13. Formal Greetings

LearnItalianPod In Italian, the way you greet someone is quite important: the type of greeting reflects the social hierarchy among people. So, how would you greet your boss, or a client you’re meeting for the the first time? Let’s find out today.


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One thought on “13. Formal Greetings”

  1. Hi,
    As a non-native English speaking Dutch speaking woman I love this Podcast! I have no trouble what so ever to follow your lessons!
    I am learning some active Italian, and won’t be afraid to try this summer on vacation in Italy. I grew up among Italian speaking people and speak French. Old latin I had in school. Comprehension isn’t my problem but speaking is!! The podcast helps me a lot!!!

    Thanks!! I will go on listening until the vacation!! I already tried some on my neighbours (Italian people) and they were impressed 😉

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