Italy in September: calendar of events, festivals, and holidays

Italy in September: Holidays, Events, and Festivals 2024

Searching for a comprehensive guide to holidays, events, and festivals in Italy in September? Your search ends here.

Driven by my intrinsic bond with Italy’s rich heritage, I have curated a guide for September 2024 that captures the heart and vigor of Italy’s cherished customs.

Join me through Italy’s September festivals, festivities, and significant dates. Dive into the enchanting allure of early autumn that uniquely marks this month, contributing an exciting chapter to Italy’s 2024 calendar tale.

September 2024 Events and Festivals in Italy: A Month of Cultural Celebration

Dive into our spotlight on the paramount events and festivals unfolding in Italy this September. Or, peruse our daily September calendar for a comprehensive overview of the month’s array of activities.

September 1: Historical Regatta (Venice)

Dive into Venice’s captivating maritime legacy at the Historical Regatta (Regata Storica in Italian), an illustrious festival woven into the city’s rich tapestry of traditions.

Scheduled for September 1st, 2024, this extraordinary spectacle is more than just a race—it’s a vibrant journey back in time, setting the enchanting Venetian lagoon alive with the spirit of centuries gone by.

A Time-Honored Tradition

Rooted deeply in Venice’s glorious maritime past, the Regata Storica is a living homage to the city’s robust naval heritage. Originating in the mid-13th century, it evolved to keep the naval crews adept in rowing.

Fast forward to today, it’s an invigorating blend of history and athletic prowess, celebrating the unique “Voga alla Veneta” rowing style that has gracefully coursed through the Venetian lagoon for a millennium.

A Pageantry of the Past

Regata Storica (Venice, Italy)

The event blossoms into life with a dazzling historical water pageant. A fleet of 16th-century-styled boats, vividly adorned and steered by oarsmen in resplendent period costumes, sails through the Grand Canal.

They carry the essence of Venice’s illustrious history, representing the Doge, his wife, and the city’s high officials in a grand reenactment of the powerful Maritime Republic’s splendor.

The Thrill of the Races

Post pageantry, the lagoon bristles with competitive spirit. The regatta unfolds in a series of heart-racing challenges segmented by age and boat type.

Amongst them, the “campionissimi su gondolini” race steals the spotlight, where sleek gondolini boats slice through the water in a breath-taking sprint down the Grand Canal, culminating at the magnificent Ca’ Foscari Palace.

Joining the Festivity

September events in Italy: Venice Historical Regatta (Regata Storica)

The regatta stands as a compelling testament to why Venice is worth visiting. Open to everyone – from rowing enthusiasts to curious onlookers – the event unfolds the city’s magnificent tale.

As the vibrant procession embarks on its captivating journey from St. Mark’s basin, it reveals with each stroke the profound grandeur and the enchanting stories that make Venice unforgettable.

September 19: Festa di San Gennaro (Feast of San Gennaro)

September 19: Feast of San Gennaro
San Gennaro’s watchful gaze blesses the vibrant Forcella district, embodying Naples’ profound devotion.

Join the devoted and the curious in Naples on September 19th for the awe-inspiring Feast of San Gennaro, a cherished event steeped in faith, history, and extraordinary happenings.

Celebrating a Cherished Saint

At the heart of this celebration is San Gennaro, the patron of the city of Naples and a symbol of hope and resilience for its people. A benevolent bishop in the 4th century, he stood as a beacon of comfort and support for Christians during tumultuous times.

His journey, marked by miraculous survival tales and eventual martyrdom, has left an indelible mark, turning this day into an evocative commemoration of his unwavering spirit.

The Miracle that Captivates

The city holds its breath each year as a divine spectacle unfolds—the miraculous liquefaction of San Gennaro’s blood. The vial of the saint’s coagulated blood lies within the hallowed walls of the Cathedral of San Gennaro, encased in a silver reliquary.

As traditions and prayers whirl through the air, a miraculous transformation is keenly awaited—the solid blood turning into liquid. This holy occurrence has captivated hearts since 1389.

Joining the Celebration

Witness the fusion of the divine and the jubilant. As the miracle unveils, the cathedral and piazza reverberate with cheers. The skies shimmer with fireworks and the city blossoms into joyous celebrations.

Songs and dances weave through the night as locals and visitors immerse themselves in this spiritual and cultural extravaganza.

A Universal Celebration

While the festivity vibrates with profound local sentiments, its echoes reach beyond Naples, reverberating through spaces like New York’s Little Italy, resonating with the tales of emigrants who carried the warmth and spirit of Naples across oceans.

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September 2024 Calendar: Italy’s Holidays, Anniversaries, Events, and Special Days

September 1

  • Historical Regatta (Venice): A spectacular maritime event celebrating Venice’s rich naval history through a vibrant boat parade and racing on the city’s iconic canals.
  • Palio di Asti (Asti Palio Horse Race): Dive into exhilarating traditions on the first Sunday of September, where horses and riders vividly embody centuries of Piemontese heritage in a spirited bareback horse race competition.
  • World Letter Writing Day: A day to revive the art of letter writing, sharing Italian stories and connections through penned words.
  • Birth of Vittorio Gassman (1922), a renowned actor who graced the Italian silver screen.

September 4

  • The end of the Western Roman Empire (476) was a significant turning point in world history.

September 5

  • International Day of Charity: Giving back globally, this day could shine by supporting Italian charities and cultural organizations.
  • Cheese Pizza Day (Celebrated in the US): Celebrating a slice of Italy in the US with the simplicity and flavor of cheese pizza.
  • Birth of Goffredo Mameli (1827), the lyricist behind the stirring Italian National Anthem, “Inno D’Italia,” one of the symbols of Italy.

September 6

  • Death of Luciano Pavarotti (2007), a tenor and Italian opera star who captivated audiences with his powerful and melodious voice.
  • Honoring the birth of Andrea Camilleri (1925), a masterful writer and director.
  • Read a Book Day (Celebrated in the US): A day to immerse oneself in Italy’s rich literary culture, from historical tales to contemporary Italian authors.

September 7

  • Festa della Rificolona, Florence (Tuscany): An enchanting festival in Florence where the night sky is illuminated by colorful paper lanterns, embodying a cherished local tradition and childhood delight.
  • MITO Settembre Musica: Experience musical brilliance in northern Italy as global talents and orchestras bring Milan and Turin alive with diverse, captivating performances.
  • World Beard Day: Celebrating beards universally, with a special nod to the distinguished beards of Italian men, embodying history and style.

September 8

  • Feast Day of the Nativity of Mary is a joyous day dedicated to the birth of the Virgin Mary.
  • Calabria earthquake of 1905: a tragic event that took many lives.
  • Birth of Caterina of Bologna (1413): Honoring the legacy of an artistic and religious beacon from Italy’s rich tapestry of historical figures.
  • Grandparents Day (Celebrated in the US): Celebrating the wisdom and stories of Italian grandmas and grandpas who carry the heritage forward.
  • International Literacy Day: Emphasizing the value of literacy, inspired by Italy’s contributions to literature and education.

September 9

  • Marking the commencement of the construction of the magnificent Duomo of Florence (1296).
  • Remembering the birth of Cesare Pavese (1908), a prolific writer and poet.

September 13

  • International Chocolate Day: Revel in global chocolate indulgence, spotlighting Italy’s exquisite contributions from renowned Italian chocolate brands.
  • Chianti Wine Festival (Tuscany): Dive into the exquisite world of Italian wines at this festival held in Greve in Chianti, a jubilant celebration of Chianti’s prestigious vineyards and their delectable creations.
  • Positive Thinking Day (Celebrated in the US): Embracing optimism with the joyful essence that Italian culture and lifestyle often bring.

September 14

  • Festival of the Virgin of the Sick (Sicily): Commemorate the miraculous survival of the sanctuary from Mount Etna’s eruption over five days of spiritual celebrations and events, including food festivals.
  • Death of Dante Alighieri (1321), the illustrious poet who guided us through the circles of hell and into the celestial heavens in his Divine Comedy.
  • Birth of Renzo Piano (1937), the mastermind architect whose innovative designs breathe modernity and elegance into urban landscapes globally.

September 15

  • International Wife Appreciation Day: Honoring wives worldwide, celebrating their contributions to the heart of every Italian family.
  • Feast Day of Our Lady of Sorrows, a day of spiritual reflection.
  • Birth of Marco Polo (1254), the audacious explorer whose voyages forged unprecedented connections between the East and the West.
  • Birth of Caravaggio (1571), the revolutionary artist who merged darkness with light, brought vivid realism and dramatic intensity to his canvas.
  • Linguine Day (Celebrated in the US): A day to celebrate and savor linguine, featuring the culinary excellence of renowned Italian pasta.

September 17

  • Birth of Reinhold Messner (1944), the fearless mountaineer who conquered Mount Everest solo.

September 19

  • Festa di San Gennaro (Feast of St. Gennaro): Celebrating the patron saint of Naples with faith and festivity, a reflection of Italy’s spiritual heritage.
  • Birth of Antoninus Pius (86), the stoic and diligent Roman emperor.

September 20

  • Unification of Italy (1870), the day Rome was captured, sealing the nation’s unification.
  • Birth of Sophia Loren (1934), the timeless icon who graced the silver screen with her radiant beauty and formidable acting prowess.

September 21

  • Death of Virgil (19 B.C.), the legendary poet who journeyed through the underworld in verse.
  • International Day of Peace: Embodying peace and harmony reminiscent of Italy’s serene landscapes and historical tales.
  • World Gratitude Day: Expressing global gratitude, infused with thanks for Italy’s artistic, cultural, and culinary gifts to the world.
  • International Coastal Clean Up Day: A day dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of coastlines, ensuring the best Italian coastal towns remain pristine and breathtaking.

September 22

  • Birth of Andrea Bocelli (1958), the voice that became Italy’s modern treasure.
  • World Rose Day: A day to appreciate the beauty of roses and the enchanting allure of Italian flowers in the heart of Italy’s romantic landscapes.

September 23

  • Feast Day of Padre Pio, honoring the saintly figure adorned with stigmata.
  • Birth of Augustus (63 B.C.), the founder of the Roman Empire.
  • Death of Vincenzo Bellini (1835), the maestro who gave opera a melodious turn.
  • Birth of Paolo Rossi (1956): Celebrating the legend who brought glory to Italy in football, the most popular sport in Italy.

September 25

  • Birth of Francesco Borromini (1599), the architect who left a Baroque imprint on Rome.
  • Birth of Sandro Pertini (1896), the resilient voice of the Resistance and a revered President.
  • World Dream Day: Inspiring dreams worldwide, like the aspirational spirit found in Italy’s innovation and art.
  • Cooking Day (Celebrated in the US): A celebration of culinary creativity fueled by the rich and diverse recipes in the best Italian cookbooks.

September 26

  • Death of Anna Magnani (1973), the actress who depicted the raw essence of life on screen.

September 27

September 28

  • Birth of Marcello Mastroianni (1924), the suave actor who defined La Dolce Vita.

September 29

  • Birth of Enrico Fermi (1901), the physicist who ushered in the nuclear age.
  • Birth of Michelangelo Antonioni (1912), the director who redefined cinematic narrative.
  • Coffee Day (Celebrated in the US): Celebrating the beloved brew, spotlighting the best Italian coffee that has enriched the global coffee culture.

September 30

  • International Podcast Day: A day to celebrate the diversity of podcasts, including platforms dedicated to helping enthusiasts globally learn Italian with podcasts.
  • International Translation Day: Valuing translators who bridge languages and cultures, including the diversity within Italy’s dialects and languages.

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