37. Talking On The Phone

LearnItalianPod Who doesn’t know how hard it is to speak a foreign language over the phone? Not anymore so after this lesson! In today’s episode we will learn and practice some useful informal expressions you can use while making a phone call to a friend.


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4 thoughts on “37. Talking On The Phone”

  1. Ciao
    Io sono brasiliano i volio imparare italiano.

    I was realy glad to have you Maximo, Jane and Monica to teach so beautifull language.
    I have a lot of difficult with the conjugation of the verbs, but, day to day i’m learnig how to do it with you.
    I hope yo continue with this beautifull work wich provides the chance of everyone in the world to learn Italian.

    grazie mille per tuo lavoro

    I feel a lot of dificult in writing. I would like to have italian friends to write. Can i write to you?

    Any time you come to Brasil, count on me to show you São Paulo , the place I live.

    ci vejiamo

  2.  Ciao Jane and Massimo,
    I am finding your podcasts a great way to learn Italian. Most enjoyable. I am a little confused with the translation of one of the sentences in the supplemantary vocubulary – “Ci sentiamo piu tardi” – I will talk to you later.
    Should this not translate as “I will listen to you later” as the verb sentire means to listen?
    I look forward to your reply.
    Ciao, Ciao, Davina

  3. Davina, the expression “ci sentiamo piu’ tardi” means literally “we will hear from each other later” – it’s actually an idiomatic expression equivalent to the English “I will talk to you later”, or “we’ll talk later”.

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