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Learn Italian with the LearnItalianPod Method

The LearnItalianPod Method

LearnItalianPod’s mission is to share our belief in the power of learning another language so that one may grow to understand and appreciate the world around us in new and meaningful ways.

Whether you are going on an incredible Italian vacation, or your only Italian speaking zia (aunt) or cugina (cousin) is visiting from Italy, or you have just joined a great company that has an office in Italy and you need to build a relationship and better understand them and their culture, the LearnItalianPod Method to learn Italian is for you.

The LearnItalianPod method helps you to build a language core and familiarize yourself with the structure of a conversation, while learning common expressions and behaviors, as well as the Italian culture, as you listen to our hosts converse in fun day to day, real life discussions. The LearnItalianPod method helps you to absorb new information and even join in the conversation.

Our easy to use word search dictionary helps you to find certain words or phrases used in the dialogues that you want to listen to again and repeat for more assurance. The LearnItalianPod method is so fun and easy, you’ll be impressing your friends and family with your new language in no time.

So practice regularly with our engaging hosts and you will inevitably improve your knowledge to communicate in Italian with confidence.