23. At The Concert

LearnItalianPod And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment we’ve all been waiting for… Please put your hands together and welcome on stage one of the best singers ever, a legend of pop-music… from Italy, Laura Pausini!


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13 thoughts on “23. At The Concert”

  1. ahhh!!!! :mrgreen: 😆 sono grandi!!!! :mrgreen: bravissima Lauraaa!!! e voi!! grazieeee!! grazie mille!! “Strani amori mettono nei guai ma in realtà siamo noi e lo aspetti ad un telefono litigando che sia libero con il cuore nello stomaco” 8) una bella canzone! anch’e vecchia!! .spero che vinca il grammy!!!!! 😀 😀 il 8 de Febraio!! :mrgreen:

  2. This is great. 😉 It’s cool you guys have kept your promise with the tribute to Laura…. And, Jane, you sing well. 😀

  3. While mio ragazzo is in Italy for 3 weeks (Napolitano), I am learning Italian through your podcasts. I want to surprise him when he gets back. And he is a musician so this lesson is coming in handy. Thank you! 😀

  4. Ciao,
    Why is ‘che’ needed in this sentence…’Ecco che inizia'(Here she starts)…..? ‘Che’ is not mentioned in the translation.

  5. “Ecco che inizia” is a colloquial expression equivalent to the English “here he/she starts”. When used that way (another example: “ecco che arriva” – “here he/she is”), then “che” is always needed after “ecco”.

  6. Hello, I just wanted to say thanks to Jane and Massimo, I am really enjoying these lessons, they have a very refreshing style. After this particular lesson I downloaded some songs by Laura Pausini onto my ipod, and then got some lyrics (english and italian) from www allthelyrics com. Yes, your singing inspired me Jane!

    The only negative comment for your lessons would be the plugs each lesson for “learnitalianpod”. As a subsciber I am already sold, and don’t need to hear it each lesson(even if Massimo says it so sweetly). And finally, will you be doing an advanced level, or is the intermediate level more than enough for anyone wishing to speak italian fairly well? Thanks again, Marie

  7. Ciao Marie – thanks for your great post – I’m glad Jane’s singing inspired you (-:

    As far as the “plugs” – I understand – we’re actually looking forward to re-edit the audio so subscribers will not hear the plugs when they are logged in – it’ll take a bit, but we’ll get there – but usually is not more than a few seconds… so please bear with us while we get there (-;

    Advanced level lessons are coming – very very soon – episodes in Italian only! But yes, our intermediate level (together with Culture Shots and How To Italian) is more than enough for anyone wishing to speak italian fairly well.

  8. Is it ok to say “siamo qui in Miami”? or it’s a grammar rule to use “a” when referred to a place (“siamo qui a Miami”)?

    Congrats for the website, e bellisimo.


  9.  The rule is “a” for cities – – siamo qui a Miami. P. 132 of “Italian Dymistified.” “The preposition ‘a’ is used in front of a city name to rennder the idea of being “in a city.” Eg: Vivo a Roma. Otherwise, the preposition ‘in’ is used. Eg: Vivo in Italia. Vivo nell’Italia centrale.”

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