wedding in Venice, Italy

Wedding in Venice Italy: Your Guide to 15 Best Venues

Are you considering a magical wedding in Venice, Italy, but need help figuring out where to start? Perfect, you’re in the right place! 

As an experienced traveler born and raised in Italy and someone who knows Venice really well, I’ve compiled everything you need to know to plan your Italian romantic wedding and find the perfect Venice wedding venue.

Why Choose Venice for Your Italian Wedding

wedding in Venice, Italy

Venice, often regarded as the most romantic city in the world, is the perfect location for a wedding that merges history, romance, and breathtaking beauty. 

This enchanting city of canals is poised to be the backdrop of your love story, leaving an indelible impression on your heart. 

Whether you dream of a lavish ceremony in luxury hotels or a more intimate small wedding, a Venetian wedding is a unique experience.

Weddings in Venice, Italy, are memorable events, a symphony of unique elements harmoniously blending in a perfect setting. Picture a gentle gondola ride under ornate bridges, meandering through the labyrinthine canals to the iconic Rialto Bridge or the breathtaking Piazza San Marco. 

Visualize the majestic Byzantine architecture of the Basilica in the backdrop, a testament to Venice’s rich past. 

Can you hear the gondolier’s soft serenade as you kiss under the Bridge of Sighs while the sunset paints the sky with romance?

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Choosing Your Venetian Wedding Venue

Embarking on the journey to find the perfect venue for your wedding in Venice can be as exciting as the city itself. From majestic Venetian palaces to serene churches and opulent villas, Venice has choices that encapsulate its timeless romance and charm. 

This section explores a curated selection of the city’s most enchanting venues that will provide the perfect backdrop for your special day. Please note these venues are presented in no particular order.

1. Belmond Hotel Cipriani

Belmond Hotel Cipriani

Belmond Hotel Cipriani, famously chosen by George and Amal Clooney for their wedding, is nestled on the island cluster of Giudecca. 

Offering stunning views of Venice’s crown jewels like the Doge’s Palace and St Mark’s Square, this elegant wedding venue boasts an interior adorned with exquisite artifacts, Venice’s most spectacular swimming pool, and exquisite traditional cuisine.

The luxurious atmosphere of Belmond Hotel Cipriani, amplified by its lush private gardens and sweeping lagoon vistas, makes it an extraordinary setting for a lavish celebration. 

With its glorious architecture surrounded by water and gardens once roamed by Casanova, this venue offers a unique canvas for your Venetian wedding.

2. Hotel Danieli

wedding reception at Hotel Danieli, Venice
Source: Brilliant Wedding Venice

Hotel Danieli, an illustrious venue for weddings in Venice, Italy, boasts awe-inspiring vistas of the islands and the Grand Canal. This magnificent establishment is within a stone’s throw from the Bridge of Sighs and the legendary Saint Mark’s Square, overlooking the regal Palazzo Ducale.

Guests are treated to the romantic spectacle of the lagoon from rooms graced with balconies. It’s a dream wedding reception location, undeniably standing as one of Venice’s most distinguished wedding venues.

The splendid Marco Polo banqueting rooms, nestled on the ground floor of Palazzo Danieli Excelsior, are inspired by the Renaissance era and can accommodate up to 200 attendees. An adjoining wedding hall is available to host a dance floor complete with live music.

The venue also permits symbolic ceremonies onsite, adding to its allure for those planning an unforgettable wedding.

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3. Hotel Indigo Venice Sant’Elena

Hotel Indigo Venice Sant'Elena

Set in the distinguished district of Sant’Elena, Hotel Indigo Venice is a hidden gem where your dream wedding reception can come to life. 

Despite being enveloped in the grandeur of one of the most iconic cities globally, this property offers a serene refuge from tourist crowds. The venue’s distinct interior design will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Count on the expertise and professionalism of its staff to craft your perfect fairy tale wedding. 

Whether you fancy an open-air celebration in their verdant garden during the warm season or an intimate gathering in their stylish wedding hall during cooler months, Hotel Indigo Venice – Sant’Elena is an excellent choice for an unforgettable wedding in Venice.

4. Aman Venice

Aman Hotel, Venice

Nestled in the historic district of San Polo by the Rialto, Aman Venice holds a prestigious position along the Grand Canal, making it one of Venice’s most exclusive hotels

Housed within a 16th-century Venetian Palazzo, it boasts frescoed ceilings, Murano glass chandeliers, ornate stucco decorations, grand mirrors, and exquisite silk draperies.

Despite its central location, Aman Venice has two gardens – one gracing the Grand Canal and another opening onto the San Polo neighborhood. 

This beautiful hotel is equipped to host a range of wedding ceremonies, whether religious or secular, inside or outdoors, overlooking the magnificent Grand Canal. 

The opulent ballroom, awash in golden stuccos, ample natural light, and sparkling chandeliers, can welcome up to 100 guests for a wedding ceremony and reception, encapsulating your guests in an environment of grandeur and refinement.

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5. Ca’ Sagredo

Ca' Sagredo, Venice

Strategically positioned on the Grand Canal, Ca’ Sagredo offers stunning vistas of the historical Rialto Market. 

More than just a luxury hotel, Ca’ Sagredo, recognized as a National Monument, embodies a private palace, a noble residence, a museum, and beyond. 

The grandeur of bygone eras resonates in the extravagantly frescoed ballroom and lounge. Amid the treasures housed within Ca’ Sagredo, it’s easy to lose track of the outside world.

There’s an enchanting allure to this Palace – its sumptuous pink facade, breathtaking interiors, and views of the Grand Canal are nothing short of mesmerizing.

The hotel houses the waterside L’Alcova restaurant with a terrace providing fantastic panoramic views of the Grand Canal. Serving dishes that celebrate Italy, the menu offers a unique take on authentic Venetian cuisine. 

If you dream of spending the most magical day in a Venetian Palace, Ca’ Sagredo is the ideal venue for your Venice wedding.

6. Castello Papadopoli Giol

Castello Papadopoli Giol

Nestled in the romantic city of Venice, Castello Papadopoli Giol is a historical palazzo that oozes elegance and charm

Replete with refined interiors, beautiful outdoor spaces, and a charming ambiance, the historic Palazzo Papadopoli is an idyllic venue for any wedding occasion, whether ceremonies, receptions, engagement parties, or rehearsal dinners.

The venue’s grandeur is spread across four floors, offering couples many options for their special day, from the cozy Venetian Lounge, perfect for cocktail hours or after-dinner drinks, to the splendid Central Hall, which accommodates around 100 guests for a sit-down feast. 

This venue, one of the most romantic places in Venice, is ideal for capturing memorable photos and toasting unforgettable moments under the starry Venetian sky.

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7. JW Marriott Venice Isola delle Rose

JW Marriott Venice Isola delle Rose

As the first JW Marriott in Italy, the Isola Delle Rose resort unfurls over a private island spanning 16 hectares or 40 acres. 

Its assortment of five accommodation facilities, a spa, an elegant Romanesque Revival church, and the Dopolavoro restaurant breathes modern life into a series of 1920s and 1930s structures, rejuvenated with contemporary charm.

Isola Delle Rose offers an elegant canvas for a sophisticated celebration inspired by your love story. 

The chic terraces, offering awe-inspiring views of Venice, the tranquility of an idyllic century-old park, and the enduring romance of a historic church in the Venetian lagoon, perfectly set the romantic mood for your wedding in Venice, Italy.

8. Hyatt Centric Murano

couple getting married in Venice, Italy

Nestled in the heart of Venice, Hyatt Centric Murano Venice offers a refined setting perfect for couples seeking a destination wedding in the City of Bridges. 

The hotel, blending historical allure with contemporary sophistication, provides an ideal backdrop for intimate celebrations.

With a maximum capacity of 80 people, Hyatt Centric Murano Venice creates a stylish ambiance for welcome aperitifs, standing buffets, and cake-cutting ceremonies. These can be hosted in their outdoor garden, patio, or cozy Spritz & Fizz bar. 

Their OsteRiva Restaurant, a revamped space within a luminous, bioclimatic greenhouse at the hotel’s core, boasts an inventive layout. It features a massive handcrafted wooden table with plush leather stools dedicated to the newlyweds.

9. Baglioni Hotel Luna

Baglioni Hotel Luna

The Baglioni Hotel Luna, Venice’s oldest hotel, sits near St. Mark’s Square. 

Its rooms reflect elegance with antique furniture, Murano glass chandeliers, and marble bathrooms. Its award-winning restaurant, Canova, offers an intimate setting. 

The Marco Polo Ballroom, adorned with original frescoes, and the private terraces of the Sansovino and San Giorgio suites offer exquisite settings for your reception. 

Luna Hotel Baglioni is an excellent choice to ensure a remarkable wedding experience.

10. Gritti Palace

Gritti Palace, Venice

The Gritti Palace, an illustrious 5-star luxury hotel, majestically perches in the heart of Venice, overlooking the mesmerizing Grand Canal. 

With stunning views stretching from San Giorgio Maggiore Island to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection via the iconic landmarks of Punta della Dogana and Santa Maria della Salute Basilica, this 15th-century noble mansion captivates all who visit. 

This iconic Venice intimate wedding venue, rich in art and elegance, delivers superb service, delightful culinary experiences, and an inviting ambiance for both relaxation and enjoyment.

Other Notable Wedding Venues in Venice, Italy

While the following wedding venues in Venice may have yet to make our top recommendations, they remain exceptional choices and are absolutely worth considering. 

Each offers distinctive features, a captivating atmosphere, and remarkable Venetian grandeur. Let these hidden gems inspire you to delve deeper into Venice’s wide variety of wedding venue options.

  • Al Segnavento
  • Palazzo Bauer
  • Hotel Excelsior
  • San Clemente Palace Kempinski
  • Villa Barbarich
  • Sina Centurion Palace
  • Ca’Nigra

Venice Italy Wedding FAQ

Can foreigners get legally married in Venice, Italy?

Absolutely, foreigners can marry in Venice, Italy. The key is early preparation and ensuring you’ve all the necessary legal documents. 

Always get in touch with the local town hall’s Registrar’s Office where you plan to wed for a definitive list of required documents and their submission timelines. Your Venice wedding planner will be a great help in this process.

Can you get married in Italy as a U.S. citizen?

Yes, U.S. citizens can marry in Italy. The couple is required to declare their intention to marry at the City’s Civil Registrar with two witnesses. You’ll also need to present valid U.S. passports and driver’s licenses.

Once again, it’s always a good idea to contact the Registrar’s Office of the local town hall where you plan to get married.

Is it possible to get married in Venice?

newly weds kissing in St. Mark's square, Venice, Italy

Definitely! Venice, famed for its romantic ambiance, is an ideal wedding location. Think about George and Amal Clooney’s wedding in Venice, and you’ll understand its allure.

Do you need a wedding planner to get married in Venice?

Although not a necessity, hiring a wedding planner is highly recommended.

Planning a destination wedding, particularly in Venice, could be challenging without a local wedding planner. 

Besides finding the perfect venue, they provide invaluable insights about the city and ensure you can fully savor your special day. 

It’s wise to consider opting for a comprehensive wedding package in Venice for improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

How do you plan a wedding in Venice, Italy?

Start by picking a wedding venue. Once settled, ask the wedding venue for a wedding planner recommendation. With a wedding planner, you can start working on all the details, from the wedding day to the ceremony to the reception.

How to find and work with local wedding vendors in Venice?

Engaging a wedding planner is best for finding local wedding vendors in Venice. The venue of your choice is a good starting point for finding a suitable planner.

What types of weddings can you have in Venice?

couple getting married in Venice, Italy

You can choose from a religious ceremony, a civil marriage, or a symbolic wedding in Venice.

Venice Religious Weddings

For those seeking a Catholic wedding, Venice offers a myriad of churches and cathedrals. 

Additionally, an array of sacred spaces from varying denominations are scattered across the city’s small islands, ensuring that every religious preference is catered to for your special ceremony.

Civil Weddings in Venice

Civil weddings in Venice are often held in majestic palaces, contributing a remarkable elegance to the event. 

A notable location for such civil ceremonies is the stunning Palazzo Cavalli, Venice town hall, which commands a spectacular view of the Grand Canal. 

The Palazzo Cavalli’s imposing grand staircase offers a majestic entrance for the bride, who may choose to arrive via a traditional gondola.

This location is recognized as one of Venice’s most sought-after venues for a civil ceremony due to its grandeur and scenic location.

Venice Symbolic Weddings 

Symbolic weddings, on the other hand, are non-denominational ceremonies that can be personalized and held in any of Venice’s remarkable venues. These are ideal for those seeking a more personalized or unconventional celebration.

What is the average cost of a wedding in Italy?

Based on a WeddingWire survey, an average Italian wedding costs around 30,000 EUR (33,000 USD), excluding accommodation.

However, wedding costs in Venice can range from €30,000 to over €70,000 (76,000 USD), depending on the chosen venue, catering, and other elements.

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What is the best time of year for a wedding in Venice?

The ideal period for a wedding in Venice is from May to September, the typical wedding season. If you plan to marry during this season, early planning is advisable. April and October are considered low seasons, while May to September is high.

What are the best photoshoot locations in Venice?

young wedding couple posing in Piazza San Marco, Venice

Securing the services of a professional photographer in Venice is highly recommended to capture your special day in this breathtaking city. 

Venice is such a unique city and presents a plethora of spectacular locations for unforgettable wedding photos.

  • San Marco Square (Piazza San Marco)
  • Campanile Di San Marco
  • Doge’s Palace (Palazzo Ducale)
  • Bridge of Sighs (Ponte dei Sospiri)
  • Rialto Bridge (Ponte di Rialto)
  • Gondola Ride
  • The viewpoint of San Giorgio Maggiore
  • Scalzi Bridge (Ponte degli Scalzi)

What are some local wedding traditions in Italy?

Italy is rich with unique wedding customs that add a special touch to your celebration. Check out our 27 Italian Wedding Traditions: Know the Best Customs article to learn more.

What are some romantic honeymoon ideas in Venice?

Venice’s enchanting waterways, gondolas, bridges, and vibrant buildings are the perfect honeymoon location. Here are some romantic ideas:

newly weds kissing
  • Stroll at St Mark’s Square during sunset.
  • Seal your eternal love with a kiss at The Bridge of Sighs or Ponte dei Sospiri.
  • Enjoy a private romantic gondola ride.
  • Visit the vibrant island of Murano.
  • Delight in watching Murano’s artisans’ craft glass.
  • Indulge in a romantic dinner.
  • Go on a Wine tour.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Venice’s unparalleled romantic allure, historic architecture, and unique waterways make it the perfect place for an unforgettable Italian wedding. 

Whether you desire a religious, civil marriage, or symbolic ceremony, Venice caters to all, offering exceptional venues, delectable cuisine, and an immersive cultural experience. 

With its beautiful photoshoot locations and romantic honeymoon ideas, Venice stands out as an unbeatable choice for your dream destination wedding.

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