where to play pickleball in Italy

Where to Play Pickleball in Italy: A Guide to Best Spots

Ciao, amici pickleball enthusiasts! I’m Max, your go-to guy for everything Italian. Today, I’m thrilled to guide you on a journey to discover where to play pickleball in Italy, a sport sweeping through the Bel Paese, much like a delightful, warm Mediterranean breeze.

Pickleball (a sport I love playing) is a burgeoning leisure activity that attracts locals and visitors swiftly with its allure. Let’s dive deeper into the exhilarating world of pickleball in Italy and explore where you can play this fascinating game during your next trip to Italy!

Where to Play Pickleball in Italy

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Mountain views & pickleball cues. The ultimate outdoor thrill.

Join us on a travel adventure to Italy, where you can dive into the exhilarating world of pickleball, the fastest-growing racket sport in the USA.

With approximately 100 active permanent pickleball fields spreading from north to south – and new ones emerging weekly – the canvas of pickleball in Italy provides a delightful experience for pickleball players ranging from novices to seasoned enthusiasts.

Play Pickleball in Rome

Image: Centro Santa Maria, Rome

On your next visit to Rome, the eternal city that mesmerizes with its ancient allure, immerse yourself in the budding pickleball scene. Experience the thrill of playing pickleball at these engaging venues in Rome:

  • Pickleball Roma at New Country Club: Find this spot in Frascati (Roma) at Via dell’Acqua Acetosa 2, boasting 2 outdoor pickleball courts for enthusiasts.
  • Centro Santa Maria: Make your way to Via Matteo Boiardo 28 for an engaging outdoor pickleball court experience. For details, dial 3312005855.
  • Decathlon Tor Vergata: Situated at Via Mary Pandolfi de Rinaldis, 14-16, it offers players 1 outdoor pickleball court. Reach out at 06 724681 for more.
  • Decathlon Laurentina: Nestled at Via Laurentina, 865, with a selection of indoor and outdoor pickleball courts. For more information, call 06 2244 0167.
  • Casilino Sky Park: With its location at Viale della Bella Villa 106, players can access 3 outdoor pickleball courts.

Play Pickleball in Abruzzo

Image: Pickleball Tocco in Casauria, Abruzzo (via Facebook)

Venture two hours from Rome, and you will be greeted by the scenic beauty of Tocco da Casauria in Abruzzo, which houses a significant pickleball complex equipped with four fixed outdoor and four indoor flex courts. 

This picturesque locale serves as a gateway to the region’s broader and vibrant pickleball scene. Discover and share vibrant pickleball locations in the beautiful region of Abruzzo:

  • Tocco da Casauria (PE): Pickleball Tocco is located at Via Vasto Piano, 22, boasting indoor and outdoor basketball courts for enthusiasts.
  • Pescara: Circolo Easytennis at Via Raiale, 78, offers an excellent indoor pickleball playing experience. Call 085 51258 for more details.
  • Carsoli (AQ): Centro Sportivo Le Sequoie at Via Tiburtina Valeria km 68.900 features 1 outdoor pickleball court. For inquiries, call 3476304793.
  • Martinsicuro (TE): Martin Padel, located at Via Del Lavoro, 14, invites you to enjoy a game on their pickleball court. For more information, contact +393288223011.

It’s interesting to note that the Casauria location proudly hosted the riveting 2023 Italian Open Pickleball Championships, the most prominent pickleball tournament in Italy.

Play Pickleball in Milan

playing pickleball in Milan

For pickleball enthusiasts, visiting Milan – Italy’s fashion capital – offers exciting opportunities to indulge in the activity and have much fun.

The gym chain GetFit, strategically located near the iconic San Siro stadium, unveils three pristine pickleball courts with top-grade resin surfaces for an unparalleled playing experience. 

Pickleball locations in and around Milan include:

  • Milano: The GetFIT facility near San Siro at Via Pinerolo, 76, provides three outdoor pickleball courts for players. For more details, call 02 4070 6437.
  • Novate Milanese: Garden Tennis Club at Via Trento Trieste, 43, has an indoor pickleball court available for enthusiasts. For inquiries, dial +39 3714401242.
  • Busto Arsizio: Engage in a game at Eolo Sport City located at Corso Sempione 194, offering one pickleball court for enthusiasts in Busto Arsizio.
  • Colturano: Sporting Club Le Bandiere, situated at Via delle Industrie 10, offers two pickleball courts for players to enjoy.
  • Monza: At Derby Monza, located at Viale Lombardia 17, pickleball players can find a welcoming court. For more details, contact 039 733 229.

Play Pickleball in Tuscany

Image: Pickleball Club Isola d’Elba (via Facebook)

Explore the diverse pickleball locations in Tuscany, each offering a unique playing experience amidst the region’s captivating beauty:

  • Isola d’Elba: Pickleball Club Isola d’Elba welcomes you at Tennis Club Marina del Campo, Via per Portoferraio 1651, Marina di Campo, with one outdoor pickleball court for an exciting game in a breathtaking location.
  • Isola d’Elba: Fiorella Garden, located at Via di S. Martino, 41 Portoferraio, offers another scenic spot with one outdoor pickleball court. Contact them at 339 717 1728 for more information.
  • Massa: For those who plan, Pickleball MS is available by appointment only at via degli Uliveti 84. You can reach them via call or WhatsApp at 3383675710.
  • Cecina (LI): Mantoflex Pickleball Club, located at Via Aldo Moro, has two pickleball courts available by appointment. For details, call 0586685787 or 3703768171.
  • Firenze: Plan a game at Centro Miya (formerly Delta Arena) at Via Vittorio Emanuele, Calenzano. They have one outdoor pickleball court available starting September 2023. Contact them at 391 733 4205 for more information.
  • Pisa: Centro Sportivo Dream (I Passi), located at via Belli 24, has courts available on Mondays and Fridays by appointment. Call them at 392 876 3260 to schedule your game.

Play Pickleball in Veneto

a couple playing a pickleball game

Veneto, the region whispering Venice’s timeless tales, is another pickleball hotspot. The Pickleball Padova in this region stands tall with four indoor flex courts, ready for players to unleash their energy and passion for the game. 

Notable pickleball locations in Veneto include:

  • Padova – Pickleball Padova, Via Ferdinando Bettini, 5
  • Eraclea (VE) – Greensport Eraclea, Via Martiri della Libertà 22, Tel. 328 764 5537 (2 indoor courts)
  • Treviso – Adriano Panata Racquet Club, Via Giuseppe Maffioli 1, Tel. 0422 1490350 (4 outdoor courts)
  • Silea (TV) – Tennis Club Barchessa – Via Cendon 25. Tel. 0422460608 (4 indoor courts)
  • Porto S. Margherita (VE) – Circolo Tennis, Via dei Greci 3, Tel. 348 333 50 97 (2 outdoor courts)
  • Mestre (VE) – Tennis Club Davis Via Nino Bixio, 20. Tel. 041 534 5853 (1 outdoor court)

Play Pickleball in Naples

Naples invites players to the unique US Navy Carney Park, located within the awe-inspiring confines of an extinct volcanic crater. With four courts set on a first-come, first-served basis, it’s a destination combining thrill and natural beauty. 

Play Pickleball in Bologna

pickleball paddles and balls

If your journey takes you to Bologna, fear not, as the Bologna Pickleball Club (located in Via Adriano Banchieri, 11, Funo, Bologna) awaits with its four indoor courts, promising a warm and inviting atmosphere for all pickleball enthusiasts. 

As this is a private club, remember to plan ahead and connect with the club to reserve your court to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

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Play Pickleball in Turin

With pickleball venues scattered throughout Turin, each provides a unique environment for both seasoned players and curious beginners to engage in this captivating sport. If you visit Turin, explore the array of options available to play pickleball in or around the city during your next vacation:

  • Ivrea (TO) – Centro DivertiGO, Piazza degli Alpini, 2, 10013 Borgofranco d’Ivrea (1 pickleball court)
  • Leini (TO) – G Padel Leini, Via Volpiano 41. (1 pickleball court)
  • Pinerolo (TO) – Circolo Tennis Pinerolo, Piazza Matteotti n. 12. Tel. 0121374265 (1 pickleball court)
  • Brandizzo (TO) – Pickleball Camaleonte Brandizzo, Via Torino 404, Tel. and WhatsApp Vincenzo, 338 5292234 (2 pickleball courts)
  • Bardonecchia (TO) – Chamois Sport, Strada Melezet 28. Tel. 0122 99325. (1 outdoor pickleball court)

Other Regions

Italy is divided into 20 regions, and Italy’s embrace of pickleball extends to 16 out of its 20. Note that many courts in Italy are private, so arrangements will need to be made before you go to ensure a seamless and delightful playing experience.

Note: While we strive to provide accurate information on Italy’s pickleball courts, we recommend verifying details with the venues directly before your visit.

Pickleball Events: A Celebration of Sport

pickleball player

The Italian Open Pickleball Championships is a spectacle that should be on every enthusiast’s calendar.

This pulsating event, organized meticulously by the Associazione Italiana Pickleball (AIP), celebrates skills, competition, and camaraderie among players.

The Italian Pickleball Association holds memberships with both the International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) and the World Pickleball Federation (WPF).

Challenges & Triumphs

While the allure of pickleball intensifies, it navigates through a labyrinth of challenges in Italy. With paddle sports like tennis enjoying deep-rooted popularity, pickleball is in the throes of establishing its unique identity and fan base. 

While improving, equipment availability still needs to catch up with demand, and dedicated infrastructure is gradually unfolding. However, thanks to active Facebook groups, the sport maintains a very engaged user base, which significantly contributes to its growing popularity.

Spotlight: Italian Pickleball Maestros

Marcello Molinari, a resident maestro of pickleball in Italy, and Julian Arnold, an Italian-origin maestro residing in the U.S., exemplify the epitome of skill and dedication to pickleball. 

Molinari, with his deep commitment to the game, and Arnold, with his dynamic and spirited play in the U.S., contribute significantly to the tapestry of pickleball prowess associated with Italy. 

Events like the Italian Open Pickleball Championships act as a beacon, attracting talent from varied backgrounds and illuminating the global pickleball stage with Italian players’ unique flair and brilliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn to play pickleball?

You can learn the basics of pickleball easily through this instructional video below. It’s a straightforward and enjoyable game to play!

How can I locate pickleball courts in Italy?

Finding updated information on pickleball courts in Italy can be challenging. However, this article offers valuable resources to assist you in locating them. We will continue to update the list of locations to keep the information current.

Is equipment readily available for new players in Italy?

As equipment availability gradually expands, newcomers may still face limited choices. Shops in major cities such as Rome and Milan have started offering pickleball gear.

For an extensive range of options, online platforms like Amazon are advisable for acquiring pickleball equipment.

Is pickleball suitable for all ages, including those over 50?

Absolutely, pickleball is a sport that is adaptable for all ages! In the USA, it is especially popular among individuals over 50 as it requires fewer twists and abrupt movements compared to tennis and padel. This makes it an ideal and enjoyable physical activity option for individuals in this age group.

How does the growth of pickleball in Italy compare to other European countries?

Pickleball is on the rise in Italy and Europe in countries like Spain, France, and England, each having organizations promoting the sport since the early 2010s. 

Factors contributing to the sport’s growth include its similarity to other racquet sports, outdoor and non-contact nature, and the ease of introducing it to new locations due to its adaptability to existing sports infrastructures, such as tennis courts.

Is pickleball called padel in Italy?

No, pickleball is not referred to as padel in Italy. While both sports are growing, they are distinct, with different origins, rules, and equipment. 

Pickleball, originating in the U.S., uses solid paddles and a wiffle ball on a badminton-like court. In contrast, padel, derived from tennis, features perforated paddles, a tennis-like ball, and a court with rebound walls.

How was pickleball created?

Pickleball was invented by Joel Pritchard and Bill Bell who, out of boredom one afternoon, decided to play badminton but couldn’t find a shuttlecock.

This led them and their children to experiment with different equipment on a badminton court, initially using table tennis paddles and a Wiffle ball. Eventually, they switched to a more durable ball, the Cosom Fun Ball, improving the overall playing experience.

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