10 Best Beaches Near Rome: A Guide to Roman Rivieras

Best beaches near Rome

When you think of Rome, images of ancient history and majestic monuments likely dominate your thoughts. However, this guide to the best beaches near Rome reveals that the Eternal City is also a gateway to exquisite coastal retreats.

This article will navigate you through the top beaches, allowing you to exchange the cobblestones and historical sites of Rome for the soft sands and breathtaking seascapes of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Pressed for Time? These Four Beaches Near Rome Are Sure Bets

While we recommend exploring the full guide to enhance your beach day experience, here are four fail-safe beach choices near the capital if you don’t have time to read the whole article.

Beach NameTravel Time from RomeNotable Features
Santa Marinella~1 hour by trainAccessible, Family-friendly
Anzio~1 hour by trainHistorical significance, Peaceful
Lido di Ostia30 minutes by trainClosest to Rome, Well-serviced
Sperlonga>1 hour by trainScenic beauty, Quaint atmosphere

Santa Marinella is a top pick, just an hour by train from Rome. Its accessibility and clear waters make it a favorite for tourists and locals.

On the other hand, Anzio is not just a beach; it’s a historical hub with a seaside offering tranquility alongside fascinating World War II history.

Then there’s Lido di Ostia, the closest beach to Rome. It is well-equipped with amenities and perfect for a quick seaside excursion without straying too far from the city’s center.

If you’re venturing a bit further, the beaches at Sperlonga will reward you with picturesque views and an idyllic setting that feels worlds away from the city bustle.

Let’s review each one of the ten best Rome beaches in detail. 

1. Santa Marinella

Discover Santa Marinella, the ‘Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea,’ and experience one of the best beaches in Rome. This beach is renowned for its crystal-clear waters and sandy shores, making it the perfect escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Situated just an hour’s train ride from Rome and near Civitavecchia, the main ferry and cruise port, Santa Marinella is beautiful and easily accessible.

Unlike other nearby beaches often criticized for overcrowding and poor water quality, Santa Marinella stands out with its clean, shallow waters ideal for families and its serene, crescent-shaped coastline.

Enjoy the convenience of fee-based beach facilities, which offer loungers and umbrellas for a comfortable day under the sun, or opt for a spot in the limited “spiaggia libera” (free beach) area.

Stroll along the charming promenade, where you can indulge in authentic Italian cuisine at local gelaterias, pizzerias, and seafood restaurants, perfect for satisfying your hunger after swimming and sunbathing.

How to Reach Santa Marinella from Rome

By Train:

  • Departure: Take the regional train from Rome’s Termini or San Pietro stations.
  • Frequency: Trains run approximately hourly.
  • Duration: The journey takes about an hour.
  • Arrival: Get off at Santa Marinella Station. The beach is a short walk away.

By Car:

  • Route: Take the SS1 Via Aurelia to Santa Marinella.
  • Distance: The drive covers roughly 60 kilometers.
  • Traffic: Consider possible traffic, especially on weekends.

2. Anzio

Anzio Beach near Rome, Italy.
Another summer day at the beach in Anzio

Anzio, located less than an hour from Rome, offers a unique blend of sun-drenched beaches and rich historical heritage, making it an excellent choice for a day trip.

As you arrive in Anzio, you’ll immerse yourself in a town with deep historical roots, especially from World War II. This town provides a serene beach experience and a journey through time.

The golden sands of Grotte di Nerone are particularly appealing for families, with its clean, calm waters and soft beaches, which are ideal for relaxation, and the sandcastle building.

Anzio’s town, near the beach, boasts charming parlors offering a variety of Italian gelato flavors and seafood restaurants, elevating your seaside experience with exquisite culinary choices.

For history enthusiasts, Anzio’s significance as a WWII landing site adds a profound layer to the visit.

Explore the Anzio Beachhead Museum and the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery (located in the nearby city of Nettuno) to gain insights into the pivotal moments that unfolded in this coastal town.

Additionally, the free beach area near the ruins of the ancient Villa Imperiale, associated with Emperor Nero, offers historical intrigue and pleasant, shallow, and clear waters protected by an artificial breakwater.

How to Reach Anzio from Rome

You can reach Anzio from Rome by taking a train from Roma Termini, the main railway station. The journey takes approximately one hour, making it a convenient getaway to the sea’s welcoming shores. Trains to Anzio run regularly, so you can choose a departure time that suits your schedule.

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3. Lido di Ostia

Locals and tourists favor Lido di Ostia because of its convenient location and vibrant atmosphere.

A mere 30-minute direct train ride from Rome transports you to this lively coastal spot, where the Mediterranean Sea meets golden sands and a lively promenade.

Here, the beach life is vibrant and full of options, ranging from sunbathing and swimming to indulging in the culinary delights of the many restaurants lining the shore.

These establishments vary from casual spots for a quick bite to upscale dining experiences, where the day’s fresh catch and Italian seafood specialties are served.

The beach is dotted with numerous “stabilimenti balneari” (beach clubs), where you can rent loungers and umbrellas for a more comfortable day by the sea.

Alternatively, the expansive public sections of the beach provide plenty of space for everyone, perfect for families and those seeking a lively beach atmosphere.

For a touch of culture and history, consider visiting Ostia Antica, which is nearby. This ancient Roman town offers a fascinating glimpse into the past, making it a hit with history buffs and archaeologists alike.

Did You Know? Capocotta Beach, near Ostia, is Lazio’s top nudist haven, offering a peaceful retreat amidst natural beauty.

How to Reach Ostia from Rome

  • By Train: Take the Roma-Lido train from Porta San Paolo station, part of the Ostia Antica complex, to reach the beach in about 30 minutes. The beach is just a short walk from the station.
  • By Bus: Alternatively, catch a regional bus from central Rome to Lido di Ostia for a scenic route, though travel time may vary with traffic.

4. Sperlonga

The enchanting beach of Sperlonga near Rome.
The enchanting beach at Sperlonga near Rome

Sperlonga, renowned for its golden sands and transparent waters, holds the esteemed Blue Flag status, symbolizing its high environmental and quality standards.

The beach at Sperlonga is segmented into various areas, with options for both free access and paid sections where amenities like sunbeds and umbrellas are available for rent.

Located within a scenic town characterized by its white-washed houses descending towards the sea, Sperlonga provides a tranquil day trip option with its idyllic coastal charm.

The shoreline, known for its shallow and clear waters, is especially family-friendly. Children can enjoy the sea safely while adults explore the surrounding rocky terrains or engage in snorkeling.

For those interested in cultural excursions, the nearby Archaeological Museum and the historical site of Emperor Tiberius’ villa offer a glimpse into the area’s rich historical tapestry. 

How to Reach Sperlonga from Rome

To experience the charm of Sperlonga Beach, you can choose between a train or a bus from Rome. 

By Train:

  1. Depart from Rome’s Termini Station to the Fondi-Sperlonga Station. The journey typically lasts around 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  2. Upon arrival, a short bus ride from Fondi-Sperlonga Station will take you to Sperlonga Beach. Buses are timed to coincide with train arrivals, ensuring a smooth connection.

By Bus:

  • Though less common, direct buses are available from Rome to Sperlonga. These buses take roughly 2 hours but can vary depending on traffic conditions. Bus travel offers a direct route without transferring modes of transportation.

5. Fregene

Aerial view of Fregene.
Aerial view of Fregene (Image source: MrPanyGoff, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Fregene is celebrated for its scenic beauty and dynamic social scene, and it ranks as a top beach destination near Rome. This beach features an array of beach clubs and is renowned for its stunning sunsets, making it the quintessential summer sanctuary.

While Fregene becomes a lively hotspot for local beach parties on weekends, it transforms into a tranquil haven for families during the week.

With its golden sands that gained fame in the 1960s and 1970s, the area offers a mix of beach bars and public stretches of sand, alongside various dining options from family-friendly restaurants to fast food, all set against a gentle summer breeze.

Fregene is also the go-to for Rome’s fashionable set, known for its sophisticated beach clubs that outshine Ostia’s casual offerings.

The beach’s allure doesn’t fade at dusk; the nightlife thrives with beach parties where trendy locals and celebrities mingle, often enjoying signature Italian cocktails like Negroni, Campari, and Aperol spritz.

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How to Reach Fregene from Rome

To visit Fregene from Rome, you have a few transportation options.

  • By Car: Drive from central Rome via Via Aurelia (SS1) to Maccarese-Fregene, which takes around 40 minutes, depending on traffic.
  • By Train: Take a train from Rome to Maccarese-Fregene station, then a taxi or local bus to the beach. In summer, direct shuttles are available.
  • By Bike (not for the faint of heart…): For an active route, rent a bike in Rome and enjoy a scenic ride along the Tiber River to Fregene.

6. Nettuno

Coastline view of Nettuno near Rome.
Coastline view of Nettuno near Rome

The beach at Nettuno, situated south of Rome, presents a tranquil and picturesque coastal retreat, ideal for families and beach lovers. Known for its clean sandy beaches and warm, shallow waters, Nettuno is a popular choice for both residents and visitors.

Adjacent to Anzio, Nettuno is vibrant and welcoming. It is characterized by its colorful umbrellas and soft sand, making it perfect for beach activities like volleyball and football.

Beyond the beach, the nearby medieval old town beckons with its quaint streets and historical sites, including the Forte Sangallo, a fortress now serving as a museum.

This destination combines the charm of seaside relaxation with the allure of historical exploration, offering a complete and enjoyable day out near Rome.

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How to Reach Nettuno from Rome

The train is a convenient option for getting to Nettuno Beach from Rome. The journey is straightforward and scenic, and you can relax as you travel.

  • By Train: Board a regional train from Roma Termini Station. Trains run frequently throughout the day and take approximately an hour to travel. Upon arrival at Nettuno station, the beach is just a short walk away.

7. Sabaudia

Sabaudia, set along the Lazio coastline, is celebrated for its crystal-clear waters and scenic dunes. It provides an idyllic retreat just a brief drive from Rome.

This destination is within the Circeo National Park and boasts four kilometers of unspoiled, natural beachfront.

The gentle, shallow waters, monitored by lifeguards, ensure a safe and enjoyable swimming experience for children. The beach’s rich biodiversity also presents a fantastic chance for youngsters to engage with the natural environment.

Sabaudia stands out as an exceptional choice for those seeking a tranquil beach day amidst the beauty of nature, away from the city’s summer heat.

How to Reach Sabaudia from Rome

To experience the serene beauty of the beach at Sabaudia, you have several transportation options:

By Car:

  • Distance: Approximately 100 kilometers from Rome.
  • Driving Time: Roughly 1.5 hours via the SS148 Pontina.
  • Route: Head south of Rome, following the SS148 Pontina towards Latina. From there, continue following the signs to Sabaudia.

By Bus:

  • Duration: About 2 hours, depending on traffic.
  • Departure Points: Multiple bus lines operate from Rome’s Laurentina station.
  • Note: Buses may not run as frequently, so check the schedule beforehand.

8. Terracina

The enchanting beach of Terracina.
Terracina beach, with its rich historical backdrop

Terracina boasts a rich historical backdrop and offers sweeping sea views, making it a prime spot for beach lovers and history enthusiasts.

Terracina is 10 kilometers south of Circeo with its extensive sandy shores and shallow, turquoise waters. It features a vibrant promenade brimming with eateries and gelaterias, perfect for family visitors.

The ancient Roman temple dedicated to Jupiter highlights the area’s historical significance. It suggests that if the Romans found it worthy of such grandeur, your sandcastle endeavors would be well-placed here.

Beyond the beach’s lively strip of beach clubs, the charming historic center (“centro storico”) and the stunning vistas from the temple ruins offer enriching experiences for those exploring beyond the sun and sand.

How to Reach Terracina from Rome

  • By Train: To reach Terracina from Rome, take a train from Termini Station to Monte San Biagio, then take a short bus ride to Terracina, and the total journey will last about 1.5 hours.
  • By Car: Alternatively, you can drive via the A1 and SS148 Pontina, which takes roughly the same time and leads directly to this lovely beach.

9. Santa Severa

Santa Severa beach and castle.
Santa Severa beach and castle

Santa Severa offers a tranquil escape where the allure of ancient history meets the soothing rhythms of the sea.

This unique destination is distinguished by the majestic medieval Castello di Santa Severa, standing just a stone’s throw from the shoreline. It provides a dramatic and historical backdrop for beachgoers.

Situated approximately 50 kilometers north of Rome, Santa Severa boasts calm, shallow waters ideal for families. At the same time, the expansive sandy beach is lined with eateries serving delectable seafood and offering views of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Not just a place for sunbathing and swimming, the beach’s proximity to the Castello Santa Severa, easily accessible by a short bus ride, offers an intriguing cultural excursion.

This medieval castle, now a museum, enriches your beach visit with a touch of historical exploration, making this beach a multifaceted gem for relaxation and discovery.

How to Reach Santa Severa from Rome

  • Starting Point: Rome’s main stations (e.g., Roma Termini, Roma Trastevere)
  • Train Line: The regional line towards Civitavecchia
  • Departure: Trains depart approximately every hour
  • Duration: The journey takes around 1 hour
  • Final Station: Santa Severa
  • Walk to Beach: A short walk from the train station

10. Castel Porziano

Free beach at Castel Porziano.
The unspoiled natural beauty of the beach at Castel Porziano

The beach at Castel Porziano, known for its unspoiled natural beauty and proximity to the presidential estate, provides a peaceful beach escape outside the capital’s dynamic center.

This beach, one of the largest free beaches in Europe, embodies a perfect mix of natural allure and historical depth, making it an ideal destination for a leisurely day trip.

Castel Porziano is a hidden treasure within the Presidential Estate of Castel Porziano. Here, golden sands meet crystal-clear waters framed by verdant pine forests, creating a tranquil and picturesque environment.

This spot offers a rare opportunity to enjoy a serene beach experience close to the capital, where the tranquility of nature and the richness of history converge.

How to Reach Castel Porziano from Rome

To visit the tranquil shores of Castel Porziano, you can take public transport or drive a car from the center of Rome.

  • By Bus: Board a regional bus bound for the coast from one of the major bus stations in Rome. The journey may involve a transfer, so check the latest schedules and routes.
  • By Car: Navigate southeast from the city center towards the coastline. Approximately a 25-kilometer drive will bring you to the natural beauty of the presidential estate’s beaches.

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