28. What A Figuraccia! (Intermediate)

LearnItalianPod Learn Italian Language with Podcasts! Today we are going to listen to a dialogue between Renzo e Lucia while in Rome, inside “la famosa Cappella Sistina” (the famous Sistine Chapel). Thanks to Renzo, who thinks “Il Giudizio Universale” (The Last Judgement) is… a sculpture (ouch!), we’ll learn the popular Italian expression “fare una figuraccia” (to make a fool of oneself), and some art related words like “scultura” (sculpture), and “affresco” (wall painting). Enjoy!

Intermediate Level – Lesson Nr. 28


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7 thoughts on “28. What A Figuraccia! (Intermediate)”

  1. Very nice episode! I like the fact that’s buiding on a previous episode and keeps the story going… Is there any online resource (in Italian!) where I can learn more about the Sistine Chapel?

  2. Hi!
    I’m writting from Brazil.

    I just discovered this amazing podcast!

    I just loved it.

    Thanks for all the lessons.

    I wish you would write the sentences in itallian on the LYRICS (Get info –> Lyrics) part of the podcast.

  3.  In the banter with Massimo around “dimi una scultura di Michelangelo”, Jane at one point says (I think): “ti sei dimenticato la mia domanda”. My ears pricked up at this reflexive form because I would have expected “tu hai dimenticato”. There were also some reflexives I wasn’t necessarily expecting in Intermediate Lesson 25 too: lamentarti, ricordarti. In English, these would just have been intransitive & I’m getting the sense that it’s characteristic of Italian to use reflexives far more frequently than in English. Can you offer any more discussion of whether and when to use or expect the use of reflexive forms of the verb in Italian?

  4. Ludwig, you are right: it is characteristic of Italian to use reflexives far more frequently than in English. We are planning to release an episode soon dedicated on reflexive verbs.

  5. Rome is really worth a trip if you are in Italy. I mean the Sistine Chapel alone will make your day.

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