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Drinking Coffee in Italy? Test Your Knowledge with this Caffeine-Fueled Trivia Quiz!

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Drinking coffee in Italy is a unique experience that many people enjoy. From the traditional espresso to the famous cappuccino, Italian coffee has a strong presence in the culture. Test your knowledge of Italian coffee culture and history with these trivia questions on Italy.

Coffee is a popular choice in Italy, with various styles. It is a shared experience, with people gathering in cafes to enjoy coffee and conversation. Italy has a long and vibrant history with coffee; today, it is a cultural staple.

To test your knowledge of how Italians drink coffee, take these five true or false trivia questions! See how much you know about how drinking coffee in Italy is—the various types of coffee, their unique preparation methods, and their traditional accompaniments.

True or False: In Italy, a cappuccino is traditionally served after lunch.

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False. Cappuccino is a popular Italian coffee drink, usually consumed in the morning. Cappuccino is not normally served after the breakfast meal.

True or False: It is polite to drink coffee standing up at a bar.

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True. In Italy, the preferred method of drinking coffee is to stand up at the bar and enjoy your drink.


True or False: Italians typically drink coffee without any milk.

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True. In Italy, coffee is often served without any additives, such as milk or sugar.

True or False: In Italy, coffee is served with a glass of water.

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True. Italians often enjoy a small glass of water alongside their coffee, to help clear the palate and aid digestion.


True or False: Espresso is a type of coffee bean.

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False. Espresso is a type of coffee preparation method, not a bean.

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