best Italian espresso machines (top 20 brands)

20 Best Italian Espresso Machine Brands: Top Picks

Are you looking to bring the authentic experience of Italian coffee into your home or workplace? Your perfect companion is an Italian espresso machine renowned for its intuitive design, sophisticated brewing methods, and robust construction.

In this article, we unveil the top Italian coffee machine brands, meticulously selected through extensive research and scrutiny, to provide you with only the crème de la crème of home espresso experiences.

Designed to cater to everyone from the coffee-making novice to the experienced enthusiast, these machines make crafting barista-level espressos a breeze.

Don’t have time to read the whole article? Here is our top pick for an authentic Italian espresso experience.

Bialetti Moka Express, one of the best Italian espresso machine brands

Bialetti Moka Pot Espresso Maker

Unrivaled in its blend of classic Italian design, robust brewing capabilities, and its embodiment of rich Italian coffee traditions.


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Navigating through the myriad of espresso machine options can be daunting, given the multitude of brands and models. Considering factors like machine type, coffee quality, and compatibility with your preferred capsules or pods is vital.

Let’s embark on a journey exploring the world of Italian espresso machines, guiding you towards finding your perfect match in brewing excellence.

Decoding the Varieties of Italian Coffee Machines

different varieties of Italian coffee machines

This range of coffee machines on the market encompasses everything from manual and lever machines to the ultimate convenience of super-automatic machines, with each model offering its unique set of features and attributes.

Based on their operation, we can categorize coffee machines into the following three types:

1. Manual Coffee Machines

Ideal for those who enjoy the process, manual machines work with ground coffee and are akin to more straightforward versions of commercial bar machines. A prime example of such manual machines is the iconic Italian Moka pot.

2. Automatic or Semi-Automatic Coffee Machines

Offering versatility, automatic to semi-automatic machines can use either coffee beans or ground coffee. They come equipped with features allowing you to grind, dose, and tamp the coffee, allowing you to select the desired amount of coffee to brew.

3. Coffee Pods and Capsule Machines

These machines, designed for convenience and ease of use, are ideal for coffee enthusiasts. Due to easy disposal, coffee pod machines utilize pre-packaged, tamped pods that are user-friendly.

Capsule machines, perfect for those with a fast-paced lifestyle, offer compact design and straightforward operation. With the simple act of inserting a capsule and pressing a button, you can relish a flavorful coffee within moments.

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Factors to Consider when Choosing an Italian Coffee Machine

Italian espresso machine

When choosing an Italian coffee machine, it’s essential to consider factors such as ease of use, energy efficiency, and the quality of the coffee it brews.

Do note that some coffee machine brands are designed to work exclusively with a specific type of pod or capsule, restricting their compatibility with others.

Let’s dive into our curated list of the top Italian espresso maker brands.

1. Bialetti

About the Brand

Bialetti, a brand epitomizing the finest Italian coffee craftsmanship, holds a distinguished place in the world of coffee. The brand’s journey began in 1919 when Alfonso Bialetti established a workshop in Crusinallo, Italy.

Initially, the focus was on creating semi-finished aluminum items, but the workshop soon became a creative and manufacturing hub for complete products using shell molding techniques.

However, the brand’s turning point was in 1933 with the invention of the Moka Express. This iconic stovetop espresso coffee maker transformed Bialetti from a mere manufacturer to a revolutionary force in the coffee industry.

The Moka Express simplified the coffee-making process to such a degree that it became a quintessential part of daily life in Italian households. It wasn’t just a product but an embodiment of the “Made in Italy” ethos that resonated with coffee enthusiasts worldwide.

Bialetti’s Top Pick: Bialetti Moka Pot Espresso Maker

The Moka Express: an Italian icon

The compact design of the Bialetti Moka Pot Espresso Maker is highly versatile and unobtrusive, preserving your kitchen counter space. It comprises three essential parts:

  1. The bottom piece holds the water.
  2. A funnel-shaped coffee ground filter.
  3. A top pitcher where the freshly brewed espresso collects.

Upon heating, the water ascends through the coffee grounds, producing a rich, robust espresso that is ready once you hear a distinctive gurgling sound.

Beyond its iconic status, the Bialetti Moka Express is a cultural staple and a must-have in the kitchen of anyone who cherishes both the taste of Italian coffee and the rich tradition it embodies.

Continuing its legacy of innovation, Bialetti has introduced the Moka Induction Pot 6 Cups Espresso. This version is compatible with all induction hobs and comes in various sizes, including options for 2-cup, 4-cup, and 6-cup servings of espresso. This ensures that Bialetti has you covered whether you’re making coffee for one or entertaining a group.

In summary, with its classic design and Italian engineering, the Bialetti Express Moka Pot brings an authentic taste of Italy to your morning espresso.

Its status as one of the best Italian-made Moka pots is undisputed, and it offers a robust, strong-tasting brew that coffee enthusiasts will truly appreciate.

2. Gaggia

About the Brand

A historic brand with roots dating back to 1938, Gaggia has long been synonymous with Italian espresso excellence. This journey began when Giovanni Achille Gaggia patented his steamless coffee machine.

This revolutionary device enabled him to serve his customers an espresso adorned with a foamy Italian crema right at his bar. A decade later, Gaggia Milano was established, marking the beginning of a legacy that still thrives today.

Gaggia’s mission was to democratize the art of espresso-making, making it accessible to everyone, not just baristas. Over the years, the brand has remained steadfastly committed to bringing quality, convenience, and the tradition of Italian coffee into homes worldwide.

This commitment has seen them develop various manual and automatic coffee machines, each embodying Italian baristas’ refined elegance and style. Let’s turn our attention to two notable espresso machines by Gaggia that beautifully encapsulate this brand’s philosophy.

Gaggia’s Top Pick: Gaggia Classic Evo Pro

Immerse yourself in professional-grade espresso brewing with the Gaggia Classic Evo Pro. This exquisite product of Italian craftsmanship operates at 9 bars of pressure, consistently producing top-tier espresso shots.

The machine’s commercial steam wand sets the stage for creative latte art. It effortlessly textures milk into a velvety microfoam, perfect for emulating your favorite cafe experiences at home.

A robust, commercial-style 58mm portafilter is at the heart of the Classic Evo Pro. It features both single and double-shot filter baskets for skilled espresso extraction. A pressurized basket is also included for convenience when using pre-ground coffee or ESE pods.

The latest Evo Pro boasts quieter brewing and an upgraded boiler, resistant to scale buildup and corrosion.

Designed to last, this versatile machine brims with commercial features, promising years of enjoyable coffee moments.

Gaggia’s Pick #2: Gaggia Brera

The Gaggia Brera is an excellent choice for beginners, thanks to its affordability and intuitive control panel.

It features an LED display, push-button controls, and a built-in grinder with a bypass hopper. This allows you to use either whole coffee beans or pre-ground coffee, offering versatility and convenience.

Despite its compact size, which makes it suitable for smaller spaces, this model does require manual descaling.

3. DeLonghi

About the Brand

Hailing from Italy, De’Longhi has etched its name among the leading manufacturers of high-quality coffee machines. The brand, founded in 1902, achieved a significant milestone in the 90s with the launch of its pump coffee maker.

The innovation continued with unveiling of De’Longhi’s super-automatic coffee maker in 2007 and later the enhanced De’Longhi Dinamica model.

De’Longhi coffee machines are designed with simplicity, reliability, and versatility. Crafted for coffee lovers, these machines bring the luxury of brewing espresso, cappuccino, or a simple cup of coffee in your kitchen.

DeLonghi’s Top Pick: De’Longhi Dinamica

The De’Longhi Dinamica stands out in the lineup with its built-in grinder boasting 13 settings. This offers the flexibility to use either pre-ground coffee or freshly ground beans with just a click.

The Dinamica is recognized as one of the best super-automatic Italian coffee makers. Despite the plethora of features, its compact design is balanced on aesthetics. Encased in a durable, easy-to-clean black and silver plastic exterior, this modern espresso machine is a stylish addition to any kitchen.

The Dinamica simplifies coffee making with its 18 recipe functions for various beverages, including iced coffee, cappuccinos, macchiatos, lattes, and espresso.

A key feature is the automatic milk frother, which ensures a balanced milk-to-espresso ratio in every cup. The frother is self-cleaning and dishwasher-safe, further emphasizing convenience. Additionally, the built-in grinder provides 17 settings, allowing for customization of your brew with pre-ground or freshly ground coffee.

In summary, De’Longhi’s rich heritage and innovative spirit have resulted in coffee machines that combine functionality, quality, and elegance, perfect for enjoying the authentic Italian coffee experience at home.

DeLonghi’s Pick #2: De’Longhi La Specialista Arte

De’Longhi La Specialista Arte

Unleash your inner barista with De’Longhi’s La Specialista Arte, a compact traditional espresso machine that brings the art of coffee right into your kitchen. Curate personalized espresso experiences with ease and precision, drawing out the rich, aromatic flavors to suit your taste buds.

With 8 grind settings, preparing beans of any variety for optimal extraction has never been easier. Its conical burr grinder ensures a uniform and consistent dose for either single or double espresso shots.

Additionally, the machine’s active temperature control lets you pick from 3 brewing temperatures, keeping your selected temperature stable to bring out the best in your beans.

Space-efficient and easy to maintain, this chic machine fits seamlessly into any modern living space. Spend less time cleaning and more time savoring your favorite beverage with detachable, dishwasher-safe parts.

Choose from 3 preset coffee recipes – Espresso, Americano, and Hot Water – to tailor your perfect brew.

Plus, with the included barista kit, applying the right pressure to each grind for exceptional extraction is as simple as can be. Experience the luxury of crafting your own perfect espresso drinks with De’Longhi’s La Specialista Arte.

4. Rancilio

About the Brand

An iconic name in espresso machines, Rancilio, owes its genesis to Italian innovator Roberto Rancilio. His pioneering efforts led to the creation of the first vertical boiler espresso machine, a testament to the brand’s commitment to technological advancement.

The brand’s hallmark is its industrial-strength equipment designed for home use, offering high reliability and superior performance.

Rancilio’s Top Pick: Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine

The Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine embodies this innovative engineering legacy that the brand has nurtured since its inception in 1927. This semi-automatic espresso machine is a product of Italian craftsmanship and stands out with its modern design.

The model is a favorite among espresso enthusiasts seeking a professional brewing experience at home. It is equipped with a steam wand, programmable infusion, and a 58mm commercial-grade portafilter, features typically found in busy coffee shops.

Some noteworthy attributes of the Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine include automatic shot brewing and consistent temperature control. The machine boasts an easy-to-use LCD screen, and its commercial steam wand guarantees excellent frothing for your cappuccinos and lattes.

The durable build of the machine is a testament to Rancilio’s commitment to quality. However, it’s important to note that it has a single boiler, which might affect its efficiency when switching between brewing and steaming functions.

In summary, Rancilio’s espresso machines, marked by their cutting-edge technology and reliable performance, bring the professional coffee shop experience into your home.

5. La Pavoni

About the Brand

La Pavoni, a renowned Italian brand, traces its roots back to 1905 in the heart of Milan. Dedicated initially to crafting espresso machines for bars and hospitality establishments, it has since evolved into one of the leading names in the coffee machine industry.

La Pavoni stands out for its production of lever coffee machines and dual boiler systems, known for their exceptional performance and sleek and polished aesthetics, making them a stylish addition to any upscale kitchen.

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La Pavoni’s Top Pick: La Pavoni Professional

One of La Pavoni’s standout models is the La Pavoni Professional, a masterpiece from the mind of the Italian inventor Desiderio Pavoni.

This espresso machine, which builds upon the brand’s illustrious history that began with the 1961 Europiccola classic lever espresso machines, embodies the Italian coffee-making tradition.

The La Pavoni Professional is revered as one of the best traditional coffee makers for creating authentic Italian espresso.

Dressed in an elegant black and chrome finish, the La Pavoni Professional makes anyone using it appear like a seasoned barista.

The manual espresso machine features a lever handle and a mounted pressure gauge, allowing for the precise creation of espresso or cappuccino.

This Italian marvel also boasts a dual-frothing cappuccino system that delivers two cups simultaneously, making it an excellent choice for office or personal use. A substantial 38 oz nickel-plated brass boiler can produce up to 16 cups of espresso per fill.

La Pavoni Professional takes less than 10 minutes to heat up. However, it needs to cool down before the boiler can be refilled.

While pricey, it offers a one-year warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, underscoring the brand’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

6. Lavazza

About the Brand

Lavazza is more than just a revered producer of ground coffee and capsules; it stands out as one of the premier manufacturers of Italian coffee machines.

Famed for their compact design and user-friendly operation, Lavazza’s coffee machines are a favorite in Italian homes and offices. With their innovative technology, coffee enthusiasts can enjoy a variety of coffee styles at the simple push of a button.

On top of delivering high-quality coffee in both ground and capsule forms, Lavazza also excels at creating ideal coffee machines for home and small office settings.

The Lavazza “A Modo Mio” coffee machines are the culmination of meticulous design and craftsmanship, informed by a deep understanding and respect for the art of coffee preparation.

These compact machines are designed for simplicity and consistency, delivering a professional-grade espresso from the first cup to the last.

This is partly thanks to the use of Lavazza’s own capsules, a hallmark of quality and reliability, making Lavazza a leading name in capsule coffee machines in Italy.

Lavazza’s Top Pick: Lavazza Classy Plus All-In-One Machine LB 400

One noteworthy model in Lavazza’s lineup is the Lavazza Classy Plus All-In-One Machine LB 400.

Luigi Lavazza, who opened his first Italian coffee shop in 1895, would be proud to see his legacy of coffee innovation live on in this device. This Italian coffee machine is perfect for those seeking a compact, convenient, single-serve solution for their coffee needs.

The Lavazza Classy Plus All-In-One is an automatic espresso maker designed for ease of use, featuring intuitive touch controls and visual alerts.

It makes achieving the perfect espresso simple with its pre-portioned coffee capsules – insert a capsule, press start, and let the machine do the rest. No barista skills are necessary.

The machine’s sleek black durable plastic design adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen counter or conference room.

This compact single-serve espresso coffee machine is an excellent option for those who prefer the convenience of not having to prepare coffee grounds or froth milk for their daily cup of coffee.

It can also brew six different types of beverages: Espresso, Lungo, 8 oz. Coffee, Macchiato, Cappuccino, and Latte, offer versatility and convenience in one compact package.

7. Nuova Simonelli

About the Brand

For decades, Nuova Simonelli has been a dominant player in the coffee-making industry, establishing itself as one of the premier Italian coffee maker brands since its inception in 1936 by Orlando Simonelli.

The brand’s machines have gained popularity in over 120 countries, gracing coffee restaurants, shops, and self-serving establishments with their presence.

Nuova Simonelli’s Top Pick: Oscar II Espresso Machine

One of the standout models in Nuova Simonelli’s lineup is the Oscar II Espresso Machine. This model continues the brand’s longstanding tradition of crafting innovative, high-quality coffee machines and offers features usually reserved for higher-priced models.

The Oscar II stands out with its heat exchange boiler, a rare feature in this price range, allowing users to brew coffee and steam milk simultaneously.

Constructed from stainless steel, the Oscar II is designed for durability and longevity, provided it’s well-maintained. It includes a long steam wand that produces dry steam, providing enhanced control for users and making the creation of microfoam a breeze.

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Other notable features of this model include a commercial-grade wand for perfect microfoam, a dry-puck feature for mess-free cleaning of used grounds, and an automatic shut-off when the water level is low or if the boiler is working for more than 1.5 minutes to prevent overheating.

The machine also boasts a large warmer tray that can accommodate up to 12 cups at once. However, users should note that it requires around 30 minutes to heat up before brewing.

Overall, the Nuova Simonelli Oscar II Espresso Machine is a shining example of Nuova Simonelli’s commitment to quality and innovation in coffee machine manufacturing.

8. Alessi

About the Brand

Alessi, established in 1921, has consistently been recognized for its exceptional quality products.

Initially launched as a workshop for crafting brass and nickel silver sheet metal, Alessi has evolved to become a leading figure in Italian design over its near-century-long history.

The company has showcased its expertise in design management across a wide array of products while staying true to its regional traditions and cultural roots. It embodies the art of handcrafted items produced with the assistance of machines, embracing change and international progression while maintaining a strong connection to its heritage.

Alessi’s coffee makers are renowned as some of the finest on the market. While they are not the priceiest nor the most economical, they are known for their innovative design and high-quality output.

Notably, they help avoid the common novice error of over-filtering coffee, which can lead to a bitter aftertaste. This feature ensures a consistently pleasing coffee flavor that is neither too strong nor too weak.

Alessi’s Top Pick: Alessi Espresso Maker 9090

A key exemplar of Alessi’s offerings is the Alessi Espresso Maker 9090, designed by Richard Sapper for six espresso cups.

The 9090 is not a simple coffee pot but a sophisticated “steam machine,” as the designer puts it. Crafted from 18/10 stainless steel, the 9090 stands out for its unique truncated cone shape and several functional innovations.

These include an expanded base for maximizing heat, an anti-drip spout, and a lever lock that allows for effortless opening of the coffee pot with a single hand gesture.

9. Rocket Espresso Milano

About the Brand

Rocket Espresso Milano is synonymous with “Fatto a Mano” or “made by hand,” reflecting the company’s commitment to traditional, handcrafted excellence.

This small but dedicated team of artisans meticulously creates premium espresso machines for domestic and commercial use.

More than just beautifully crafted, Rocket Espresso machines are designed with an unwavering focus on delivering the finest espresso consistently, meeting the high standards of even the most discerning espresso enthusiasts.

Rocket Espresso’s Top Pick: Appartamento Espresso Machine

A notable model from Rocket Espresso is the Appartamento Espresso Machine, a compact marvel explicitly designed for environments where space is limited.

Despite its smaller size, the quality and features remain uncompromised, thanks to the clever optimization of the machine’s chassis and Rocket engineers’ layout of its internal components.

The Appartamento showcases a distinctive vintage appearance, combining mirrored steel with unique side-panel cutouts. Its small footprint makes it a perfect fit for compact counters and kitchens with limited space.

However, its small size doesn’t affect its functionality. The user-friendly machine features classic Rocket Espresso knobs, levers, and easily used and satisfyingly tactile switches.

This model boasts a 1.8-liter heat exchange steam boiler, enabling simultaneous espresso brewing and milk frothing. It also includes a heated group head, which uses a small flow of water off the boiler to keep the machine’s group head warm, ensuring consistent shot temperatures.

Thus, the Appartamento is a testament to Rocket Espresso’s commitment to combining compact design, aesthetic appeal, and superior functionality.

10. Saeco

About the Brand

Saeco, an Italian company established in 1981 in Gaggio Montano, near Bologna, has become a hallmark of technological innovation and elegance in coffee machines.

The company marked a significant milestone in 1985 when it became the first in the world to create the “bean-to-cup” system. This fully automated and ground-breaking Italian espresso brewing system directly takes coffee from the bean to the cup.

Saeco’s incorporation into Philips in 2009 elevated its position on the global stage, enabling it to cater to a broader range of coffee machine needs.

The partnership between Saeco and Philips catalyzed the development of new technologies and patents, reinforcing Saeco’s standing as a leading brand in the coffee machine sector for domestic and hospitality uses.

Saeco’s Top Pick: Saeco Xelsis Super Automatic

The Philips Saeco Xelsis is a superb automatic espresso machine that effortlessly crafts up to 15 different coffee styles, from standard Espresso and Cappuccino to distinct brews such as Flat White and Americano.

Simply glide your finger across the touchscreen to pick and personalize your beverage using the intuitive Coffee Equalizer.

The Xelsis provides a broad spectrum of coffee options, including espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, and an assortment of specialty drinks. The machine allows for the storage of up to six user profiles, each capable of being finely tuned to match individual preferences.

Equipped with the LatteDuo Milk System, it effortlessly creates single or double servings of any coffee recipe, including Cappuccino or Latte Macchiato, at the push of a button.

The machine’s Double Thermo Blocks, dedicated to both brewing and steaming, ensure precise temperature control for every drink you desire to make.

11. Lelit

About the Brand

Lelit, an esteemed Italian company with a rich history, is renowned for producing and distributing espresso coffee machines. Since its inception in the 1980s, Lelit has maintained its Italian roots while becoming a leading figure in the coffee machine industry.

Their machines, celebrated for domestic and commercial use, are crafted using the same state-of-the-art technology and superior components found in professional bar machines.

Recognized as one of the best Italian coffee maker brands, Lelit has garnered a substantial European customer base. The company stands as an unchallenged benchmark for those who value the quality and authenticity of espresso above all else.

Lelit is committed to exclusively manufacturing and marketing high-end coffee machines, employing top-grade materials and elements.

This approach ensures users have complete control over the parameters when preparing their espresso, echoing the company’s dedication to the art of coffee brewing.

12. La Cimbali

About the Brand

La Cimbali, a respected brand in Italian espresso coffee machines, holds a prestigious position in professional hospitality. The company’s roots trace back to 1912 when Guiseppe Cimbali established his coffee maker company in the vibrant city of Milan.

Over the past century, La Cimbali has become synonymous with quality and innovation, continuously evolving to be at the forefront of the industry. Regarded as one of the top Italian espresso machine brands, La Cimbali stands for premium quality, innovation, and the “Made in Italy” hallmark.

The company offers a range of products, from fully automatic machines that ensure consistent coffee quality to traditional machines that promote artistic expression in coffee brewing.

They also provide grinders and dozers for precise coffee dosing. La Cimbali’s commitment to innovative solutions is evident in its use of stainless steel for manufacturing its machines, enhancing their durability and efficiency.

Spanning generation after generation, the company’s commitment to premium coffee making has remained steadfast, and today, La Cimbali exports its remarkable machines globally. The enduring promise of La Cimbali is to offer superior coffee every time, genuinely encapsulating their century-long journey in the art of coffee making.

13. Illy

About the Brand

Illy, an Italian company founded by Francesco Illy in 1933, has emerged as a leading figure in the coffee industry, notably in the sector of single-serve coffee capsules. Now managed by the third generation of the Illy family, the company’s enduring success can be attributed to its commitment to delivering innovative and flavorful products that customers can savor in their homes.

The company’s reputation extends far beyond the borders of Italy, as it enjoys global prestige for its espresso coffee production. Illy offers its high-quality coffee in a variety of formats to cater to diverse consumer preferences, including coffee beans, ground coffee, capsules, and pods.

Complementing its coffee offerings, Illy also markets an array of high-end Italian espresso machines designed for both home and commercial use.

These machines range from those compatible with hyper-espresso capsules to those suited for ground coffee and pods, some even equipped with a coffee grinder.

This vast selection reflects Illy’s company philosophy of fusing perfect flavor with excellent design, ensuring that its customers can enjoy the authentic Illy coffee experience regardless of their setting.

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14. La Spaziale

About the Brand

With an esteemed reputation built over 65 years, the Italian brand La Spaziale has been crafting coffee machines that are the epitome of artisan beauty and innovative technology.

This unique blend sets the company apart in the coffee machine industry, making it a go-to choice for discerning customers of varying budgets.

While some models in La Spaziale’s extensive range cater to the needs of private homes, the primary focus of their espresso machines is the hospitality sector. Their sophisticated features and superior performance can undoubtedly appeal to the most demanding coffee enthusiasts.

Our Pick: La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi II

A standout model from La Spaziale’s lineup is the S1 Vivaldi II. This versatile espresso machine offers a commercial-grade experience to different user types.

For home users, the S1 Vivaldi II brings the power of a dual boiler, programmable pre-infusion, and precise temperature control, allowing them to perfect their espresso brewing techniques and customize their coffee profiles.

Small cafes benefit from the S1 Vivaldi II’s compact size and volumetric dosing feature, achieving consistency across all their offerings and maintaining the highest quality of the espresso.

The machine’s ease of use and compact footprint make it an ideal addition to small offices, ensuring a top-notch coffee experience for employees without extensive espresso-making knowledge.

15. Faema

About the Brand

Part of the esteemed Cimbali SPA Group and rooted in Milan, Faema is a brand that stands for tradition and Italian craftsmanship in the world of coffee machines. Its product lineup includes a range of models tailored to different needs, from traditional and automatic machines to semi-professional units.

Each one features a unique, innovative design that makes them a cherished possession for coffee enthusiasts who desire a genuine coffee machine experience at home.

Beyond the domestic sphere, Faema espresso coffee machines hold significant importance for the hospitality sector in Italy and much of Latin America.

Our Pick: Faema E61 Espresso Machine

Faema E61: one of the best Italian espresso machines

One of Faema’s standout products is the E61 espresso machine, which holds a special place in coffee history for its revolutionary technology. It is still considered by many the gold standard for commercial coffee making.

The E61 pioneered an electrical volumetric pump to maintain constant and ideal water pressure throughout the extraction process. Unlike other machines that relied on boilers to heat water, the E61 was designed to connect directly to the public water system, eliminating the need for constant boiler refilling by the barista.

This Italian innovation allowed the E61 to deliver coffees continuously, significantly freeing up the barista’s time.

Moreover, the E61 symbolizes a transformative period in Italian history. It encapsulates the post-war societal changes and technological advancements, marking a departure from the oversized machines of the past.

The E61’s sleek and stylish design, reminiscent of pop art, outperformed its predecessors while signaling a forward-looking vision akin to the fast cars its design evoked. Hence, the Faema E61 is not just a coffee machine; it’s a tribute to Italy’s history and a symbol of its modern future.

16. Pontevecchio

About the Brand

Pontevecchio, established in 1999, is a brand celebrated for manufacturing robust and stylish lever Italian espresso machines made primarily of brass and steel.

This relatively young company, situated in northern Italy, is the product of a collaboration of entrepreneurs with significant mechanical engineering expertise.

The brand strongly emphasizes the meticulous construction and individual personalization of its coffee machines, which is reflected in the high quality of components and the intuitive functionality of its products.

Pontevecchio’s offerings are exclusive, with a price point and quality of materials and finishes catering to the most discerning consumers.

Each model’s production is closely monitored at every stage, a testament to the quality assurance provided by the master craftsmen who have been overseeing the process for over 20 years.

The machines are designed to be long-lasting with a simple yet elegant aesthetic. The company is committed to producing its lever coffee machines. It aims to deliver the authentic flavor of espresso coffee to homes, offices, and small organizations.

This steadfast dedication and attention to detail reflect the renowned Italian manufacturing approach, resulting in products that guarantee optimal performance.

17. Victoria Arduino

Italian espresso machine Victoria Arduino

About the Brand

Victoria Arduino is a brand established in the early 20th century during significant industrial, cultural, and societal shifts. Founded by Pier Teresio Arduino in 1905, the company set out to produce espresso machines that excelled in quality, performance, and materials.

This Italian enterprise has become a specialist in espresso coffee machines and coffee grinders, even securing the position of the official coffee machine for the 2015 World Barista Championship.

The brand prides itself on crafting sophisticated espresso machines to enable baristas to work efficiently and serve their clientele effectively. The company’s creation was inspired by the steam engine train and the idea of brewing coffee as quickly as possible.

18. VBM

About the Brand

From its inception in the 1960s in Milan, VBM has been a game-changer in espresso-making. Founded by Carlo Ernesto Valente, the company pioneered the VBM 1961 dispensing unit for thermal stability and even created Domobar, the first-ever home espresso machine.

By 1985, under new shareholder Pietro Osnato, VBM transitioned from a humble workshop to a full-fledged enterprise, introducing the high-tech Dosatronic and reintroducing the innovative Domobar Super. Their designs evolved to meet customers’ aesthetic needs, expanding their reach across Europe.

VBM celebrated its 40th anniversary with a commitment to high performance and cutting-edge technology, launching the Tecnique line and the TS System for unparalleled thermal stability and pure water. With VBM, it’s all about brewing espresso in style and excellence.

19. Dalla Corte

About the Brand

Dalla Corte, the brainchild of Bruno Dalla Corte, is an Italian brand recognized for its innovative design and advanced technology. Its espresso machines and professional coffee grinders allow baristas to craft their ideal coffee.

The brand is highly coveted for its functionality, technological prowess, and aesthetic appeal. Dalla Corte has also pioneered the separate boiler concept in coffee machines, allowing each group and boiler to operate independently.

This feature provides the flexibility to conserve energy during low-use periods. It ensures a consistent temperature for each coffee extraction.

20. Elektra

About the Brand

Elektra, with its origins dating back over six decades, has been crafting some of Italy’s most exceptional espresso machines. Each machine, a blend of traditional design and modern technology, is assembled by hand by skilled artisans.

Elektra machines come with a two-year warranty, underscoring their commitment to quality. Characterized by a cast eagle emblem on top and the Elektra seal on the body, these coffee machines are instantly recognizable. Their unique elegance adds a touch of sophistication to any espresso bar, restaurant, office, or home kitchen.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Italy’s heritage in coffee making is deeply embedded in its culture and tradition. The country’s rich history has given rise to many iconic brands, each contributing to the vibrant landscape of espresso machines.

From industry giants such as Saeco and Rocket Espresso to more niche brands like Pontevecchio and Victoria Arduino, Italy’s offerings span the spectrum of tastes and lifestyles. Other brands like Dalla Corte and Elektra continue to carve their own paths, pushing the boundaries of design and technology.

Whether you’re a professional barista or a coffee enthusiast, Italian espresso machine brands cater to a wide range of preferences and budgets.

With their blend of craftsmanship, innovation, and meticulous approach to quality, these brands stand testament to Italy’s enduring influence on coffee. So next time you savor a cup of espresso, remember the rich Italian legacy that helped make it possible.

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