Italian breakfast foods: cornetto

27 Best Italian Breakfast Foods & Drinks to Try

Italian cuisine presents a delightful and genuine approach to begin your day, whether experiencing the beautiful country firsthand or merely yearning to taste Italian food at home.

Recognized as the most important meal of the day, this article explores the traditional Italian breakfast foods and some of the well-loved dishes Italians enjoy during their morning routine.

Breakfast in Italy: The Typical Italian Breakfast Menu

In exploring Italian breakfast culture, it’s essential to distinguish between the meal offerings at hotels or bed and breakfasts and the authentic Italian breakfast foods one can enjoy during a home-cooked stay at an Airbnb.

A traditional Italian breakfast menu at home is often quite basic. For youngsters, customary morning beverages in Italian households include coffee, tea, and cocoa milk. The main breakfast dishes include bread with butter and jam, biscotti, and assorted cereals.

If you’re a guest in a private residence, you’ll likely encounter this sort of breakfast, possibly complemented by a freshly baked basket of cornetti from a nearby bakery.

Conversely, breakfasts at Italian hotels are tailored to accommodate the preferences of international guests. These meals typically involve a buffet assortment of various cereals, cakes, bread, butter, jam, and croissants. Hot, cooked breakfast items are not as prevalent in Italy.

What Italians Eat and Drink for Breakfast

In this section, we’ll delve into an assortment of Italian breakfast items that locals truly savor during breakfast, each accompanied by a brief explanation. These items create a vibrant and delicious Italian breakfast table, showcasing the diverse flavors and textures of Italy’s morning culinary offerings.

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Italian Breakfast Foods

1. Pane Burro e Marmellata (Bread, Butter, and Jam)

pane burro e marmellata (bread butter and jam)

A quintessential Italian breakfast staple, this simple yet satisfying combination of bread, butter, and jam is a popular choice for those seeking a sweet treat as part of their Italian-style breakfast.

This delicious pairing is a delightful way to ease into the day. The type of bread often used for this breakfast classic can vary, with options like fresh white bread, whole-grain bread, or even slightly sweetened bread to enhance the flavors of the butter and jam.

2. Cornetto

cornetto and milk

One of the best Italian breakfast ideas to try is a freshly baked cornetto paired with a creamy cappuccino, a classic combination that locals enjoy during their morning routine.

Cornetto (the Italian version of the French croissants) is a delectable type of pastry often filled with cream, jam, chocolate, or even almond paste (cornetto alle mandorle).

The name “cornetto” translates to “little horn,” which is reflected in its distinct shape. As a beloved Italian pastry, the Italian croissant is essential to many Italian breakfasts, offering a taste of Italy’s rich culinary heritage. Caffè and cornetto remain the classic Italian breakfast at the bar.

3. Fette Biscottate

fette biscottate

Fette biscottate are thin, crispy slices of bread that have been baked twice to achieve their unique texture. These scrumptious toasts boast a subtly sweet flavor, making them a popular choice at breakfast time.

Often served with jam or Nutella, fette biscottate can also be enjoyed with various spreads or toppings. Good quality fette biscottate are typically made from whole grain flour, adding a nutritious element to this delightful Italian breakfast staple.

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4. Biscotti

Italian biscotti

As one of Italy’s most popular breakfast foods, biscotti are crunchy, sweet cookies traditionally enjoyed alongside coffee or tea. These delightful treats are designed for dipping into hot beverages, allowing the flavors to meld and create a perfect harmony of taste and texture.

Regarding biscotti, a popular choice in Italy is Pignoli cookies (“biscotti ai pinoli”). These are Italian breakfast treats made with pine nuts. With their widespread appeal, biscotti are a quintessential part of Italian breakfast culture.

5. Pane e Nutella

pane e Nutella

This is the way to go regarding sweet food. Bread or toast is generously spread with Nutella, a widely popular chocolate hazelnut spread that has become a beloved staple in many Italian households. This delectable combination creates a rich and satisfying treat perfect for starting the day on a sweet note.

6. Cereali

latte e cereali

Italians enjoy a variety of breakfast cereals, both hot and cold, as part of a healthy breakfast. Options range from muesli and granola to classic cornflakes, providing energy and nutrition to start the day on the right foot.

7. Saccottino

Italian breakfast food: Saccottino

A small, delightful pastry filled with chocolate, cream, or fruit preserves, the saccottino is a popular choice for a sweet and satisfying Italian breakfast. Its soft, flaky exterior gives way to a delicious, rich filling, making it a morning treat that’s hard to resist.

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8. Cannoli

Italian cannoli

A Sicilian pastry known for its crispy shell filled with sweet, creamy ricotta, cannoli can also be found with savory fillings in some regions. Though traditionally enjoyed as a dessert, these indulgent pastries can sometimes make their way onto the Italian breakfast table for a special treat.

9. Maritozzi

Maritozzi are sweet buns often filled with whipped cream or custard. These delicious pastries are particularly popular in Rome and are a favorite morning treat for many Italians. The soft, fluffy texture of the bun combined with the sweet filling makes Maritozzi a delightful addition to any Italian breakfast spread.

10. Cantucci

Italian breakfast foods: cantucci biscotti

Crunchy almond cookies, cantucci are typically served with sweet dessert wine. Though traditionally enjoyed as a dessert, these delectable cookies can also appear during breakfast, providing a tasty, nutty treat to pair with coffee or tea.

11. Ciambella

Italian breakfast foods: Ciambella

A ring-shaped cake similar to a doughnut, ciambella is often flavored with chocolate, lemon, or almond. This Italian breakfast treat is typically enjoyed with coffee or tea, providing a soft, sweet companion to the morning’s caffeinated beverages.

12. Zeppole


Fried dough balls dusted with powdered sugar. Zeppole are a popular treat on St. Joseph’s Day but can also be enjoyed for breakfast. These airy, sweet delights are the perfect indulgence to start the day with flavor and joy.

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13. Crostata

crostata alla ricotta

The crostata is a classic Italian breakfast dish, a baked tart filled with fruit preserves or Ricotta cheese (like in the photo above). With its buttery crust and sweet, fruity filling, this delightful treat is a favorite among children and adults.

14. Yogurt

Italian breakfast foods: yogurt and fruit

A nutritious and versatile breakfast food, Italian yogurt is enjoyed for its creamy texture and tangy flavor. Often paired with fresh fruit, granola, or honey, it provides a healthy and satisfying morning option that’s both delicious and refreshing. Its probiotic qualities make it an excellent choice for promoting gut health and overall well-being.

15. Frutta Fresca

frutta fresca, a classic Italian breakfast food

Embracing the vibrant flavors of fresh fruit is always a fantastic idea, especially for the first meal of the day. Incorporating frutta fresca into one’s breakfast is a popular and healthy choice in Italy. Bursting with natural sweetness and nutrients, a plate of fresh fruit can be the best way to energize and refresh yourself as you begin your day.

16. Frittata

classic Italian breakfast food: frittata

A frittata is an Italian-style omelette made with eggs, cheese, and various fillings, such as vegetables, meats, or herbs. As a savory breakfast option, the frittata provides a delicious alternative to the sweet dishes commonly associated with Italian breakfasts.

The versatility of this dish allows for a wide range of savory options, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a more substantial, protein-rich morning meal.

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17. Ricotta Pancakes

ricotta pancakes

These light, fluffy pancakes are made with ricotta cheese, giving them a unique texture and taste that sets them apart from traditional pancakes. Often served with fresh fruit or a drizzle of maple syrup, ricotta pancakes offer a delightful balance of flavors and a satisfying start to the day.

18. Panettone

Italian panettone

A sweet, yeasty bread filled with dried fruits, candied orange peel, and lemon zest, panettone is traditionally enjoyed during the holiday season. Its rich, fruity flavors and soft, fluffy texture make it a delicious addition to the Italian breakfast table, offering a festive and satisfying option to start the day.

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Italian Breakfast Drinks

1. Caffè

espresso coffee

A good cup of coffee or the iconic Italian espresso is still the preferred morning ritual for many Italians. The strong, bold flavors of a double shot of espresso provide the perfect wake-up call to start the day.

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2. Caffè Latte

A popular Italian breakfast beverage, the caffe latte combines espresso and steamed milk to create a smooth, creamy coffee drink. This milder option is a favorite for those who prefer a more balanced taste in their morning cup.

3. Latte

italian breakfast: latte e biscotti

Whether warm or at room temperature, children and adults in Italy often enjoy a simple glass of milk. It provides a refreshing and nutritious option for those who prefer a non-caffeinated morning beverage.

4. Latte e Cacao

A delightful morning treat for kids, latte e cacao consists of milk mixed with cocoa powder. This chocolatey beverage offers youngsters a sweet, energizing start to the day.

5. Cappuccino

classic Italian breakfast foods: cappuccino and cornetto

A frothy coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk, the cappuccino is a favorite of many Italians. Often enjoyed as part of a “colazione al bar” (breakfast at the bar), this classic beverage is a staple of Italian breakfast culture.

6. Tè (Tea)

While coffee may be more popular, some Italians still enjoy tea in the morning. Typically black or herbal, tea provides a soothing and aromatic alternative to coffee for those who prefer a different morning brew.

7. Cioccolata Calda

cioccolata calda (hot chocolate)

A rich and thick Italian hot chocolate, cioccolata calda is usually enjoyed during colder months or as an indulgent treat. This luxurious beverage is a delicious addition to the Italian breakfast table and a great way to warm up on chilly mornings or to celebrate special occasions.

8. Caffè d’Orzo

A caffeine-free Italian coffee substitute made from roasted barley, caffè d’orzo is often enjoyed by those who want the taste of coffee without the caffeine. This rich, nutty beverage provides a comforting and satisfying option for caffeine-sensitive individuals.

9. Succo di Frutta

succo di frutta

A refreshing option for Italian breakfast beverages is succo di frutta or fruit juice. With various flavors available, such as orange juice, succo di frutta adds natural sweetness and vitamins to any morning meal.

Often featured as part of a continental breakfast spread, this revitalizing drink complements the flavors of traditional Italian breakfast foods and helps kick-start the day on a fresh, energizing note.

Savor the Flavors: Enjoy a Taste of Italy with Traditional Breakfast Delights

Italian breakfast foods offer a delightful array of flavors and textures, with something for everyone. From simple bread and jam to indulgent pastries and rich espresso, the Italian breakfast experience is a wonderful way to start the day.

Whether visiting Italy or just craving a taste of la dolce vita at home, you now have a comprehensive guide to the many delightful dishes and beverages that make up a traditional Italian breakfast. So go ahead, treat yourself to a taste of Italy in the morning, and savor the flavors of this beautiful country.

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