9. Is It Worth Going There? (Upper Intermediate)

LearnItalianPod Episode #9 of the “Upper Intermediate Level Series” is entitled “Is It Worth Going There?” – Our hero Italo has finally made it to Piazza S. Marco. As he stands in the middle of the Piazza, enjoying the marvelous view of that timeless place, he hears a tourist guide talking about the mythical “Harry’s Bar” of Venice, one of the most famous bars in the world. Fascinated by what he hears, Italo decides to approach the guide and ask for an opinion: is it worth going there? So let’s hear, from the mouth of a tourist guide, some fascinating facts about a true icon of the Italian culture, all while learning how to ask for and how to give opinions. Enjoy!

Upper Intermediate – Episode Nr.9


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2 thoughts on “9. Is It Worth Going There? (Upper Intermediate)”

  1. I went to the Harry’s Bar – to me, not worth going. Incredibly expensive and the service wasn’t that great. Some friends went and they enjoyed it – I guess everyone’s different…

  2.  Ciao Jane e Massimo,

    Can you explain why you use “l’ho sentita parlare..” instead of “l’ho sentito parlare..”? I was under the impression that the past participle of verbs using avere as auxiliary did not require any inflection. In this case you appear to use a singular feminine inflection for Italo.

    Grazie per i vostro meraviglioso lezioni.

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