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Test Your Knowledge With This Italian Snacks Trivia Quiz

Do you think you know your Italian snacks? Are you an expert on Italian cuisine? Put your knowledge to the test with this engaging trivia quiz about snacks from Italy.

True or False: Lupini beans are a popular Italian snack typically eaten with the shell.
True or False: Arancini are deep-fried rice balls filled with cheese.
True or False: Panettone is a popular snack usually consumed during summer.
True or False: Cantucci are traditional Italian chocolate chip cookies.
True or False: Gelato is simply the Italian word for ice cream.
True or False: Baci Perugina are famous Italian chocolates that come with a romantic message.
True or False: Taralli are sweet, doughnut-like snacks popular in southern Italy.

This quiz challenged you with questions about the most iconic Italian snacks, from biscotti to gelato. You gave it a shot and showed us how much you knew about the Italian “merenda”!

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