7. The Midnight Spaghetti (Culture Shot)

LearnItalianPod Learn Italian language with our seventh “Culture Shot” (“Colpo di Cultura”, in Italian), a weekly small bite of culture coming from Italy. Today we’ll talk about an all Italian recipe (“una ricetta tutta italiana”): The Midnight Spaghetti. The main ingredient is… a nice night out with friends. Right when you think it’s time to go to bed, one of the friends says: “Guys, why don’t we go to my place for spaghetti?” It’s almost midnight, and you really should go, but… can you say “no” to your friends? No way! Enjoy your spaghetti, everyone!

Culture Shot – Episode Nr. 7


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4 thoughts on “7. The Midnight Spaghetti (Culture Shot)”

  1. Spaghetti a mezzanotte is good! My fiance and I got all excited (and hungry!) after listening to this episode the other night and we tried the midnight spaghetti! That was a lot of fun! Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  2. Are you saying “due spaghetti” not the partitive “dei spaghetti?” Thanks! Love the podcasts.

  3. The expression “due spaghetti” (literally: two spaghetti) is a colloquial one: it means “some spaghetti”. You may refer to the grammar section of the episode for an explanation about the expression.

    The partitive, if you wanted to use it, would be “degli spaghetti”.

  4.  hi guys great episode ! could you tell me why you are saying spaghettata di mezzonotte and not just saghetti? thanks

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