100 Most Common Italian Words with Audio: Ultimate Guide

100 most common Italian words

Ciao, language learners! Max here, your guide to mastering Italian with the 100 most common Italian words, with audio to boost your vocabulary.

Join me on this linguistic adventure as we dive into the ultimate guide, organized by category, to help you learn and enjoy the essentials of Italian!

Rationale for Inclusion

The words in this list were selected based on their frequency of usage in everyday Italian language.

This was determined by analyzing multiple sources, including language frequency databases, linguistic studies, and common spoken and written Italian usage.

These words are essential for basic communication and understanding, as they cover many grammatical functions such as articles, pronouns, conjunctions, prepositions, common verbs, and essential nouns and adjectives.

Source Data

The list of the 100 most common Italian words is derived from a combination of linguistic corpora, such as the Corpus of Contemporary Written Italian (CORIS/CODIS), and the frequency lists provided by various language learning platforms and academic studies.

These sources provide a comprehensive overview of modern Italian’s most frequently used words, ensuring the list’s accuracy and relevance.

Organization of Words by Subtopics

We’ve organized the words by subtopics to make learning easier without going through a boring long list, adding value to your learning experience.

Starting with basic building blocks like articles and prepositions, we then move to verbs, adjectives, and other useful vocabulary. Let’s dive right in!


This section covers essential articles for forming sentences and understanding grammar, with audio to practice pronunciation.

Audio Italian English
Play il the (masculine singular)
Play i the (masculine plural)
Play la the (feminine singular)
Play le the (feminine plural)
Play un a (masculine singular)
Play una a (feminine singular)
Play uno a (masculine singular, used before s+consonant, z, ps, gn)
Play degli some (masculine plural, used before vowels and certain consonant clusters)
Play dei some (masculine plural, used before consonants)
Play delle some (feminine plural)

Prepositions and Conjunctions

Discover the prepositions and conjunctions that connect your sentences and ideas, crucial for fluency, with audio to enhance your learning.

Audio Italian English
Play e and
Play di of
Play in in
Play per for
Play con with
Play a to, at
Play da from, by
Play su on
Play giù down
Play sopra above
Play sotto below
Play davanti in front
Play dietro behind
Play dentro inside
Play fuori outside
Play tra between
Play senza without
Play durante during
Play oltre beyond
Play fino until

Common Verbs

Here, you’ll find the most frequently used verbs, crucial for everyday conversation and expressing actions, with audio to help you master their usage.

Audio Italian English
Play essere to be
Play avere to have
Play fare to do, to make
Play dire to say
Play potere can, to be able
Play dovere must, to have to
Play andare to go
Play venire to come
Play vedere to see
Play sapere to know
Play volere to want
Play trovare to find
Play prendere to take
Play parlare to speak
Play mettere to put
Play partire to leave
Play lasciare to leave, to let
Play pensare to think
Play sentire to hear, to feel
Play vivere to live

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Adjectives and Adverbs

This section includes key adjectives and adverbs to describe things and modify verbs, adding depth to your language skills. It also includes audio for accurate practice.

Audio Italian English
Play molto much
Play poco little
Play più more
Play meno less
Play già already
Play ancora still
Play solo only
Play sempre always
Play mai never
Play spesso often


Learn the basic numbers, vital for counting, telling time, and everyday interactions, with audio to ensure you correct your pronunciation.

Audio Italian English
Play uno one
Play due two
Play tre three
Play quattro four
Play cinque five
Play sei six
Play sette seven
Play otto eight
Play nove nine
Play dieci ten
Play cento one hundred
Play mille one thousand
Play diecimila ten thousand
Play centomila one hundred thousand

Time Expressions

Time expressions are essential for talking about when things happen, an important aspect of conversation, with audio to help you practice.

Audio Italian English
Play oggi today
Play ieri yesterday
Play domani tomorrow
Play settimana week
Play anno year
Play calendario calendar
Play secondo second
Play minuto minute
Play orologio clock, watch
Play ora now, hour
Play subito immediately
Play poi then
Play dopo after
Play prima before
Play adesso now
Play presto soon
Play tardi late


This section covers common words that don’t fit into other categories but are equally important for everyday use. It includes audio to help you practice effectively.

Audio Italian English
Play yes
Play no no
Play se if
Play ma but
Play come like, as
Play cosa what
Play tutto all
Play niente nothing
Play nessuno no one

Before You Go…

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