16. How To Get A Haircut (HTI)

LearnItalianPod LearnItalianPod VIP Member Lucia from New Zealand says: “When I went to Italy last year, I thought that my knowledge of the Italian language was good enough to be able to deal with almost any situations. Not so! – One day I wanted to get an haircut, and I realized I did not know enough vocabulary to tell the hairdresser how I wanted my hair! – So, how about a lesson about getting a haircut? – Great idea, Lucia! So today let’s find out how to get a stylish haircut – without losing your cool. Enjoy!

How To Italian – Episode Nr.16


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7 thoughts on “16. How To Get A Haircut (HTI)”

  1. Could you explain the expression “un po’ piu'”? Is po’ abbreviation for poco? Thanks – I’m really enjoying the how to italian series!

  2. I have question about this episode too. Forgive me for the tardiness but I just got an ipod for the first time two months ago and I then just discovered your podcasts. My question is: Is it also necessary to tip your hairstylist the way we do here in the states and if so how much? Or is it included in your bill the way it is at the restaurant.

  3. for valerie a chi tocca ? means whose turn is it ?the verb toccare here is an idiom  you can also say tocca a te and this means it’s your turn

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