You’ll Never Believe This Hilarious Spaghetti Hack

We spend all week scrolling through social media to find the funniest images, videos, and memes about Italy, so you don’t have to… Here are our favorite 3 Internet finds this week.

A Hilarious Spaghetti Hack

Someone just tried to eat spaghetti with a fork and scissors. They’re trying to give ‘cutting carbs’ a whole new meaning!” #forkfail #spaghettigonewrong

P.S. Most definitely, don’t do this in Italy.

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An Unconventional Christmas Tree

italian bicycle christmas tree

This Christmas, Italy is getting lit… 🔥 Check out this unusual Christmas tree in Alberobello, Puglia… looks like Italian creativity at its best. 🤩

The Language of Italian Love

do you speak Italian?

Ah, the language of love – especially when it’s in Italian. This woman is sure that she can speak Italian fluently, but the only word she knows is ‘pizza.’ We love her enthusiasm, but maybe she should brush up on her Italian before she tries to impress her date!

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