Askoll’s commitment to quality and Italian heritage.

Unsurprisingly, sustainability is at the core of Askoll’s mission. Its vehicles are entirely electric, meaning zero carbon dioxide emissions and other pollutants. 

The energy used by these vehicles can be produced from both renewable and non-renewable sources, thereby significantly reducing the carbon footprint.

In short, with its cutting-edge technology, dedication to sustainability, and distinct Italian spirit, Askoll is shaping the future of electric mobility with every vehicle it produces.

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10. Cimatti

1937 saw Marco Cimatti founding the Italian motorcycle and scooter manufacturer, Cimatti. Initially, the firm was into bicycle production but gradually shifted its focus towards motorbikes and scooters.

Cimatti might not share the limelight with some famous Italian scooter brands. Still, their vehicles are respected for their reliability and quality. Cimatti scooters typically feature small-displacement engines, often ensuring impressive fuel economy, lower emissions, and comfortable seats.

Cimatti scooters are reliable and trendy, making them a splendid choice for daily commuting or zipping around the city.

Italian Scooter Brands FAQ

What is the most famous Italian scooter?

best Italian scooters: the iconic Vespa

The Vespa, created by Piaggio, is arguably the most famous Italian scooter. With its distinct design and cultural significance, Vespa has gained worldwide recognition and popularity since its introduction in 1946.

Which company made the Vespa scooter?

The Vespa scooter is manufactured by Piaggio, an Italian company established in 1884. The first Vespa was introduced in 1946 and has become a symbol of Italian design and style.

What is the name of the scooter in Italy?

In Italy, scooters are generally referred to as “motorino.” Sometimes, they’re referred to as “vespa,” regardless of their brand, due to the cultural impact of Vespa.

Which is the best Italian scooter brand?

The term “best” can be subjective and depend on individual needs and preferences. However, Vespa and Piaggio are two of the most renowned and universally acclaimed Italian scooter brands due to their long history, iconic designs, superior build quality, and excellent performance.

Which is better, Vespa or Lambretta?

two people and a dog on a Vespa tour

Both Vespa and Lambretta have their unique strengths and loyal fan bases. Vespa is renowned for its timeless design and style, while Lambretta is loved for its blend of tradition and modernity. The “better” choice depends on individual preferences in design, performance, and brand heritage.

What Italian scooter brand would you suggest for someone looking to blend tradition and modernity?

Lambretta scooters strike a balance between traditional and modern styles. They come in various colors and materials, keeping them fashion-forward while retaining their vintage appeal.

Is there an Italian scooter brand that caters to a more contemporary, sporty style?

Absolutely, Aprilia is a brand that emphasizes sporty and innovative designs. Their SR 50 model, for example, is lightweight and agile, making it an ideal choice for urban environments.

What makes Vespa such an iconic brand?

Vespa’s timeless design, deeply rooted in the aesthetics of the 1960s and 1970s, has made it an iconic symbol of Italy. Despite evolving technology and market trends, Vespa has maintained its classic appeal, adding to its charm and popularity.

Why choose an Italian scooter brand over others, including Japanese brands?

parking of scooters in Milan, Italy

Italian scooter brands are widely recognized for their remarkable design aesthetics, craftsmanship, and outstanding performance. Rooted in a rich cultural heritage, they provide a unique lifestyle experience that extends beyond mere commuting. 

While Japanese scooters, entering the market around the 1980s, offer notable reliability, fuel efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, Italian scooters stand out with their distinctive charm and style. 

The decision ultimately boils down to individual design, heritage, and performance preferences.

Are Italian scooters suitable for long-distance travel?

While most Italian scooters are designed for city rides and short trips, brands like Piaggio offer robust models for longer journeys. For instance, Piaggio’s Beverly model is known for its comfort and excellent performance on long rides.

What are the Italian electric scooter brands?

Many Italian scooter brands have entered the electric market. Piaggio has the innovative Vespa Elettrica, a silent and eco-friendly scooter. 

MV Agusta, a true icon in the Italian motorcycle industry, is making waves in the electric moped sector with new models featuring designs and performances that truly stand out.

As environmental consciousness rises, we can expect more electric options from Italian manufacturers.

Are there environmentally friendly Italian scooter options?

best Italian scooters: Vespa

Yes, many Italian brands produce environmentally-friendly scooters. They often come equipped with smaller, efficient engines that reduce emissions and improve fuel economy.

What’s the difference between two-stroke and four-stroke engines?

Two-stroke and four-stroke engines represent different approaches to internal combustion. In simple terms, two-stroke engines complete a power cycle with two-piston strokes during one crankshaft rotation, providing more power. 

On the other hand, four-stroke engines complete the same power cycle with four-piston strokes, resulting in greater fuel efficiency and fewer emissions. 

As technology advances, most modern scooters are now equipped with four-stroke engines or are moving towards electric power due to their efficiency and environmental benefits.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it – a journey through the winding roads of Italy, led by the most exquisite Italian scooter brands. Each one carries its unique charm, boasting historical depth, cultural resonance, and a promise of an unmatched riding experience. 

So whether you’re an enthusiast seeking your next ride or a curious explorer, remember, with an Italian scooter, you’re not just buying a vehicle – you’re stepping into a lifestyle. Happy scootering, folks!

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