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I just returned from Italy and wanted to thank you very much for your excellent service. Italy was absolutely wonderful and made even better because of your lessons. Everything from car rental, to market purchases to dining out and making new friends was a snap! Jerry, Canada

I just wanted to tell you how useful has been to me and my family! My husband is from Italy and his parents don’t speak English, so of course we always have some communication problems when we go to see them. To prepare for our Christmas visit this year I started listening to your podcasts in October, and by Christmas I was able to understand so much more than ever before, and even contribute to the conversation a little myself! L.L.

I just got back from Italy, went for a two-week vacation. It was fantastic!
Before I left I listened to your podcasts, and I must say they were an immense help. Thanks so much Jane and Massimo! Grazie molto! R.P.

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I have visited Italy once, and I plan to return next year. My father’s mother and father are from Italy. My mother’s mother and father are from Italy. I began attending the Dante Alighieri society of Boston to learn about my Italian history and culture and to take language lessons. I find the perfect supplement and practice that makes me a much better speaker. Grazie per tutto! Anthony, Boston

Hi! I’m a student (I’m 15 years old), and I’ve been listening to your podcast and studying Italian for the last 3 months; it’s the reason that I have received a scholarship to go to Italy this summer. I hope that you can understand my Italian (Jenny wrote us in Italian as well, see below – of course we can understand your Italian, Jenny!) – Ehhh, thanks a lot!

Ciao! Sono una studentessa (ho quindici anni), e stavo ascoltando il tuo podcast e stavo studiando l’Italiano per i tre mesi scorsi; e’ la ragione che ho ottenuto una borsa di studio per andare in Italia quest’estate. Ehhh, molto grazie! Jenny

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I just wanted to say I love your site. Ti amo molto! I’ve been learning Italian for just over a year and find the audio a wonderful addition to my ‘after hours’ learning. It’s very well structured and follows a similar path to my classes – although I’m picking up some very useful expressions from your site! I still have a lot to learn but am getting there. Ciao ciao! D.C.

My girlfriend and I just returned from Italy and after listening to your podcasts from the very beginning, we found them to be of great help. Especially when it came to pronunciation. I had been studying the language for several months prior but one really has to hear a language to truly learn it.

Granted I have a long way to go before I feel truly confident to fluently write and speak Italian, but your podcasts offer a great encouragement. So I am going to stick with this and try and master the language!

As for my girlfriend and what she got from your podcasts, she ONLY learned italian from your podcasts. And after learning a few key phrases (and some not so key), she had no problem speaking to anyone…well the italian men anyways. Having a pretty face and a great figure goes pretty far in Italy — which prompted her to quickly learn from podcast #9 on how to say she was “la mia sposa!”

As for the new Phrasebook segment you are doing, it is wonderfully useful. Please keep doing it. Ed & Deb

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I absolutely love this site! I only wish that I had discovered it sooner. I am leaving for Italia on Tuesday! I’m so excited! At least I know that I have lessons to keep me occupied on the plane ride! I’m currently on lesson 13. Keep up the great work! Ci vediamo! C.

I live in the UK and am learning Italian. Just wanted to say how wonderful your website is and how I am loving the dialogues. Have downloaded them all, but only got up to no. 7 – looking forward to working through them all. Thank you so much for providing this great service to all us Italian learners out there! J.

This is the most effective language tool I’ve ever used. It is easy because there is quite a bit of repetition and emphasis put on pronunciation. Quality of speaking vs. quantity of vocabulary. You aren’t learning a lot of vocab words that you are going to forget in an hour. Jay

Thank you so much for your wonderful website. I’m a second generation New York American/Italian. My grandparents moved to the USA and learned the English language right away. Although my family is traditional in its Italian customs, they never taught me the language.

I have my own son now, Anthony, and we’re learning Italian together. I feel its important he enjoys the Italian customs and have the ability to express it in the Italian language. Your site makes this possible. Thank you so much!!!!!! Jane and Max, you are truly wonderful people. Arrivederci J.R.

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“It’s not a Language Podcast, It’s Entertainment!” – [Business Week]

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Italian Language Website Helps Reunite Family After Forty Years

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Determined to prove that is never too late to learn to be molto linguistico, I’ve been spending my morning commutes immersed in this learn-italian podcast ( There are beginner and intermediate levels, and the chemistry beetween the show’s girl and the guy hosts is so cute that I was too distracted to feel self-conscious about walking down the street muttering, “Ieri sono andata fuori e ho preso freddo” (“Yesterday I went out and I got cold”) like a crazy person.

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