Phrasebook #2: Numbers & Time

LearnItalianPod Let’s learn, refine, and practice some must-know Italian words and phrases with a very good online Italian Phrasebook! Today we are learning everything about numbers, and words that describe time. Enjoy!

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7 thoughts on “Phrasebook #2: Numbers & Time”

  1. Hello,

    congratulations to your really good way to learn italian!

    Maybay one tip: You don´t always have to say: Please repeat after me.

    When you are practising the exercise, it is clear that the listener sholuld repeat here. So if you say it once, it will be enough.

    Please continue with this great podcasts

    Yours Armin

  2. Hi your site is great and has helped me a lot , would like to work on my grammer as I am having problems getting it into my head I have been learning for six months so far, can you help me in that area please.

    thanks colin.

  3. ciao massimo!
    i do love the phrasebook podcasts. they are very very useful.

    i have one question tho, in the podcast you say morning, “mattino” with an “o”. in the wikitravel page, it reads “mattina”. any reason why you change that?

    thank you!

  4.  ciao. i like your praze book very much it really increases things we can talk about using the dialogue we have already learnt. well done.

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