How to Text in Italian: Ultimate Internet Slang Guide

This blog post will guide you through the labyrinth of Italian SMS messages, slang, and chat shortcuts that will help you blend in and feel authentically Italian.

Get ready to unravel what your Italian contacts say on text messages, WhatsApp, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, chatrooms, and message boards while using their mobile phones.

Thanks to the ubiquitous use of cell phones to communicate, traditional grammar rules evolve, fresh vocabulary blooms, and a unique system of signs breathes life into the conversation. This intriguing blend results in a distinctive idiom, essential to connecting with Italian friends who are always just a text away.

Texting acronyms, abbreviations, and slang might not get much love from formal language teachers or conventional dictionaries. Still, they are the lifeblood of modern communication – and the Italian language is no exception.

Italian Text Messaging: The Code of Conduct

text messaging in Italy

When it comes to Italian text messaging, there are a few “unwritten rules” that form the blueprint of this digital communication form.

Regarding how young people communicate on their mobile devices, the key is efficiency – vowels are often dropped, while numbers and symbols emerge as potent tools in the text slang arsenal.

A handful of these characters and numbers play starring roles in Italian texting, and understanding them is paramount.

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The Italian Internet Slang Manifesto

In this section, we will walk through the core rules of Italian internet slang, sprinkling in examples of how to text in Italian along the way to aid your understanding. Each rule carries its own significance, so pay close attention and prepare to enhance your texting game!

Rule #1. The Power of X

In Italian text language, ‘x’ stands in for ‘per’, meaning ‘for’, ‘to’, or ‘in order to’. This is due to the influence of mathematics, where ‘x’ symbolizes multiplication, referred to as ‘per’ in Italian. For instance, 3 x 5 = 15 would be read in Italian as ‘tre per cinque fa quindici’. You can replace ‘per’ with ‘x’ in shorter phrases and even within longer words.

Messaging ShortcutsItalian MeaningEnglish Translation
xperfor, to, in order to
xkè, xk, x’perchébecause, why
xciòperciòso, for this reason
peròbut, however
sxosperoI hope
sxiamosperiamowe hope

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Rule #2. The Intriguing Letter K

Despite ‘k’ not featuring in the Italian alphabet, it’s a frequent flyer in Italian text language, often replacing the hard ‘c’ sound. Here’s a brief guide to some popular ‘k’ abbreviations.

Messaging ShortcutsItalian MeaningEnglish Translation
ankeanchealso, too, as well
kiakkierachiacchierasmall talk, chat
ksìcosìso, therefore
qlcnqualcunosomeone, somebody, anyone, anybody
kechewhat, which, that
qlkqualchesome, a few
xkè, xkperchébecause, why
kscosawhat, thing

Rule #3. The Magic of Number 6

The number 6 is the text version of ‘sei’, which translates to ‘you are’. So, don’t be caught off guard if you see an Italian friend’s message popping up on your screen saying, ‘c6?’

You might encounter this on any social media platform where you’re chatting with Italians. The number 6 used for ‘sei’ is one of the most common Italian slang words.

Messaging ShortcutsItalian MeaningEnglish Translation
c6?ci sei?are you there?
dve 6?dove sei?where are you?

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Rule #4. The Versatile Letters C and Q

Interestingly, the letter C in Italian is pronounced ‘ci’, giving it a unique role in text language. On the other hand, the U following a Q is typically eliminated in chat spelling. Here are a few examples of how ‘c’ and ‘q’ are used.

Messaging ShortcutsItalian MeaningEnglish Translation
qntquantohow much
qlkqualchesome, a few

How to Text in Italian: Conveying Your Feelings

how to text your feelings in Italian

When you want to show someone you care, Italian texting offers many abbreviations to express your affection. You’ll notice the tendency to drop vowels in these phrases. Here are a few examples of how to text in Italian.

Messaging ShortcutsItalian MeaningEnglish Translation
tvbti voglio beneI care about you
tvtbti voglio tanto beneI care about you a lot
tvtti voglio tantoI want you so much
tati amoI love you
tatti amo tantoI love you so much
mmtmi manchi tantoI miss you so much

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Master Italian Texting

how to master Italian texting

Here’s a list of frequently used Italian texting abbreviations to help you communicate like a pro.

Messaging ShortcutsItalian MeaningEnglish Translation
c6ci sei?are you there?
tntantoa lot, much
kchiwho, what
tvbti voglio beneI care about you
slsoloonly, just
vlvvolevoI would like
xkeperchéwhy, because
drdireto say
midimi dispiaceI’m sorry
pfvper favoreplease
t tel +trdti telefono più tardiI’ll call you later
proxalla prossimanext time
t km dpti chiamo dopoI’ll call you later
ddafrom, since, of
trptroppotoo much
tati amoI love you
dv 6dove seiwhere are you
c sentci sentiamowe’ll talk later
-malemeno malenot so bad, it’s a good thing
snsonoI am

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How Do I Say LMAO in Italian?

Here’s a twist for you. How do you say LMAO in Italian? Just keep it as LMAO! Yes, you read it right. This universal nugget of internet jargon has successfully made its journey across the Atlantic.

In the midst of your international texting chat, tossing in a ‘LMAO’ keeps things lively without interrupting the linguistic rhythm.

But to sprinkle in some funny Italian jokes, trade ‘LMAO’ for ‘morir dal ridere,’ and you’ll be authentically ‘dying of laughter’ in Italian style!

Closing Thoughts

Navigating through the realm of international texts in Italian, you’ve acquired essential rules, chat abbreviations, and slang.

This extensive guide should equip you to confidently and efficiently utilize any messaging app on your mobile device to engage in instant messaging in Italian, irrespective of the context or direction of the conversation.

Whether it’s to express heartfelt sentiments or relay a brief status update, these Italian texting insights will ensure your messages maintain an authentic Italian flair.

Remember, practice is key to mastering any new language skill, so don’t be afraid to jump right into the Italian texting scene. With the wealth of abbreviations and expressions at your disposal, you’ll be chatting like a local in no time. Arrivederci, and happy Italian text messaging!

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