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Best Italian Yogurt Brands & Flavors to Try in Italy

Are you a fan of yogurt? Do you crave the creamy texture, the variety of flavors, and the delightful tang of this classic snack? Italy, renowned for its cuisine, also contributes to the world of dairy with an array of Italian yogurt brands.

The yogurt scene in Italy is as rich and diverse as its culture, boasting a symphony of flavors ranging from the refreshingly tangy to the decadently creamy.

Italian yogurt

Unlike its global counterparts, yogurt in Italy is often noted for its luscious texture and full-bodied taste, making it a must-try for connoisseurs and casual fans alike. Now, let’s delve into the artisans of this creamy craft: the top Italian yogurt makers.

Top Italian Yogurt Makers

A few top names in Italian supermarkets stand out in the yogurt section. Each brand, a hallmark of Italian food tradition, takes pride in its products’ quality and unique sensory experience.


Yomo (website) is a cherished name in the Italian yogurt landscape, with roots dating back to 1947. This brand, steeped in tradition, offers a range of yogurts known for their zero-fat ‘Yomo Magro‘ variety, celebrated for its exceptional creaminess. 

Yomo’s dedication to innovation is evident in their ‘Oh My Yomo Cheesecake‘ flavor, which provides a unique twist on the classic yogurt experience with its dual-compartment container, allowing yogurt enthusiasts to mix in the flavors as they please. 

They also cater to the health-conscious with their High Protein Kvarg, boasting no added sugars, fats, or lactose, yet rich in taste.

Keeping with the times, Yomo has committed to sustainability, promising to convert all their 125-gram yogurt containers to 100% recyclable paper sourced from sustainably managed forests. 

This blend of tradition, taste, and responsibility makes Yomo a top pick for anyone looking to indulge in the genuine Italian yogurt experience. 


Müller (website) is a yogurt maestro, not only in Italy but all over the globe.

This Italian company lineup is impressive, with options like the classic ‘Yogurt Bianco‘ and the full-bodied ‘Yogurt Intero ai Gusti,’ which come in various fruit flavors. 

Then there’s the ‘Müller Mix‘ for those who fancy a bit of fun mixing in their toppings. 

For the health watchers, Müller hasn’t skipped a beat, offering ‘Yogurt Zero% Grassi‘ and ‘Yogurt senza Lattosio’ for those cutting back on fats and lactose. And for a taste of Greek tradition, try their ‘Passione alla Greca.’

Müller’s commitment to delicious, high-quality yogurt is what sets them apart, making each spoonful a testament to their craft.


Dive into the world of Vipiteno yogurt (website), and it’s like taking a flavor trip through Italy. 

With roots in the Alpine town of Sterzing, this brand prides itself on simplicity and natural ingredients, creating a yogurt that’s tasty and feels good. 

Their variety packs a punch with options ranging from classic cherry and blueberry to more adventurous blends like pear-ginger and mango-turmeric. Do not forget the lactose-free and muesli options for those with special dietary needs. 

This brand is a testament to the sweet simplicity and creamy delight that Italian yogurt stands for.

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While Italian yogurt brands are a testament to the country’s dairy excellence, there are other international players in the Italian yogurt market that stand out, particularly the renowned Fage.


Fage may originate from Greece, but its presence in Italy cannot be ignored. This yogurt brand has been delighting taste buds in Italy with its rich and velvety offerings. 

With nearly a century of experience, Fage’s passion shines through in their various yogurts, like the ‘FAGE Total,’ a natural creamy yogurt strained in the traditional Greek way without added sugars, providing endless possibilities for enjoyment. 

For those with dietary preferences, ‘FAGE BeFree‘ offers a lactose-free option, ensuring everyone can indulge. 

Their ‘FAGE Fruyo‘ is a treat, just creamy fruit yogurt at its best, rich in protein and no fat. The ‘FAGE Total 0% Split Cup’ pairs natural yogurt with fruits or honey, creating a perfect match. 

Each spoonful is a tribute to their meticulous straining process, which not only enhances the creaminess but also packs a nutritious punch, being naturally rich in protein and calcium​​.

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Special and Unique Italian Yogurt Flavors

Italian yogurt with fruits, scenic Italian backdrop

Italian yogurt isn’t all about the brands but also the special and unique flavors that come with them. You’ll always find a diverse selection from bitter to sweet and traditional to modern.

The charm of Italian yogurts lies in their ability to consistently surprise and delight with their array of flavors. Here’s a list of 10 of my favorites:

  1. Agrumi di Sicilia (Sicilian citrus fruits): A zesty wake-up call that transports you to the sun-kissed groves of Sicily with every spoonful. [Brand: Yomo]
  2. Caffè (Coffee): Perfect for when you can’t decide between dessert and espresso. Who says you can’t have both? [Brand: Müller]
  3. Mirtilli Neri (Blueberries): Like a summer hike in the Italian Alps, in a cup. [Brand: Yomo]
  4. Ciliegie e Amarene (Cherries and black cherries): A dual burst of sweetness and tartness, just like Nonna’s cherry pie. [Brand: Yomo]
  5. Limone (Lemon): Refreshing as a gentle breeze from the Amalfi coast. [Brand: Vipiteno]
  6. Pistacchio (Pistachio): A scoop of luxury that’s nutty and creamy, bringing a bit of Sicilian flair to your day. [Brand: Müller]
  7. Nocciola (Hazelnut): It’s like spreading Nutella on your tongue, but even silkier. [Brand: Müller]
  8. Stracciatella (Chocolate Chips): A crunchy twist that turns yogurt into a choco-lover’s dream, not just reserved for gelato. [Brand: Yomo]
  9. Cocco (Coconut): Close your eyes, and you’re instantly lounging on the beaches of Sardinia. [Brand: Yomo]
  10. Malto (Malt): For a taste that’s as rich and complex as the history of Rome. [Brand: Yomo]

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Italian Yogurt Brands FAQ

Where can I buy Italian brands of yogurt?

You’ll find the popular Italian yogurt brands we’ve mentioned in almost every supermarket in Italy. If you’re outside Italy, while some brands might be harder to come by, many grocery stores have international sections where Italian yogurts could be available.

Which Italian yogurt brand is known for being light?

Yomo Magro is renowned for being a lighter choice, offering a creamy texture with zero percent fat, making it a favorite for those seeking a lighter Italian yogurt option.

How do Italian yogurt brands compare to other non-Italian brands in terms of creaminess?

A: Italian yogurt brands like Yomo or Müller are well-loved for their exceedingly creamy texture. Italian yogurt is typically creamier due to its high-fat content and production process, often including fresh cream.

On the other hand, Greek yogurt gets its creaminess from being strained to remove whey, resulting in a thicker consistency but tangier taste. The choice between Italian-style yogurt and other types like Greek yogurt often comes down to personal preference regarding texture and taste.

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Do Italian yogurt brands contain a lot of preservatives?

Italian yogurt brands tend to focus on natural and simple ingredients, aiming to keep their products as wholesome as possible.

The key to a healthy yogurt is minimal ingredients, ideally containing just whole milk and live active cultures without a long list of additional elements.

While it’s impossible to generalize for all Italian yogurt brands, the emphasis is usually on quality and simplicity, suggesting a lesser reliance on preservatives than some conventional yogurts that may contain artificial colors, sweeteners, and preservatives.

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