Body Parts in Italian: Learn with Audio Pronunciations

Learn the body parts in Italian

Ciao, language lovers! Are you ready to add some “Italian flair” to your vocabulary? Today, we’re learning the body parts in Italian, a fundamental aspect of any language-learning journey.

Whether you’re a seasoned linguist or just starting, mastering the names of body parts in Italian can enhance your conversational skills and deepen your understanding of Italy’s culture. Get ready to learn the Italian terms for everything from head to toe—literally!

Dive Deeper into Italian: Learn the Body Parts

The Italian names for body parts form the foundation of many common expressions and are crucial for anyone looking to fully engage with the Italian-speaking world.

Understanding these terms can also boost your confidence in medical, professional, and casual settings, making your interactions in Italy or with Italian speakers more engaging and meaningful.

Whether you’re discussing a beautiful painting, describing someone’s features, or need to visit a pharmacy while traveling in Italy, these words will prove essential.

So, let’s get started! From “capelli” (hair) to “piede” (foot), this comprehensive list, complete with audio for each term, will guide you through the human body in Italian. Practice pronunciation and enrich your language skills and cultural understanding with each term. Enjoy your learning journey!

Testa (Head)

Audio Italian English
Play Testa Head
Play Capelli Hair
Play Fronte Forehead
Play Occhio Eye
Play Sopracciglio Eyebrow
Play Palpebra Eyelid
Play Ciglio Eyelash
Play Naso Nose
Play Guancia Cheek
Play Orecchio Ear
Play Labbro Lip
Play Bocca Mouth
Play Lingua Tongue
Play Dente Tooth
Play Gengiva Gum
Play Mento Chin
Play Barba Beard
Play Cervello Brain

Collo (Neck)

Audio Italian English
Play Gola Throat
Play Trachea Trachea

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Torso (Torso)

Audio Italian English
Play Torso Torso
Play Spalla Shoulder
Play Petto Chest
Play Seno Breast
Play Costola Rib
Play Addome Abdomen
Play Ombelico Navel
Play Schiena Back
Play Colonna vertebrale Spine

Braccia (Arms)

Audio Italian English
Play Braccia Arms
Play Bicipite Bicep
Play Tricipite Tricep
Play Gomito Elbow
Play Avambraccio Forearm
Play Polso Wrist
Play Mano Hand
Play Palmo Palm
Play Dito Finger
Play Unghia Nail

Gambe (Legs)

Play Gambe Legs
Play Coscia Thigh
Play Ginocchio Knee
Play Polpaccio Calf
Play Caviglia Ankle
Play Piede Foot
Play Tallone Heel
Play Arco del piede Arch of the foot
Play Dito del piede Toe
Play Unghia del piede Toenail

Organi Interni (Internal Organs)

Audio Italian English
Play Organi Interni Internal Organs
Play Cuore Heart
Play Polmone Lung
Play Stomaco Stomach
Play Fegato Liver
Play Rene Kidney
Play Intestino Intestine
Play Vescica Bladder
Play Pancreas Pancreas

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