17. Spaghetti On A Stamp (Culture Shot)

LearnItalianPod Learn Italian with Culture Shot! “But are spaghetti or not the most famous type of pasta? – And why do Italians like their pasta ‘al dente’?” – These are the questions posed by Angela, one of LearnItalianPod’s subscriber. Well Angela, just listen to today’s story to find out how famous spaghetti have become over the years – so famous they have landed on a stamp! And, about “why Italians like their pasta ‘al dente’,” it’s very simple: the firmer the pasta the better the taste! Enjoy!

Culture Shot – Episode Nr. 17


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2 thoughts on “17. Spaghetti On A Stamp (Culture Shot)”

  1. I like pasta al dente, too! 🙂 Great episode. I’ve enjoyed Jane’s explanation of nouns ending in ‘e’. So, basically, they need to be memorized, right? — Keep up the good work!

  2. Great Lesson, great explanations. I look forward to your podcast every week, I’m learning so much for only a few dollars a month. Keep it up, Jane and Massino!

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